What Are The Best Hosting Companies?

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Web Hosting is a system designed for companies or a particular person that gives them an opportunity to have a web page. This service basically allows them to have infinite storage for posting whatever they deem fit.

Therefore, the Web Hosting Company makes it possible for the Company to reach their intended target group. This is true especially for people who want to look for extra information about a certain business. In this modern world, almost anyone will first go to the internet to get clear facts.Want Cheap Domains Banner

For your Company to be accessible on the web, you will require a domain name. This is what the consumer will see in place of your less interesting IP address. Web Hosting Companies will assist you in buying a domain name close to or similar to your Company name.

This article will generally cover what are, in my opinion,  the best hosting companies and briefly on their importance.

Why You Need Hosting Companies

It is important to find what hosting company best suits whatever business you’re running. As this could be the fine line between success and failure of your business. Different types of business require different types of Web Hosting companies.

Furthermore, this also creates a connection between the Company and the consumer, and if a customer has a question all they need to do is go to the “Contact Us” option. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) serves a similar purpose if a person has an issue that was previously addressed.

It is, therefore, safe to say that the internet has introduced a niche which every business requires. In this day and age, it would be unwise not to have a website that shows most if not all the Company’s particulars. This can be anything from services offered to basic price ranges for products. The reason for this is that it can boost your sales.

With that being said most people would like to know what are the best hosting companies? The following is a list that seeks to answer that very question.

dreamhost banner

In an era where the World Wide Web has become the wild wide web, security is most important and if you are looking for a secure Web Hosting Service then this is most preferable. It is Linux based and as such offers top-notch features like infinite disk capacity, domain names, and data plans.

It comes with a simple-to-create feature for those new to Web Hosting. At the same time, it offers great services for experienced users who are already familiar with building websites. However, the only downside to using this is most people would prefer their server to be Windows-based.

If you will be using the shared option then you will incur a price of close $5 every month. Visit www.dreamhost.com

JustHostJustHost Banner

JustHost was built essentially for business owners and individuals who want full functionality on a small budget. It comes with several payment plans for different hosting options and the tools for website creation are great and easy to use.

JustHost offers World Class Technology and hosts over 1 million websites using the popular Linux operating system. In relation to web page loading speed, JustHost is relatively fast.

However, when subscribing to this service you will feel forced to go for lengthier payment plans to get the best price. The first shared payment plan begins at $3.95 only. Visit www.justhost.com

hostwinds banner

This Web Hosting service has numerous payment plans but not all of them have windows based server. Once you use this service for web creation you can welcome your customers to your website. It also comes with a customer care support that will guide you should you run into problems.

It comes with limitless storage capacity, a thirty-day data plan. The tools for website creation are up to date with current trends. The shared payment plan is less than $5 every month. Visit www.hostwinds.com

Liquid Web Logo

Liquid Web does not have the option of shared web hosting but comes with other great qualities. For one the client service is amazing which answers all your questions almost instantly. It also comes with top-notch security software that safeguards against any hackers.

The website loading speed is super-fast and hardly suffers from downtime. If at any time your website incurs a certain loading problem, there is a feature that will notify you. The data transfer rates are massive and you can have up to or over 9 domain names.

The payment plan is almost $30 per month which seems costly but with the features included is well worth it. Visit www.liquidweb.com

TMD Hosting Banner

This web hosting service comes with a lot of attributes that will ensure your website is top of the line. However, this is another service that only offers Linux based hosting options. It offers access to other online platforms, especially the very popular WordPress.

Creating the website itself is easy, but you have to for a couple of hours before they send all the tools to start. The telephone customer care is only available during working hours, but you can choose the online chat option available at all times.

The shared payment plan is less than $3 and comes with a discount offer of more than 64%. Visit www.tmdhosting.com

A2 Web Hosting
A2 Hosting Banner

This is by far one of the best of its kind, because of the many features it comes with. When it comes to the shared hosting option it supports both Linux and Windows. It has the simple option of setting up a shopping cart for your customers.

There is also a high-security feature and software to safeguard all your customer information when buying a product. The uptime is flawless, to say the least, and also high web page loading speed.

The shared hosting payment plans begin at close to $4 every month and can go up depending on the hosting. However, no matter the cost of this hosting service, it will be worth your money. Visit www.a2hosting.com


Looking at all the Web Hosting Companies mentioned it is my hope that you pick an option that is well suited for you.

In my online journey, over the years I have tried these hosting companies and found them to be good. Currently, I have moved away from these hosting companies to a training platform that provides hosting and allows me to host up to 50 websites.

If you are looking to host one or two sites than any of the above services will be good for you. However, if you want to host up to 50 websites and have features such as Site SSL (HTTPS), Extreme SiteSpeed, SiteProtect (Spam Blocker), etc then take a look at Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform.

If you have any questions about hosting companies or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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6 Comments on “What Are The Best Hosting Companies?”

    1. Hi Piseth, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Piseth this is just a small list of some of the best hosting companies that I have used in the past. There are many more hosting companies!

  1. Hi Moni,
    Thank you for the detailed description of different hosting companies. It’s very helpful to know that there are many options.
    What is your recommendation for someone who is just building the first website in the money saving niche?

    1. Hi Mary, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      For someone just building their first website, I would recommend http://www.a2hosting.com

      Apart from all the amazing features, they offer they also offer 24/7 support, including telephone and Live Chat. In my opinion, the support is the MOST important thing. There will be times when you need technical help and being able to get the help 24/7 in different ways is crucial.

      Good luck with your first site and let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. Great list…there are some that I have not noticed before, such as Hostwinds.

    What would you say is the single best feature for a new blogger to look for in hosting?

    1. Hi Irma, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      There are many features you need to look for in hosting, e.g.

      * Speed
      * Disk Space
      * Bandwidth
      * Uptime Guarantee (99.9%)
      * Support 24/7/365

      All these features are important and most hosting companies will provide you with these features however for me the MOST important is SUPPORT. I look for 24/7/365 support via email, telephone AND Live Chat.

      As all the hosting companies are in a competition they will provide good features however not all hosting companies provide the level of service I would expect. When technical issues arise I want them sorted very quickly.

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