Get Paid To Write Movie Reviews

get paid to write movie reviews

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Movies are fantastic, they are good antidotes to boredom, a perfect interim tonic for traumas and an excellent way to relax for everyone. The movie industry across the planet rakes up millions of dollars daily for producers, actors, marketers, cinema owners and even pirates. But then, another crop of beneficiaries have inserted themselves into the fold. The verb “insert” had to be used because initially, these sets of movie money beneficiaries weren’t involved in the grand scheme of things. The bucks were just meant for the folks listed up there and not them. So basically they gatecrashed the money making the party.

Formerly, people only get to watch movies and go online to air their views about it. They still do though. These views could depict satisfaction from the reviewer or strong reservations that could amount to intense brick-batting. Either way, a review is made, and whether you see the impact or not, movie reviews are influencing the quality of movies being rolled out every sunrise and sunset.

Most times producers are so engrossed in the production after being handed a seemingly flawless script for their actors and actresses to use. The whole process gulps lots of time and resources, but there’s been a little excess of something or a little less of something that’s threatening the savor of the movie, the producers as well as the cast are blind to it, but through reviews, there’s an eye opener, there’s a need for moderation or more of a flavor. Through reviews, corrections are made, and slip-ups don’t get to repeat itself.

Bottomline is, there are many who just write reviews to vent out their disappointment over an overly hyped movie or series that didn’t live up to half their expectations, and there is another happy lot who sing praise songs to producers and casts and are ready to kiss them for a job well done. And there are yet, a crop of professional movie review writers, they take this role seriously and are paid heavily to write reviews.

The difference between them and the voluntary writers is that they take out ample time to analyze these movies very well with sharp eyes for details, they take out the specks of bloopers from the film and spot the thinnest of errors out. The review is explicit and lengthy, unlike the volunteers who write a five sentence review and slap it on the web. Writing a movie review is a full-time job for some and part-time for some others, either way, these guys have joined the club of entertainers who enjoy all the bucks made from movies.

So if analyzing movies is your forte or born prodigy and you have a writing skill to augment it, then you are set to start making money from writing movie reviews. All those imbroglios you engage with friends over a movie that always ends up in vacuity could be converted into writing and can earn you hard currencies for your sweat.

How Can You Make Money From Writing Movie Reviews?

It’s quite easy if you have a knack of for movie dissecting. These three ways can guarantee you a stream or even streams of income from reviewing movies.

1. Submit Your Reviews To Sites Where You Get Paid

There are sites out in the sky where you get to review a movie and submit; it’ll be approved by the admins for meeting up to their standards and then you can get paid accordingly to the number of views it receives per month. It’s not a big way of earning through royalties gained from numbers of views after every four weeks, but it’s way better than arguing for free, energy is zapped in the process, and you might feel pangs of hunger after a long successful argument done entirely for free. Two sites with a community of movie review writers where you can fit in include; Hubpages and Shared Reviews.

2. Freelancing

Many sites would gladly hire you to write movie reviews for them. Don’t think there are too many writers already and shrink into your shell, you might be right, they are plenty, but how many are as good as you are. The writing world most times gets drenched by mediocrity, leaving it at the mercy of few like you who are ready to make a distinction and become most sought after. Interestingly, by freelancing, you don’t commit yourself to one site, you are at liberty to work for as many sites as you can. The pay is way better than the ones you earn from views, and this can become a stable source of income for your hard work. Most of the freelance sites include;

Some of these sites pay up to $20 for ten reviews

3. Blog Out The Money

If you are serious-minded about this, and you are a movie devotee, you can run a blog on movie reviews. It’s not even a biggie to open a blog these days; it can be done in a couple of minutes and Viola! You’re all set. In this blog, you provide movie reviews for all kinds of films with engaging contents to entice your audience. It’s not so easy furnishing your blog daily, but the reward covers up for the strains.

Soon enough, depending on how good you can get at it, people won’t go to see a movie yet till it’s been reviewed by your blog. This reroutes massive traffic to your blog and then you with a wide grin on your face, you can start eating the fruits of blogging which comes from running ads from Google on your blog. You can also keep your audience updated on new premieres as well as sequels to blockbusters; this too will pump more traffic to your blog.

You can also use your blog for affiliate marketing. You get movies from online movie stores through an affiliate program and place on your blog, you review the movie first and direct your audience to purchase the DVD pronto, and of course, your exceptional reviews will attract sales on the movie, and the company you’re affiliated with pays you a commission for the sales. Amazon offers such affiliate program, and commission junction does same too. You can check them out.

As I Wrap Up

The same way people are getting paid for their passion by putting wagers on football games and all other sporting delights, that’s similar way movies are getting much more productive. As a starter, your reviews might seem choppy and look like Jabberwocky, but Your reviews get better with time. The best shot at making substantial cash with movie reviews lies in the blogging part. You become the boss of your own, you control your empire, and you write at your own pace. You can even get employees in the form of freelancers to write for your movie blog; they supply all the precious contents while you moderate and edit where needful. And for you to start employing writers, it depicts how far you’ve made it, how financially endowed you have become just by writing movie reviews for the money.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about how to get paid to write movie reviews or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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