Opinion City Review

Opinion City Review

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Opinion City is a website that claims to connect people with high paying survey sites. The website claims it lists only the best of the best survey sites and that every company it features is carefully vetted and handpicked.

When you land on the website, you will notice its professional design and excellent user interface which makes navigation and user experience great. The only problem is you need to sign up with the website to receive surveys from top market research companies. Opinion City does list many legitimate survey platforms, but one begins to wonder why you need to register with them to get access to the juicy surveys according to their claim.

When you register, you have access to the members’ area, but will you be able to get the high paying surveys? A careful review of the site shows many inconsistencies that cast a shadow of doubt over their true intentions, making it unwise to complete a sign up on the platform without having a complete picture of their activities.

What Is Opinion City?
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At first glance, Opinion City appears to be a paid survey site. However, a closer look shows the website only offers a list of paid survey companies that you can click to get paid for your opinions.

According to the site, every listing on the site had been researched carefully and vetted by Alyssa, the in-house Consumer Trend Investigator. This is to ensure only the best market research companies are listed on the site and protect users from unscrupulous elements masking as real survey companies.

The website maintains that users can take high paying surveys on their website and can make the highest amount of money possible with surveys.

However, most of these claims are false, as you will learn later.

How Opinion City Works

The first step involved in using Opinion City is to complete the signup. The signup requires your name and email address. Once that is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and access to the members’ area.

The features of the members’ area are few, and you will not be able to modify your information or delete the account. The dashboard area has three tabs including:

  • Highly Recommended which lists 12 market research companies and survey sites such as Panel Bucks and Panda Research.
  • Bonus Surveys which recommends three survey sites such as the Jobs2Shop which promises survey takers unbelievable payouts like $100 per survey.
  • Coupons and Freebies where users can find one recommended site despite the high number of such sites on the internet.

As it turned out, Alyssa the survey site Vetter is a fictitious character. The picture was downloaded from a stock image website.  Additionally, the high payouts Opinion City promises for taking simple surveys are highly misleading and unrealistic. Even though the website lists some survey websites and market research companies, the highest most of these platforms pay per survey is $2, and they are usually swarmed with people, making it difficult to find surveys.

What Is Wrong With Opinion City
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Indeed, Opinion City provides a list of legitimate survey sites, but the real aim of the platform is not in your interest; it is only using you to make more money. Here is what is wrong with this website.

Despite common knowledge that most survey sites and market research companies pay only pittance, this platform tries to make people sign up for as many of these sites as possible by promising huge payouts because they are getting paid for the referrals.

Opinion City encourages its users to register on five of the websites on their Highly recommended list for a chance to earn up to $300 per survey. In the opinion buying industry, no company can pay such huge amounts for simple surveys that take less than five minutes to complete.

Opinion City does not stop at this incredulous claim. It tries to pressure you into doing its bidding by claiming that only a limited number of spots are available. However, this statement is false.

Except for a few specialized market research companies, most players in the survey industry have open door policies allowing a constant stream of survey takers to participate on their platforms. In fact, surveys need a highly heterogeneous population of respondents before they can provide a valid and accurate representation of public opinion. Limiting the number of people that can participate will lead to skewed and imbalanced conclusions that can have serious implications on any decision made with the result of such surveys, especially when applied to the general population.

That said, most of the survey opportunities listed on the site are legit but do not expect to make any meaningful income from taking surveys on such platforms. You may be able to scrape a couple of dollars occasionally, but the claim that you can make hundreds of dollars by taking paid online surveys is a blatant lie.

tired of scams

Another issue with Opinion City has to do with the offers on its Work from Home tab. In the tab, almost everything listed is fraud products. Digital products such as Secret Millionaires and Automated Daily Income promise to make you rich overnight but require payment before sign up. If you make the mistake of paying these platforms, you have successfully donated your hard-earned cash to fraudsters. It is mind boggling why Opinion City promotes these types of misleading and fraudulent products on its website.

We also do not know the identity of the real owners of Opinion City. Alyssa the consumer trend investigator is a generic nobody. If the company has nothing to hide, the public should know the name and contacts of the real owners in case any issues arise that need their attention. Also, some of the links on the website do not work, making it impossible for users to access those websites via Opinion City.

A visit to the website’s Facebook page also shows that the number of likes on the page is far from what it claims on the site. Rather than the 10K likes splashed on the homepage, the number of likes is not even up to 200. The implication is that the website is only trying to prop up its image. It is not as popular or effective as it claims to be.

Can Your Earn Money Through Opinion City?
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Since the website offers legitimate survey sites, there is no doubt about making money from it. The critical question is how much you can make taking surveys on the platform. Can you possibly make up to $300 by taking online surveys? Not likely.

Most survey and market research companies pay extremely modest rates largely because of the simplicity of the task. Why pay hundreds of dollars when the work takes only about three minutes?

Conclusion And My Opinion

Opinion City is not a scam but some of its claims are misleading outright. While the platform provides authentic paid online survey opportunities, its claims about the potential pay survey takers can earn are false. Also, some of the listings on the website are scam products that can result in the loss of funds for unsuspecting users. The website uses high-pressure tactics to force people to sign up to as many of the sites it recommends as possible. It’s not because of their love for users; rather, it’s to increase their referral commissions.

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I hope you enjoyed this Opinion City Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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4 Comments on “Opinion City Review”

  1. I have yet to run across any sites like Opinion City that you can make a decent amount of money. I’m in 2 now, and I’m done. The last one made promises of higher amounts of money. Yeah right. Thanks for letting me know about this one. I’ve pretty much just given up on these sites. For me, it’s not worth it.

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      I agree with your comment. Over the course of many years, I also have not found any survey sites that I feel is worth my time investment. Other options for making money online have been more profitable!

  2. Thanks for this review which has made me think twice about even giving this website a second look. I have joined something similar in the past and with almost every survey I couldn’t get past the screening as it said I didn’t qualify. So I would have to fill out heaps of questionnaires each day to get just one or two surveys completed. It was a big waste of time and I eventually gave up!

    Opinion City has red flags all over it because of using a fictitious character and hiding their true identities. It sounds like someone behind it who is just out to line their own pockets. My advice to everyone is stay away from this type of site.

    1. Hi Helen, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Like you, I too joined some survey sites in the past and each time I had experiences similar to yours. I would spend so much time answering questions only to be told I did not qualify for the survey and where I did qualify for the survey the payments were so small that is was not worth the time.

      There are much better options for making money on the internet and in our articles and reviews, we discuss these other options.

      Wish you much success!

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