What Is WordPress Website Builder?

What Is WordPress Website Builder

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You have more than likely come across the name WordPress in many of your surfing sessions across the internet if you have anything to do with the internet. The name is as common as the web itself, and you start to think about what makes this name so popular. But still, some people ask, “What Is WordPress Website Builder?” and in this article, we explain WordPress and how you can use this website builder to create stunning websites in minutes without any technical knowledge.

To explain this very simply, WordPress is, in fact, the simplest and the most popular platform for creating a blog or website. Regardless of technical background, this open-source tool allows anyone to download this free software to create and run their blog or website.

To help you understand how popular and simple to use WordPress is, we can see that WordPress powers around 35% of all the websites floating on the internet, and this equates to around 455 million websites.

When Did WordPress Start?

WordPress Release Date

WordPress started out in 2003 as a blogging tool. WordPress was the fallout of a partnership between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little who developed it as an update to an earlier project known as b2/cafelog. At its heart this open source Content Management System (CMS) enables users to do whatever they want with this software application.

Being an open-source tool simply means anyone in the world can customize, upgrade, redistribute, install and utilize WordPress in any way they like. Because it gives unfettered access to every user to add their input to the platform, this is the main reason why WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites and blogs.

From its simple start as a blogging tool established out of Matt Mullenweg’s love of blogging, WordPress has actually grown to end up being the most effective site building tool thanks to its open-source architecture and countless devoted contributors and community that are pressing ahead with updates every day.

With WordPress, you can share your ideas with the world by creating functional websites and blogs without needing any technical programming skills.

What Does WordPress Do?
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WordPress is utilized for constructing sites of various kinds. In the beginning, WordPress was mainly a blog site publishing tool. However, as the platform matured, it started to move towards the mainstream of website creation tools.

Now, it is possible to create almost any type of website with WordPress using the millions of plugins and themes. These have been developed over the years by developers, contributors, and in general the WordPress community.

You can create eCommerce shops, business sites, blog sites and everything in between. In fact, pretty much for everything WordPress is the favored website creation tool on the internet. Here are some more examples of sites that can be created using WordPress:

  • eCommerce Stores 
  • Business-Sites 
  • Blogs 
  • Resumes 
  • Social Networks 
  • Portfolios 
  • Membership Sites 
  • Forums Among Others

WordPress.com And WordPress.org – What’s The Difference?

wordpress .org and .com

The difference between these two domains is that one is 100% free and the other is not completely free. The WordPress.org version gives you full control of your website while the WordPress.com version has restrictions.

With the WordPress.org version, you can download the software for free and install it on your own hosting service to create your site. You also have unrestricted access to plugins and themes. This is also known as self-hosted WordPress because you are using your own web host, In our opinion, this is your best bet as it gives you full control and you can use your own domain name. For these reasons, the majority of the people use the WordPress.org version.

On the other hand, the WordPress.com version is geared towards profit, which means you need to pay to use the service. You can, just like WordPress.org, download the WordPress software for free however you now have restrictions on the use of plugins and themes.

Who Can Use WordPress?

WordPress is available and being used by everybody from individuals to small businesses, large multinationals to government including the official White House website, Microsoft and some of the biggest music and sports stars in the world.

What Are The Benefits Of Using WordPress?

Think about it, there has to be something very special about the WordPress platform if the White House and Microsoft are using it. Using WordPress has many benefits including:

Open Source And Free

Open Source

One of the main reasons for using WordPress is that it’s an open-source and free website creation platform. While you have to pay for a domain name and hosting the actual WordPress software is completely free.

There are some premium themes and plugins that require payment however there are millions of free plugins and themes that you can use for your site’s appearance and functionality. These themes and plugins, in our opinion, offer great value and there is no real need to pay for premium themes and plugins.

Fast And Secure

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Even though on the internet there is no platform that is completely hacker-proof the source code of WordPress is one of the best when it comes to speed and safety. The regular updates the platform gets only reinforce its security. In addition, the WordPress platform provides numerous security plugins to protect your website from hackers and spam.

Search Engine Compliant

When it comes to Search Engine Compliant the WordPress software is written with the highest web standards that support SEO friendly URLs, categories, tags, metadata and you can also use several plugins to enhance your SEO.

Ease Of Use

Even for a complete newbie, the WordPress platform is very simple to learn and use. There is no need for any programming skills or technical background to find your way around this great platform. In fact, every aspect of the platform from installation, set up, installing themes and plugins is very easy to navigate regardless of your technical knowledge. These days most of the hosting companies even offer a one-click install making it possible for you to set up your site in literally under one minute.

Offers Flexibility

Flexibility is probably one of the best features of WordPress and with little to no charge, it is possible for you to develop any type of website with this software.

Easily Extensible

Without knowing anything about coding you can modify your website due to the availability of the many free and paid plugins and themes.

The role of the plugins is to help you modify the functionality of your site and by changing a theme you can easily change the appearance of your website.

Based on your preference, you can select from more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins and more than 5,000 free themes,

Help Is Always Available

If you ever encounter any challenges using WordPress you can get help from a large number of WordPress users as well as from the strong global community of developers, bloggers, contributors, forums, tutorials, and targeted WordPress groups on social media networks.

You Can Expand Without Limit

Irrespective of how big you plan to take your business or website another great feature of WordPress is its scalability, allowing you to continue to grow with no limitations. With WordPress platform growth and expansion are made easier with the myriad of innovative themes and plugins to tweak your site for optimal effectiveness.

You Can Make Money With WordPress


If you have some programming knowledge or have a very good understanding of how the WordPress platform works you can make money by creating premium WordPress plugins, themes, widgets, add-ons, and script. You can also create educational resources on WordPress in the form of eBooks, blogs, courses, and you can even make money by offering WordPress technical support.

Currently, the world’s most popular Content Management System is a WordPress platform that allows people from all walks of life to create different types of websites at little or no cost. This platform has revolutionized how we relate to the internet, and it is continuing to add value to millions of individuals and businesses all over the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about WordPress or want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below.

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