Viral Cash App Review: Scam Or Legit?


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The Viral Cash App promises to help you generate loads of income on the internet on automation. Produced by Matthew Neer, the Viral Cash App is all noise and no substance, and you will only lose money if you buy into the program.

Like thousands of other dubious get rich quick products floating around on the internet, the Viral Cash App claims to make it easy for you to tap into a $70-billion-dollar industry by helping you search for viral videos, post the videos on a communal site and make money when people click on the ads and make purchases through the affiliate links in the videos. However, making money online isn’t that easy. Plus, the sales video for this program is full of outright lies and misleading claims and so many other red flags.

What Is The Viral Cash App?

The Viral Cash App is an app that teaches you how to find viral videos on the internet and then uploads the videos to a website containing your affiliate links or Google AdSense ads. You hope to get as many people to watch the videos to click the ads and buy products through your links so that you can earn commissions. In simple terms, Viral Cash app automates the process of monetizing viral videos.

While this might seem straightforward to most people, the sad reality is that it does not work.

What’s Wrong With The Viral Cash App?

You start seeing signs of something fishy when you get to the home page and can’t find any button or link to buy the product. If you stay long enough, a pop-up notification offering a discount will appear. And then there is the sales video.

In the sales video, the presenter rants on about how you can make easy money through viral videos without having a website or other infrastructure required to run an online business. All you need is an automated system to identify and upload viral videos, which is where Viral Cash app comes into play.

However, talk is cheap. If you’ve ever made or tried to make money on the internet, you know the importance of traffic. To get traffic that converts, you need unique content and a large audience, but this product does not say anything about how to get the traffic that’s supposed to click your ads and buy products through your affiliate links for the commissions to start rolling into your account.

If you can’t get traffic, you are out of business irrespective of how great your product might be. When you buy the product, you will post your videos to a website named The irony of it all is that this website has no organic traffic and doesn’t have an SSL certificate, but the presenter in the sales video continues to boast about the huge number of users visiting the site every day. The website also lacks basic content, and most of the posts haven’t garnered a lot of views even after many years of staying on the site.

The website has a Facebook page, which like the website is not active and won’t direct any traffic to your videos as the level of engagement is extremely low. All the while, the presenter is busy making huge claims about how the page will help drive traffic to your videos and help you make tons of money without sweating at it.

While there is nothing wrong with this model, the main issue here is that the communal website where all users post their videos lacks the followership required to make anything go viral. Unlike websites such as Buzzfeed and ViralNova that have built strong followership with some of the best content the internet has to offer, ViralSyndicator lacks the content and the audience to take your videos to viral levels.

How Much Does The Program Cost?


The basic package for Viral Cash app sells for $47, but you can get a 50 per cent discount if you click away from the site and also get it for as low as $9.99 when you click away from that site. The basic package comes with hosting and traffic, but everything is done on Matthew Neer’s platform.

However, there are many upsells and we are not fans of too many upsells. The traffic upgrade goes for $19.99 per month, and you will be billed continuously every month until you stop the service. But why would you need this type of offer in the first place? It probably is meant to take some cash off you. There is also an upsell for faster hosting which costs a one-time fee of $9.99 but should you bother when you aren’t hosting your pages?

These practices smack of sharp practices, and it doesn’t end here. Matthew Neer shows some of his account balances in the video to lead you to believe that his Viral Cash app is making money, but you can believe anything if you believe that.

tired of scams

As an internet marketer, one expects Matthew to have multiple streams of income, which is most likely where all that money comes from; not from the confusing plan bandied into this program. The member’s area also has several ads and banners cluttering up the place, and you begin to wonder if you have bought the right product or gotten yourself into a tight fix.

This low-quality product can set you back by up to $490 if you buy the upsells, and you may never get a dime out of all your troubles as the structure is lacking. The best you can do is steer clear of the app.

Can You Make Money With Viral Cash App?

Making money through this program would be hard as the system has a fundamental flaw; traffic. Anybody dollarscan search for videos on YouTube and post them on a website, but without targeted traffic, your videos have zero chances of getting exposure on the world wide web. You can’t wish your way into making people click through your videos and buy products through your affiliate links. You have to build trust first by giving your audience high-quality content that adds value and helps them solve problems in their lives.

With this program, your only hope is hope, which is not enough if you are serious about making money on the internet. You may be forced to engage in spamming your posts all over Facebook and other social media sites in the hope of getting enough views and clicks.

The monetization strategies are also self-defeatist, considering that the program doesn’t provide any paid or free traffic. AdSense requires a huge amount of traffic if you want to make any money, which means you may have to spend serious cash to buy paid traffic. But that defeats the whole purpose of an automatic money-making system.

You also won’t make much money on Amazon, as the online marketplace has stringent rules about who it accepts into its affiliate programs. ClickBank, on the other hand, is easier but the refund rate is one of the highest due to the large volume of low-quality digital products sold on the site.

Should You Buy The Viral Cash App?

If you aim to make money on the internet, this product is not for you. But if you hope to lose money, then you can gowoman question ahead and buy it. The truth is that the Viral Cash app is not tested and does not have the infrastructure to guarantee any sales or commissions for you. It appears the main purpose of the product is to get you to part away with your money using dubious and unsubstantiated claims.

The product offers no value, and there isn’t any high-quality training that you can transfer to other internet-based businesses. If you need a tested and trusted method to make money, you can check out best affiliate marketing training courses.

Except you are greedy, it’s highly unlikely that you will fall for this product. The language and the presentation style is targeted at inexperienced and would-be internet marketers. The maker is trying to take advantage of the gullibility that comes with inexperience to recruit people into the program, but the cold reality is that you may not earn any cash through the app despite all the hype in the sales video. The program is not recommended, and we advise that you stay away from it.

In My Opinion, This Product Offers No Value

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about The Viral Cash App or want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below.

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2 Comments on “Viral Cash App Review: Scam Or Legit?”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your honest Viral Cash App review! There are really too many faulty programs floating online that promise a quick buck, trying to lure people in counting on the fact that they are desperate to earn money. Thank God there are people like you who will honestly review and proclaim them as a scam or whatever.

    Wealthy Affiliate is one of the rare ones there who talk the talk and walks the walk. Have a nice one!


    1. Hi Ivan, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment on my review of Viral Cash App.

      You are right, as the internet grows we are seeing more and more scammers coming out to steal from people who are desperate to earn money.

      Sites are like ours do their best to make people aware of the scams but sadly, many people still fall for these scams as the lure of earning big bucks without putting in much effort is too tempting. Do your due diligence and if anyone promises you will make a ton of money just by pushing a button steer clear of that program.

      Building a business online or offline takes a lot of effort and time. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort you will see great rewards.

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