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In recent months, we’ve been on a mission to provide people with the information they need on various online programs and platforms. Although many scams still exist and victims are being created almost daily, we’re doing all we can to point the attention towards legitimate solutions. To continue this mission, today we’re looking at My Online Dream Biz. We’ll assess what they’re offering, how it all works, and the all-important question of whether it’s worth your time!

What’s My Online Dream Biz?

On all the advertising material, the first claim you’ll notice is the one promising an income of between $3,000 and $6,000 per month. Eventually, they say, you could even transform this into $6,000 PER DAY. In fact, they suggest $400 is available for just finishing the sales video. Throughout the video, ‘Jason’ uses all the tricks in the book to pull you toward the platform. Do you want to work without a boss breathing down your neck? Do you want the freedom to wake when you want and take vacations on a whim? By now, you’re probably used to all this.

How Does It Work?
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While researching for this My Online Dream Biz review, we learned that $99 promised access to a member’s area, various training resources teaching how to make money without a website, advice for five different income streams, and regular video updates.

Although we couldn’t see them, there’s also likely to be some upsells since most of these systems take advantage of this trick. However, what we do know is that the promises made are VERY confusing.

For example, Jason believes his business is a realization of a popular book by Tim Ferris, 4 Hour Work Week. Initially, this sounds great because Ferris is a well-known entrepreneur and respected in the online world. But, the video for My Online Dream Biz says you won’t have to sell your own products, there’s no website involved, and you can even do it without startup capital…the opposite to what Tim Ferris suggests in the book!

Unfortunately, the confusion continues as you dig deeper because we never really learn how we’re going to start making even $1 a month (let alone $6,000!). The system promises five easy money-making systems, but these aren’t explained and you have to part money before you learn anything. Just to compound this, it states that it’s a ‘copy and paste’ system that makes money. We don’t know about you, but we’re yet to find a ‘copy and paste’ system that works in this area of business.

Our Concerns
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For this My Online Dream Biz review to be worthwhile, we need to explain our concerns. In case you haven’t already guessed, we aren’t going to recommend this program to anybody so the least we can do is explain why.

Fake Actor – Over the years, we aren’t sure how many times this has been said but you CANNOT use a fake actor and expect to make sales. How are companies thinking they can still get away with it in 2018?

The man called ‘Jason’ is an actor and we know this because somebody has already done the research and found him on a freelancing website. So rather than being the man with the secrets, he was simply paid to read some words from a script. If the real owner is hiding behind this, what else are they hiding?

Too Many Promises– In addition to this, we never like it when a website promises huge sums of money. Today, the very best online platforms don’t promise the world because they don’t have to; they know that making a living from the internet requires hard work and dedication. If you don’t put this hard work in, you aren’t going to see the results; especially not from just a couple of hours per day. If they really did know how to make this amount of money for little effort, the secret would already be known or they would want to shout it from the rooftops as opposed to making people pay before saying anything.

Silly Promises – Not only do they offer too many promises, but they also offer silly promises and this can be seen in the ‘receive $400 when the video ends’ claim. Of course, you’re not going to magically get $400 for watching a video. We were determined to get to the bottom of this random claim and light eventually reached the situation when Jason told us his system was actually worth $499; so, the $400 is just a discount to reduce the purchase price, an arbitrary number since we don’t know the information inside, to $99.

tired of scams

No Information – Finally, you should never hand money over to somebody on the internet when you don’t know what you’ll receive in return. It’s like an expensive game of lucky dip, but the small print is likely to be designed so you can’t get your money back even if you get nothing in return. With reliable and trustworthy online systems, they’ll feel proud of the product and they’ll be willing to explain what your money buys. Therefore, we’ll see the value for money and feel inclined to pay our hard-earned cash.

Sales Calls And Emails

When signing up to a service like this, you can expect a couple of emails because this is normally their only point of contact with you. Ultimately, we don’t have a problem with a website collecting email addresses because today’s market is competitive and they need some way to get in touch. What you don’t expect is for your details to be collected by a database to then be accessed by others. My Online Dream Biz openly admits to transferring ‘personally identifiable information’ which means that you’ll receive spam emails. Sadly, once your email address is openly available, spam becomes incredibly hard to stop so this can be a huge problem.

Aside from the spam emails, the application for this particular program requires you to enter a telephone number too. Originally, we were going to include this in our ‘concerns’ but we feel as though it deserves a section of its own. If you’ve signed up to similar platforms previously, you’ll know that a request for your telephone number is extremely rare. Before now, we’ve only really seen telephone numbers with link posting scams. Rather than the promised ‘coaching session’, the call will come from a telemarketer who has one goal and one goal only; to get you to buy a high-ticket coaching program with a potential cost in the thousands.

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Above all else, we want the industry to remain positive because the internet provides an opportunity for people to earn a living from the comfort of their own home. It’s sad that we have to make a review like this…without even mentioning any positives in this My Online Dream Biz review.

Moving forward, we advise you to choose a platform that’s open and honest about what they’re selling. Read reviews online, talk with the company, and choose a realistic opportunity while knowing that hard work will be required to earn money online. If you do this, you should be able to steer clear of websites like My Online Dream Biz with promises that are just as fake as their actors!


I hope you enjoyed this My Online Dream Biz Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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