What is Google AdSense Program?

What Is Google Adsense Program

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As a content producer with your own website or blog, you’ll have heard all about affiliate marketing as well as all the other methods you have of earning money such as writing an eBook or creating an online course. To this day, we still see people asking ‘what is Google AdSense program’ despite it being one of the first ways of earning money online. For many years, this was the major method but it has since been overtaken.

Is it still worth using? How does it work? How do I get paid? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, and many more, you’re in the right place because it’s our topic of conversation for this guide!

Introducing Google AdSense

As the name suggests, this is a program introduced by Google and it’s one that allows publishers to place contextual ads onto their website whether it’s a simple piece of text, video, image, or any other type of advert. Essentially, businesses pay money to Google to get their ads onto platforms like your own. After applying for a Google AdSense account and getting accepted, you’ll be able to receive a portion of this money by holding the ads on your website. Therefore, Google is actually the middleman in the process.

How Do I Earn Money? – When people ask ‘what is Google AdSense program’, they’re actually asking ‘how can I earn money using this method’ so allow us to explain. Once the business pays the money to Google, they keep a percentage and the rest goes into a pot which can be earned by publishers and content creators. After the ad is on your page, you’ll be paid a certain amount for every click it receives from your visitors. With this in mind, the system works so that the more popular websites with the most visitors have the biggest potential to earn money.

Although the numbers have been the topic of much conversation over the years, it’s generally believed that Google keeps 32% of what the advertisers pay and the remaining 68% is available for publishers. If we say that a business pays Google $100 to get their advert onto related websites, they’ll keep $32 as commission (for the luxury of helping both parties) and give the rest away to publishers as the clicks come in.

Am I Eligible for Google AdSense?
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For the longest time, Google has been careful with who is accepted and who isn’t. At first, there was a little more leniency but this has since disappeared and the process is more difficult. Before you get started, we highly recommend reading the terms and conditions laid out by Google because this will save you wasting time on the application if you don’t yet reach their minimum standards.

For the most part, Google is looking for publishers who create high-quality content on a regular basis. If you post on a blog sporadically and have no real following, you aren’t likely to be accepted because the ads on your page wouldn’t be too successful. If we look from Google’s perspective, they have a duty to make sure the adverts are placed carefully because the business has paid money and entrusted their services.

In terms of demographics, the most successful Google AdSense users seem to be bloggers between the ages of 16 and 34 years. Generally speaking, they offer something unique and have moved away from mainstream ideas in order to find their niche audience. Sticking with the theme of demographics, it seems that people in urban areas have a much better chance of earning money from Google AdSense than those in rural areas…but don’t let this put you off if you’re in the latter.

How Much Can I Earn with Google AdSense?
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Once again, the ‘what is Google AdSense program?’ question has returned us to the topic of money and this isn’t surprising considering how the system works. Ultimately, you, as a content producer (or somebody who is thinking about starting a website), see this as a money-making opportunity so your earning potential is important.

Overall, it would be impossible for us to give you just one figure in answer to this question. Ultimately, the amount you earn will depend on a number of factors including the number of visitors your website receives on a daily / monthly basis, how much you get paid per click, and how many people actually click on the ad once they’re on your website. Of course, the theme of the ad will be linked to your blog/website so this increases the chances of receiving clicks but they still aren’t guaranteed.

For normal bloggers, they tend to make an average of $200-$300 in a month. If we look towards the good bloggers who work hard on a daily basis, this could extend to $800-$1,000 per month. Then, above this, we have the very best and this tends to be an elite group who can earn anything up to $50,000 per month. In order to get this far, you’ll have to be one of the most popular bloggers in your niche.

Before you get too excited, it’s thought that 100,000 people join the WordPress platform every day so it’s going to take some hard work to start earning a living from the exercise. This being said, it’s absolutely possible and there are plenty of examples of people succeeding online.

Why Choose Google AdSense?

So far, we hope to have answered the ‘what is Google AdSense program’ question but there’s still one thing to discuss; why should you, as a blogger or website owner, consider Google AdSense in the first place? These days, there are several competitors to Google AdSense including:

  • Infolinks,
  • Clicksor,
  • Chitika,
  • Amazon Associates,
  • BuySellAds,
  • Kontera,
  • Adbrite, and
  • eClickZ

What makes Google so special?

First things first, it’s hard to deny Google’s power on the internet. Whenever we search for something or need a question answered, Google tends to be the first place we go. With this in mind, there’s an element of trust with Google that bloggers don’t have with most of the other platforms. When it comes to trust, this also exists for advertisers and, the more advertisers pay Google, the more chance you have of earning money.

In addition to this, Google AdSense is easy to use, it has a strong history, and they also have a superb team ready to help if you come across any issues. At all times, Google seems ready to help across a number of platforms. Just recently, they also introduced third-party ads which can be placed on a website alongside AdSense ads and this is great news.

All in all, Google delivers on the promises they make and you won’t ever have any trouble obtaining the money you’ve earned. Once you’ve earned enough to receive a portion, they’ll pay out in your desired method without any issues.


There we have it, everything you need to know about the basics of AdSense. What is Google AdSense program? It’s a trustworthy and reliable platform that allows you, as a blogger or website owner, to make money from placing ads on your pages. Every time somebody clicks on the ad, you get a portion of the pot!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about  Google Adsense online or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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8 Comments on “What is Google AdSense Program?”

  1. This is a top quality review, which gives anyone interested all the information they are likely to need to get started. I was particularly interested in the figures for what can be earned.
    When you say that ‘normal’ bloggers can earn $200-$300 pm, what level of quality traffic do you think would be necessary?

    1. Hi John… thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      John the amount of traffic necessary to achieve $200-$300 per month various on many factors and the most important being the cost per click paid by the advertisers. The CPC can be anything from under $1 to over $50 for certain highly competitive keywords.

      Let’s do some calculations and assume you get 1% Click Through Rate and you earn $1 for every click. This means for each 100 site visitors you will get 1 click and earn $1. To Earn $200-$300 per month you will need 20,000 visitors to your site.

      Naturally, if your niche is one where the keywords have a higher value and your CTR is higher then you will need much less site visitors.

      I am sorry I cannot give you a definitive answer as there are so many variables.

      To calculate your earning Google does provide a Adsense Calculator.. see below

      Google Adsense Calculator

      Wish you much success… Moni

  2. Hi Moni, I really enjoyed your post. It is a good thing to have Google AdSence approved to your site. But can you tell me how long it takes for Google to activate your site and start seeing ad after they have approved you? thanks

    1. Hi Peter.. thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      From my experience I would say after you have been accepted for the Google Adsense program and you add the code to your site the ads start appearing very quickly. I don’t think I have ever waited more a couple of hours before seeing the ads on my sites.

      Google wants to and does get the ads on your site very quickly as they also want to generate a revenue from your site!

      Wish you much success.. Moni

  3. I was actually thinking about setting up an adsense account, so it’s ironic I just so happen to come across an article talking about exactly that. So I have a few questions for you. Do you think there’s any hard number of visitors you should be getting per day before you apply? Also, how hard do you think it is to get accepted compared to other programs?

    1. Hi Jasmere… thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      With applying for Google adsense program it’s not a question of hard number of visitors to your site to get accepted for the Adsense program. It’s more a question of how much content you have on your site and the quality of your content.

      Ideally you should have around 40 or more quality posts on your site before applying and that I believe will pretty much guarantee your acceptance. If you only have 20 posts on your site you may still get accepted however in my opinion you will be on the light side.

      My advice is to first build out your site with quality content and then apply.

      Of course, these days you do have many other alternatives to Google Adsense and they are definitely worth considering.

      Wish you much success… Moni

  4. Great information, Im going to be getting involved with google ad-sense and this is exactly what i needed to learn about it. Ill be sure to check back when im ready to incorporate within my template and design. I appreciate the rich content and your recommendation.

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