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So you are wondering how to write articles for money? There are many opportunities available to freelance writers today to get paid to write articles online. There are many freelance writing firms in search of skilled writers today. The competition is very stiff. But as a freelance writer, it can get tricky just trying to identify the legit writing services or firms that can take you in. It is even harder to identify a writing service that would be willing to offer competitive rates for your writing service. But don’t despair because, with the following tips, you will be well on your way to writing money making articles for the various firms available for you to choose from.

Finding The Right Writing Service

If you have made up your mind to earn money writing, then the next obvious step is to find a writing service that fits you. The perfect writing agency or online service will give you lots of opportunities to write a variety of articles thus get more money. With well-written articles and tons of positive feedback from the clients that you write for, this shouldn’t be hard to achieve. The right firm will also stop at nothing to train you on how to make money as a writer.

Good Articles Equals More Money

Good article equals more money and dollar signs

Many writing services depend on the quality of writing from their writers because their reputation depends on it. Not only the quality of work, but also the timely delivery of articles, correct structuring, and formatting of articles matters. When you show dedication to your writing, your pay will be good, as long as you provide them with excellent articles. In the end, the goal of many writing services is to maintain qualified writers as well as satisfied clients.

Learn What It Takes To Write A Good Article

You can set yourself apart from the myriad of freelance writers available today by learning the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ of writing. Most writers, as skilled as they are, have no clue what it takes to write quality articles. But for those who know how to write articles for money, they are a true treasure. All the time, energy and work that has to go into it, including research that needs to be done can take a toll on a writer. For this reason, be sure to create favorable working conditions for yourself, so you can keep churning out quality articles to the delight of your writing service. Also, find a writing service that will create/support that favorable environment you are trying to create, so you can go through this process with ease.

If you as a writer are happy and satisfied with the working conditions, it will show up in the kind of work that you write, because you will produce quality articles. This, in turn, will bring more work opportunities for you as clients will be inclined to place more orders.

How To Write Perfect Online Articles All the Time

Start From Where You Are
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So you don’t have to be John Grisham or Sydney Sheldon to start earning money through writing. If you have ever written down a recipe or even jotted down and shared DIY instructions with a friend or colleague, then you already understand the basic component of writing.

When writing online articles, it is not just about “first you do this, and then you do that”. The question every writer ought to ask is “What happens next?”

To catch the attention of your reader, consider the beginning of your article, and then keep answering the question, “what next?” over and over again. Within no time, you will have drawn an outline of your article.

Select Your Topic

Choose a topic that interests you enough to get you focussed on it for the next few hours or even weeks. Narrow down your topic and make it clear and concise. By making your topic more specific, it becomes much easier for you to tackle it.

Address Your Audience’s Needs
An audience with the words focus on your audience's needs

Answer your audience’s questions. This will require a bit of creativity to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. You literally have to think differently and imagine you’re the reader of your own article.

Pick 3 words that describe your target audience, for instance: professional, adventurous, woman. As this reader, what questions would you like answered? Don’t sweat it if you don’t know the answers yet, the important thing is having the questions down.

Computer and books for research

Once you have listed down the questions; then comes the next step, finding the answers to the questions.

This will require a bit of research. Research is what will ground your article.

Important details to include in your research include:

  • Quotes by well-known people “If someone offers you a great opportunity and you don’t know how to go about it, take it then learn how to do it later” Richard Branson
  • Statistics: “OSHA estimates 838,000 workers in construction and a further 804,000 workers in general industry are at risk of being exposed to lead.”
  • Definitions: Generally speaking, Artificial Intelligence encompasses anything that can be run by a program of sorts – never mind how that is achieved – that humans would otherwise do.
  • Anecdotes – short, descriptive stories about yourself or someone else.
  • References to other media like film, television, social media (Facebook, Twitter or YouTube)
  • References to known brands, local events, venues, and even streets. This is also a way of exposing your readers to new things that may not necessarily be happening in their locality.

Be sure to keep track of your sources in case you are later asked by an editor to verify some information.

Tighten Your Draft

With your target audience in mind, write the first draft using all the research material you have acquired. Once you have put all your thoughts down, you can review them, adjusting here and there. Here is where you revise your work to make the material suit your audience, even as you proceed on.

Ask yourself, if it is working so far or is still general; if it is getting too wordy or it is still lightweight; if it is unclear or right on the money! It doesn’t hurt to look at what writing techniques other writers also use at this point.

Make It Specific

At this juncture, we can’t underscore the need for your narrative to remain clear, concise and to the point. If you find that your narrative is going on and on (as it usually does) break it and separate with subtitles (as in this article). That doesn’t mean you leave out crucial information.

It is important to always double-check to see that every pertinent point (pertinent being the operating word) is included. You want your reader to walk away knowing exactly why centrifugal fans are far more effective than windmills, or why golden crappie is a myth.

Breaking down complicated information into manageable chunks that the brain can process is especially crucial for online writing. This is because you have a few seconds to catch your reader’s attention before they click on another page.

Re-Read, Review, Repeat
Magnifying glass with the word quality

Readout loud; check grammar, spellings, and relevance and so forth, (one of the best tools that can help you with this is Grammarly)

Once you go through this process, you can then begin to judge what needs to change, if any changes need to be made.

Afterward, your writing is good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about how to write articles for money or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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