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Do you have a scam to report? If you feel you have been “ripped off” and want us to do a review of that product/service, just leave a comment below and we will be happy to do a review for you and hopefully prevent others from being ripped off.

Please include the following details:

  1. Name of Product
  2. The price paid for the product
  3. Why you feel it was a scam
  4. Website URL

After you leave your comment we will go through the details and personally email you when we have done the product review.

All of us here at Online Income News want to thank you for providing us with your feedback and contributing to our venture to keep the internet safe, scam free and hopefully, together we can help others avoid the “Sharks” out there!

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2 Comments on “Scam Alerts”

  1. Hi Moni, here’s my reported scam. The product is called Lions of Forex and is run by a guy named Berto Delvanicci. Now, I didn’t buy the product myself, but I was on the phone with Berto and the guy was literally trying to upsell me like crazy on “You will win 90% of the time” and “I will change your life. I know I will.” And then he starts sending texts in all caps pushing me to go into his program. At the time I spoke to him which was almost 2 years ago, it a $100 per month with no refund policy, which was a big red flag right off the bat. Now, I go to his sales page, which is this link:, and he is bragging about all of his money, his cars, a bunch of testimonials, and a few other options of membership. I did look at the Yelp review for Lions of Forex and it had a lot of evidence that it was pure garbage, saying that if there were negative stars, they would give it negative stars if they could, that the lecture videos are “horrible,” and that there were numerous refund requests. You could read that review and a lot of other scam evidence at the link here: And also watch some of his YouTube videos with his flashing; you will see already that the guy and his program are complete jokes. You are welcome in advance.

    1. Hi Evan, thank you for taking the time to do a scam alert!
      Having researched this a little more I am of the opinion you are right and as for the Refund Policy, it is laughable.

      From their site: “LIONS OF FOREX LLC. We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!
      Refund Policy The Company offers a (3) day, 100% Money Back, and Satisfaction Guarantee to all subscribers. If you decide you want a refund you WILL BE CHARGED a $50 FEE for gaining access to our platform/trading rooms”

      Even if you manage to get the refund, which you must do WITHIN 3 DAYS, you will still be charged $50 for asking for a refund!

      We advise our readers to stay away from this program.

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