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We all want the good life, don’t we? Don’t you love travelling around the world, buying limited edition luxury goods, hanging out with celebrities, blowing cash like tomorrow will never come and never having to think about money ever again?

The 30 Day Success Club makes tantalizing promises of helping you to become stupendously rich within 30 days. The program, which is being promoted on Clickbank says that you can earn thousands of dollars every day by using its secret system, and in 90 days, you could even become a millionaire!

But how does one become a millionaire like that? Is it that simple? If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The 30 Day Success Club program is a sham program set up to deceive you; in fact, you are the product if you make the mistake of buying this program. So, what is inside the 30 Day Success Club?

What Is The 30 Day Success Club?
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The 30 Day Success Club, based on its sales page is a money making program which offers software that helps you create websites that generate income through affiliate marketing. While the program is supposed to work on an affiliate marketing business model, it gets it wrong in a lot of places, while making several fraudulent and outright misleading claims about how much you can earn by using the system.

If you have been nursing a dream of becoming an internet marketing millionaire, this product won’t make you one. Rather than equip you with the tools you need to set up a profitable affiliate marketing business, it only provides a software program for creating multiple websites.

How do you excel at affiliate marketing if you have no products to promote, no traffic, don’t own your website and you hold on to an unbelievable hope of becoming an instant millionaire? You are in for a big disappointment with this program.

After buying the program, you will need to go through a setup process. The first step is to fill in your Clickbank username. Then you select a domain name for your website, choose a keyword, and then write a description for your website.

tired of scams

When the setup process is complete, the software program creates a basic-looking website with Clickbank affiliate links and offers. And that’s your money making system. The 30 Day Success Club gives you a simple website without any content or specific theme. The worst part is that you can’t edit the website even if you want to give it a facelift.

The website has been prepopulated with a variety of products and affiliate links from Clickbank. It’s a messy affair, with products from different product categories making the headlines. If you know anything about affiliate marketing, you will realize that choosing a viable niche is one of the most important success factors for an affiliate marketer no matter their level of skill or experience in the industry. But here you are with a website you can’t edit, trying to make sense of products from different categories without any traffic.

Traffic, a critical success factor for any internet-based business, especially affiliate marketing receives little to no attention in the 30 Day Success Club. Most of the traffic driving methods in the program are already outdated, and the few that can convert are bound to fail due to the duplicated content on the websites. Why set yourself up for failure when you can get better products?

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The problem with this type of website-building programs is that they create generic websites for all the people who buy the program. Google and other search engines penalize duplicate web content, making it extremely difficult or almost impossible to attract traffic to your website. The problem becomes worse as you have no control over the website and can’t make any changes to it. It’s the property of the owners of the 30 Day Success Club program.

So, you are not the one getting rich; you will be making the promoters of the 30 Day Success Club rich. If you can’t add any content to the website, and search engines are on the lookout to push you far below the search results, how will you ever be able to make any sales?

How Much Is The 30 Day Success Club?
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The 30 Day Success Club costs a one-time fee of $37, but it offers a down-sell if you catch one of the popups that appear on the sales page when you land on it. The program includes multiple $197 upsells promising access to more advanced features to help you increase your revenue.

However, it uses a sleazy click-to-buy tactic which means you will be billed the instant you click on the button. Without warning, you may be forced to cough out close to $400 while going through the 30 Day Success Club website.

The truth is that the basic product and the upsells won’t deliver because they can’t deliver. With outdated traffic tools and a generic website which search engines don’t want to see, you will be providing zero value to any visitor that loses their way to your website.

The unorganized and cluttered atmosphere will do the rest of the damage. But you can take solace in the 60-day money-back guarantee which comes with all Clickbank listings. If you bought this product and later discovered it failed to deliver on its outlandish promises, you can request for a refund.

Is The 30 Day Success Club A Scam?Woman holding up a sign with tired of scams

This program can’t be fully categorized as a scam. However, it’s a misleading product that stinks to the high heavens of a scam. All the attributes of a scam are present in its promotion videos.

When you land on the sales page, the first image you see shows a bank account with only about $3 in it and a caption asking you if your account looks like what you see. Next, you see an image of an account with a balance of $4 million and a question about having such an amount in your bank account.

These tactics are nothing but strategies to lure the gullible and naive into parting with their limited cash. If you ever fall for these scam tactics, maybe it’s your greed that got the better of you. The sales video goes on to promise you of making thousands per day within 30 days and ultimately helping you become a millionaire in 90 days! Can you believe that?

The bogus claims are not only untrue but also misleading and dangerous. Making money online takes an immense amount of consistent effort and dedication. Life online can be even harder than life offline because you have a large number of businesses competing for the same target market, and a lot of variables beyond your control are at play. What to do? Get the right training, put in the effort, and hang in there long enough until your hard work stays to pay off.

Should You Buy the 30 Day Success Club Program?
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A million dollars is a tremendous amount of money. Even most super affiliate marketers don’t make millions per year. If a program claims it will make you a millionaire in three months, then something is seriously wrong somewhere.

The 30 Day Success Club is a program with an innate attribute of failure. The nature of the website it creates for you is intrinsically flawed, making it almost impossible to drive traffic to it through free or paid means.

You also have no control over the website; none! Whenever the program ceases to exist, your website also goes into oblivion. The owners of the program want you to line their pockets with your hard-earned and insufficient cash, but you must not allow them. Stay away from this program because you will only lose money from it.


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about 30 Day Success Club or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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    1. Hi Clifford, thank you for stopping by and taking the time comment.
      I am doing great thanks. I hope you are well and having a great day.
      I am happy to hear you found the site helpful.
      Wish you much success!

  1. This site is just chock full of interesting stuff! Very helpful and with many links to further my information.
    a good site to visit and learn how to make money on line without being scammed. Great job!

    1. Hi Virginia, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate your kind words.

      I am happy to hear you found the article and our site helpful.

      Wish you much success!

  2. Is it my imagination or do all these scams or get-rich-quick sites have the “one-time-$37 fee”? My daughter told me of one and I read of other sites – all $37 to start.

    Thanks for the information. It confirms my belief to stay away from such sites. Wealthy Affiliate is, no doubt, the way to work for a living.

    1. Hi Rick, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Rick, it’s not your imagination, experts have worked out $37 is the sweet spot! However, usually, $37 is not where it ends. Once they hook you with $37 then out comes the upsells which I really don’t like.

      You mention Wealthy Affiliate for me this is the best training platform I have found in my 10+ years of being online. The biggest reason for me is people can start with FREE Starter Membership (with no end date!) to test drive the full system before deciding. If the platform is right for them they can in time take advantage of the Premium Package.

  3. Fantastic article. So many people are falling for these get rich quick scams only to find their wallet drained with no results. As an affiliate marketer myself it takes work and dedication to make it and there is no get rich quick in the online world.
    More people need to start reading articles like yours and research before they fall for these scams but sometimes people are desperate to make money and they think these scams will do it for them.
    Thank you for this very Informative article,

    1. Hi David, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I appreciate your kind words.

      David, I guess when you are desperate for money you kind of hope these scams will work for them. Sadly, it just makes things worse for the people who didn’t have money to start with.

      Anyone can make money online IF they are prepared to put in consistent daily effort over a period of time. Making money online or offline requires a lot of effort.

      Unfortunately, there are no programs that can make you rich with little or no effort…

    1. Hi Evan, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Good decision to avoid this especially when there are much better and safer options out there.
      Wish you much success!

  4. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s upsells! And that is really shady that at the click of a button you can be charged from their site. Great post! Thanks for this!

    1. Hi Eric, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      I am with you on the upsells, I really don’t like it, especially when people don’t see it coming.

      I have no problems if the product sellers present various packages at various prices for people to choose from. However, when people are presented with a product and the only way to get the maximum benefit out of the product is by buying the upsells is where I have a problem.

      Sellers if you reading this and your product provides good value then be upfront, be transparent with your pricing.

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