What Is Google AdSense About?

What Is Google Adsense Program

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As a content creator with your own site or blog site, you will have probably heard everything about affiliate marketing along with all the other techniques you have of making money, such as writing an eBook or developing an online course. Even to this day, we still see individuals asking “What Is Google AdSense About?” regardless of it being among the very first methods of making money online. For several years, this was the main method to make money online however it has actually since been overtaken.

Is Google AdSense worth it? How does AdSense work? How do I get paid? For answers to these questions, and lots more, you’re in the perfect place since this is our subject of discussion for this guide.

Presenting Google AdSense

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As you may have guessed by the name, this program was launched by Google and it allows website owners to place ads onto their websites.

Basically, companies pay cash to Google to get their advertisements onto platforms like your own.

After applying for a Google AdSense account and getting approved, you will get a code to place on your site, Google will automatically place ads on your site and you will be able to get some cash by holding the ads on your site.

How Do I Earn Money?

When individuals ask “What Is Google AdSense About?”, they’re really asking ‘how can I make cash using this approach’ so permit us to discuss. When the business pays the money to Google, they keep their percentage and the rest goes to the publishers and content developers.

After the ad is on your site you will earn a certain amount for every click it receives from your site visitors. Popular websites with most visitors have the biggest potential to make mone money with AdSense.

The numbers have actually been the subject of much discussion over the years, it’s typically thought that Google keeps 32% of what the advertisers pay and the balance 68% is for the publishers. If we say that an organization pays Google $100 to get their advert onto associated sites, Google will keep $32 as commission and give the balance $68 to publishers and content creators as the clicks come in.

Am I Eligible for Google AdSense?

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For a long time now, Google has actually been very careful with who they accept and who they don’t accept. In the beginning, there was a little bit more leniency however this has actually vanished and the application process is now harder. Prior to you starting, we highly suggest checking out the terms and conditions set out by Google as this will save you wasting time on the application if you have not yet reached their minimum requirements.

Generally speaking, Google is searching for publishers who create premium content regularly. If you don’t post on your blog frequently and have no real followers then you will most likely be not accepted as the ads on your site would not be too successful. Looking at it from Google’s perspective, businesses entrust their service to Google and pay money so Google has a duty of care to make sure the ads are placed carefully on the right websites.

In regards to demographics, the most effective Google AdSense users appear to be blog writers between the ages of 16 and 34 years. Generally speaking, they offer something distinct and have actually moved far from mainstream ideas in order to discover their specific niche audience. Sticking to the style of demographics, it appears that individuals in urban areas have a far better opportunity of generating income from Google AdSense than those in rural areas … however, do not let this put you off if you’re in the latter.

Just How Much Can I Earn with Google AdSense?

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Once again, the “What Is Google AdSense About?” question has actually returned us to the subject of cash and this isn’t unexpected considering how the system works. Eventually, you, as a content creator (or someone who is thinking of beginning a site), see this as a lucrative opportunity so learning about your earning potential is essential.

In general, it would be difficult for us to offer you simply one figure in response to this question. Eventually, the amount you make will depend upon a variety of elements consisting of the variety of visitors your site gets on every day / monthly basis, just how much money you earn per click, and the number of individuals who in fact click the advertisement once they’re on your site. Obviously, the theme of the advertisement will be connected to your blog/website so this increases the possibilities of getting clicks however they still are not guaranteed.

For most normal bloggers they average between $200-$300 per month. For bloggers who work hard daily on their site could go to $800-$1000 per month.

Above this, we have the best of the best, this elite group can make up to $50,000 per month. However, In order to go this far, you will have to become one of the most popular blog writers in your specific niche.

Before you get excited, around 100,000 individuals create a WordPress site every day so it’s going to take a lot of effort to begin making money from this exercise. This being said, it’s definitely possible and there are a lot of examples of individuals prospering online.

Why Choose Google AdSense?


Up until now, we hope to have answered the “What Is Google AdSense About?” question, however, there’s still one more thing to talk about; why should you, as a blog writer or site owner, think about Google AdSense in the very first place? Nowadays, there are numerous rivals to Google AdSense including:

What Makes Google So Special?

Whenever we browse for something or require a question addressed, Google tends to be the very first place we go. There is also an element of trust with Google that bloggers don’t have with other platforms. When it comes to trust, this likewise exists for advertisers and, the more advertisers pay Google, the more opportunity you have of making cash.

Google AdSense is simple to use, Google has a strong history, and also they have an exceptional team prepared to assist if you have any problems. At all times, Google appears prepared to assist throughout a variety of platforms. Recently, Google also introduced third-party advertisements that can be put on a site along with AdSense advertisements and this is terrific news for publishers.

When it comes to your earnings Google keep their promise and pay you on time every time and they will pay out through the method you have chosen.


We hope you now have the answers to the question, “What Is Google AdSense About?” In a nutshell, Google AdSense is a trustworthy platform that allows bloggers and content publishers to place ads on their sites and make money every time someone clicks on the ad.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about or you simply wish to leave your own individual experience, leave a comment below.

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