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AWOL Academy is a premium internet marketing training and mentorship program that debuted in 2015. The academy was launched and run by Keale Kanae and Kameron George. The academy was operated under the name Project AWOL before it transformed into the AWOL Academy.

Back then, Project AWOL was a team within a premium multi-level marketing program known as Empower Network. The two entities had a fallout and departed. In its current configuration, AWOL Academy provides high-level training and mentorship programs spanning every aspect of internet marketing. On its website at, the program boldly claims it is “The world’s most comprehensive Internet Marketing, Education and Mentorship platform.”

When we say high ticket, the products and services of this company are top tier premium, and they tell you upfront their offerings are not for broke people. With products starting at $99 and more than $17,000, you have to be doing well to enrol for any of their courses. The big question is; is the training worth the hefty price tags? Let us find out in this AWOL Academy review.

What Is AWOL Academy?
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AWOL is an acronym for “Another Way of Life.” The company offers a wide range of individually priced courses that cover internet-marketing fields such as email marketing, traffic generation, copywriting, paid advertising, mentorship, among others.

If you bought the top dollar courses, you would have access to in-depth webinars, coaching, and sometimes one-on-one mentorship via dedicated Facebook groups and online forums.

Internet Income Explained is the most affordable training from AWOL Academy and comes with a $49 price tag, and the AWOL Elite goes for $17,997. Here is a list of all the products from AWOL Academy.

  • Pro Academy (aka AWOL 101 Coaching): $99
  • Internet Income Explained: $49
  • AWOL Community: $59.95 annually or $49.95 monthly
  • Inbox Academy: $447
  • Conversion Academy: $1,797
  • Traffic Academy: $2,997
  • Masters Academy: $5,497
  • AWOL Elite Lite: $11,997
  • AWOL Elite: $17,997

The courses were not always this expensive. In 2017, you could buy everything with $5,000, but they have increased the price and also upgraded the content. Therefore, you will pay a higher price but also enjoy more value. However, can you get maximum value for your investments?

Let us look at each of the offerings from AWOL Academy.

Pro Academy
AWOL Pro Academy Pro Product Image

The $99 Pro Academy course introduces you to the fundamentals of internet marketing. The course consists of four training modules, which cover 25 videos. You will also get one coaching call.

Pro Academy is designed to usher beginners into the basics of online businesses such as using sales funnel to generate traffic, leads and acquire customers.

The training provides systematic guidance to help you create your own sales funnel. However, the training is not sufficient to create sales funnels. You also need to have the following:

  • LeadPages: To build landing pages ($25-$48/month)
  • GetResponse or Aweber- an email autoresponder ($15+/month)
  • ClickMagic- a customer tracking system that is used to implement ad tactics such as retargeting ($12-$17/month).

If you wish to buy the Pro Academy course, get ready to spend more on these services as well lest your training goes to waste.

Internet Income Explained
AWOL Academy Internet Income Product Image

At $49, the Internet Income Explained has four video modules. The course takes you through online sales processes and digital marketing, explaining business and marketing strategies, how to create digital assets, optimize your formula and grow your business quickly.

Inbox AcademyAWOL Academy Inbox Academy Product Image

The Inbox Academy teaches you how to optimize your email marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness. In this course, you will learn how to construct your messages, promotions, and offers in a way that subscribers cannot refuse.

AWOL Academy says this product will teach you highly effective secret strategies from the best email marketers in the world to increase the visibility and consumption of your emails.

If you think you need this course for your business to grow, then you need to cough out $447.

Conversion Academy
AWOL Academy Conversion Product Image

The Conversion Academy promises to reveal secrets to help skyrocket your conversion rates by teaching you strategies to make your customers do your bidding every time.

The course covers how to use generation, persuasive copywriting, hypnotic language, storytelling, images, video, and live presentations to boost your conversions by making your offers, products, and services extraordinarily compelling. It also discusses the appropriate content that you should present to a potential customer at every stage of the buying process.

Conversion Academy also introduces you to the concept of evergreen sales. Evergreen products, also known as consumables are items that are always in demand. With evergreen products, you can earn an income irrespective of the economic situation or time of the year. The course goes for $1,797.

Traffic Academy
AWOL Academy Traffic Product Image

The Traffic Academy costs $2,997. The course teaches you how to generate targeted traffic through social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. It comes with five training modules that discuss how to use these three SM platforms to generate traffic and teaches you strategies to track the performance of your ads regarding conversion rate.

You will also learn how to generate traffic via Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Traffic Academy offers training on cost-per-action ads. In this type of ads campaign, you only pay if a potential customer completes a predetermined action. The action may require the potential client to complete a form, view a short video, or buy your offer.

Masters Academy
AWOL Academy Masters Academy Product Image

The Masters Academy course is designed for established internet marketers who are already earning a stable income online but want to scale their business. The course assumes you already know how to create a money-generating sales funnel and websites, so it does not cover any of these areas.

Instead, it delves into more important topics for leveraging your internet business. Masters Academy focuses on evergreen products, project management, automation, outsourcing, money management, investing, strategic tax planning and more. The course comprises three sections including:

  • Mindset Hacks
  • Wealth Strategies
  • Solopreneur to CEO

Not only is this course comprehensive, but it brings mindset and wealth expert Dr John Demartini and accountant and attorney Mark J Kohler to share their expert knowledge to help you blow up your business into a long-term source of wealth. The course goes for a masterly $5,497.

AWOL Elite Lite

AWOL Elite Lite goes for $11,997. The course is AWOL Academy’s ongoing mentoring and training program. People who buy this product will get weekly training webinars for one year. During the training, the academy will help them interpret their sales funnel data and analytics to produce actionable strategies to optimize the earning potential of the funnel.

In addition to 2-hour-long webinars every week, you also have access to personalized mentorship via private Facebook groups and forums. Meanwhile, all the products above come with the Elite Lite package.

AWOL Elite

AWOL Elite is the most expensive product from AWOL Academy at $17,997. The product includes everything in AWOL Elite Lite plus tickets to the company’s Elite Summit event and Awaken event.

According to AWOL Academy, these events are high profile gatherings where leading experts in the business industry and personal development industry converge to share knowledge about the best skillsets and mindsets to grow enduring and profitable businesses.

AWOL CommunityCommunity

The AWOL Community provides access to the company’s private Facebook groups where they can ask questions, stay in touch with other members and so on.

Monthly access costs $49.95 while annual access goes for $59.95 per year.

AWOL Academy Affiliate Program

AWOL Academy also offers an affiliate program. To become an affiliate, you must pay $39.95 membership fee per month and buy the Traffic Academy course. All their products pay 30 per cent affiliate commission, except for the Pro Academy that pays 60 per cent. You also make 3 per cent on the sales of your direct referrals.

Should You Buy AWOL Academy Products?
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AWOL Academy does offer high-quality products. Unfortunately, their products are obscenely expensive. If you can afford it, AWOL Academy’s products are excellent and will deliver maximum value if you put the training to good use. The website is not a fraud, and everything about the owners and the company is in the public domain. If you are up for the huge price tags, nothing is stopping you from buying AWOL Academy products.

In my opinion, as most people starting out will not have this type of funds to invest in such a program my advice is to go for the Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform. This platform provides the 3 things you need for online success; Education, Website and Expert Help as well as a thriving community of over 1.4 million which is the most helpful community in the world. Period.

I hope you enjoyed this AWOL Academy Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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