Is Tube Crusher A Scam? My Honest Review

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Don’t you want to become a YouTube celebrity? Tube Crusher is a program that claims you can earn over $2,000 per day from the time you start using the system. The owner of this program claims to be a guru in the workings you need to excel on the largest video social media platform on the planet, and he is magnanimous enough to show you his success strategies.

But is this product really what it claims to be? Can you make over $2,000 each day as a newbie YouTuber? Isn’t this claim audacious? Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside the Tube Crusher to know if it can truly deliver on its claims or whether it’s a scam you should run far away from.

What Is Tube Crusher?
Is Tube Crusher a Scam

Tube Crusher is a new Clickbank program that claims it can turn you into a successful Youtuber with its secret system which you can use to earn more than $2K per day on YouTube.

Despite the hype and big claims of the promoters of the program, there is nothing to prove that the person is actually making a substantial amount of money on YouTube. All the claims and marketing tactics are similar to the hard tackle strategies employed by many others on Clickbank.

These programs claim to help you become financially independent with a secret system. However, you are their main target. If you wish to make money online, you are going to need more than a done-for-you system that works on autopilot while the money rolls into your account. Making money online is harder than making money offline, and both platforms require a great deal of resilience, patience, and hard work. But this program claims you can make up to $3,000 per day! It’s impossible for a newbie Youtuber to achieve this feat and even the most experienced vloggers hardly rake in $1k per day in affiliate commissions.

No doubt, YouTube is a big platform that offers several opportunities to market, network and make money via high-quality videos. If you have a large following and a strong subscriber list, you can earn a steady income from the videos you post on YouTube. YouTube pays you according to the number of subscribers you have and the number of visitors who watched your videos.

The most important factors for making money through YouTube is to have a large subscription and massive viewership of your videos. If these two ingredients are missing, no secret system can make you an overnight YouTube success. The reality is that most people who will buy this product due to its misleading marketing don’t have a large number of subscribers and neither do they have the viewership to command enough income. No system in the world can help you build a strong subscriber base or viewership within a short period. It will take plenty of effort and time to build large and loyal followership on YouTube. Until then, you won’t be making $1k daily nor will you make $3k per day or become an instant moneybag.

How Does Tube Crusher Work?

According to the owner of the product, all you need to use his wonderful system is a working internet connection, a functional smartphone, and ten minutes per day. Unfortunately, the content of this product has been largely watered down.

The training provided by the product is made up of mostly low-quality videos and PDF files which the owners edited and rebranded as their own. The owner of the product didn’t create anything new or spectacular, rather; the person gathered free content existing for free on the internet and branded it as their own.

To get the hang of the Tube Crusher system, you need to read the documents and watch the videos. Unfortunately, none of this will teach you how to become a successful Youtuber within 24 hours.

The Tube Crusher system is supposed to make you a superstar on YouTube. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel, and the system should take you to the top of the search within 15 minutes after setup. According to Ciaran, the almost anonymous owner of the product, he is a popular YouTube celebrity who aims to improve and affect the lives of others positively by teaching them all his secrets so that they can also earn more on the largest video search engine in the world. In the real world, you can’t make money quickly with YouTube

What’s Wrong With Tube Crusher?

A lot of things are wrong with this product. From unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, anonymous owners, and fictitious earnings, Tube Crusher rings all the bells in all the wrong places.

tired of scams

Making Money On YouTube Takes Time

This product is an overhyped bundle of low-quality training that doesn’t deliver. It won’t make you an instant sensation on YouTube because it’s simply not possible to make money on YouTube within a short period.

Before you can monetize your YouTube videos, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing per year. But you will never get anybody to view your videos or even subscribe to your YouTube channel if your videos are not catchy and valuable to the target audience. And it won’t happen in a couple of days or weeks; you are going to work hard for many months and sometimes, years to cultivate a large following on YouTube to make a steady income. Tube Crusher fails to provide any mechanism for growing your viewership or subscription to the level where you can monetize your channel. You won’t get anything out of this type of system.

It’s a simple scheme that aims to collect your money in exchange for a product that won’t work. In the promotional video, the narrator mentions the popular content creator PewDiePie in one of the promotional videos. PewDiePie makes millions of dollars each year through his YouTube channels where he churns out stupid funny videos. The narrator didn’t mention that it took PewDiePie over seven years to get to the top of his YouTube game.

Anonymous Owner
Anonymous Mask

You should be wary whenever a product without an owner claims it can help you make an insane amount of money without working. Life is not that easy.

The Ciaran that narrates the sales pitch of Tube Crusher is an unknown entity trying to scam people while protecting his own identity.

There are no signs of his presence on social media and buyers have no way of contacting him for any support.

This behaviour is the hallmark of scammers, and you should steer clear of such people.

Unrealistic Earnings
case full of 100 dollar bills

Can you make $2k per day on YouTube? Yes. But can you make the same amount on the same day you launched a YouTube channel?

No, you can’t, and in fact; it’s almost impossible to achieve such an extraordinary feat except when your video goes viral.

Plus, the Tube Crusher claims you won’t have to work hard anymore to live your dream. If this is not a scam, then what is?

Fake Testimonials

A common feature of low-quality scam products is that they hire cheap actors to launder their image through fake testimonials. No product worth its salt will stoop so low to pay actors a couple of dollars to get them to sing the praise of the system.

If the system were as effective as the promoters claim, real customers would provide positive feedback about the system. Sadly, the Tube Crusher testimonials are made by rented mouthpieces on Fiverr.

Fake Testimonials

This guy above said he made $12000 in his first week without leaving his sofa with Tube Crusher and yet he is still touting his gig as a spokesperson on for $5-$35. This alone should be enough to convince you TubeCrusher is a scam!

How Much Is Tube Crusher?

The product costs $37, but there are upsells. For this meagre price, the product is way cheaper than the value it’s supposed to provide, an indication that it’s not going to deliver.

Is Tube Crusher A Scam?

With all the questionable marketing tactics and false claims used by Tube Crusher, in my opinion, the program fits all the descriptions of a scam. Should you buy this product? Not recommended, except you want to lose money.


I hope you enjoyed this Tube Crusher Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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2 Comments on “Is Tube Crusher A Scam? My Honest Review”

  1. Great review! The idea of making money through online platforms like Youtube is appealing to many people, but the reality is very different from the fantasy. It takes time to build any sort of following, and there are some very popular Youtubers who still don’t make a full time living from making videos. With all its hyped up claims of instant success, this program definitely looks like a scam!

    1. Hi Bailey, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      There is money to be made from YouTube platform providing people go in with the right expectations.

      Sadly, programs like Tube Crusher that promise instant success are setting people up for disappointment while they run away with their hard earned cash!

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