Auto Chat Profits Review

Auto Chat Profits Review

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According to the presenter of the Auto Chat Profits sales video, her software is a revolutionary breakthrough that has resulted in huge incomes per day. She claims the video is top secret and wonders how you came across it. Like many products out there, this program is also done-for-you software that helps users create websites optimized for making affiliate commissions on the fly.

When you hear affiliate marketing and instant income in the same presentation, something is fishy. Affiliate marketing may be a money-spinner, but it is not a treasure island where cash is flowing endlessly. To access the bounties of the affiliate marketing world, you need more than website-building software.

The owners of this product are out to mislead budding affiliates who are looking to get their foot in the door. This is not the breakthrough you have been looking for. It’s a low-quality product that makes bold claims but does not deliver as promised.

What Is Auto Chat Profits?

Detective looking through a large magnifying glass at a question mark

This product is a software program that provides done-for-you websites for affiliate marketing. According to the woman narrator who calls herself Samantha, this product is the only set-and-forget software on the internet that delivers consistent revenue for users.

Going by Samantha’s claims, this program is the best thing to happen to the affiliate marketing space, and it is free. But how can something so valuable be free? What is in a done-for-you affiliate website that generates over $1,000 per day?

The product owner claims this software has a weird robot technology that siphons up to $423.67 per day. What does this mean? How is a robot technology siphoning money connected to affiliate marketing?

As a discerning person, this combination of words is enough to ring alarms in your scam detector. Affiliate marketing has a proven method that requires no robots or strange technology. It requires in-depth knowledge of a niche, a sound content strategy and a long-term aim. As an affiliate, you are in for the long haul as commissions may not come for months. Keep delivering excellent content that solves your target audience’s problems. If you can do this long enough, the commissions will roll in as you sleep.

Done-for-you programs claiming you can earn commissions from day one are not only misleading but outright false. Don’t fall for it.

How Auto Chat Profits Works


Can you truly make hundreds of dollars in under 6 minutes and with 14 clicks? This is what Auto Chat Profits claims it will do for you when you join the program. However, this is pure bluff. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this program is a scam designed to take money from you, not the other way around. Forget about the hype of websites that make affiliate commissions from day 1. This program uses an ineffective method.

The Auto Chat Profits program relies on chat bots. You will spam your affiliate links on several platforms hoping someone will make a purchase through your link so you can earn commissions. The only problem is that people who want to spend money rarely buy through any random link.

The risk of malware, fraudsters, scams and every imaginable evil lurking in the muddled water of the internet makes potential buyers extra cautious. Most people have learned the hard way to steer clear of suspicious links, and this puts your affiliate business at a serious disadvantage.

After buying the product and creating your website, you need to drive traffic to the website which is where link spamming comes in. If people click on the link, it takes them to your website where the chat bot takes over.

The chatbot will ask users what they need and then refer them to ClickBank products that match their needs. The chatbot also requests visitors’ emails, allowing you to include them in your email list. If they buy the suggested products or services via your link, you earn a commission.

In theory, this looks like a great business model, but it is practically not the best way to earn affiliate commissions, especially if you love to hear ClickBank sales notifications in your dreams.

What Is Wrong With Auto Chat Profits?

Generic Website You Can’t Control


The main problem with this product is that you don’t own the website. The domain, content, and every other thing on the website belong to the program owners, and this is bad for a long-term business.

If you want to make affiliate marketing a big part of your online business, you can’t rely on a generic website that shares the same content, design and domain with countless others. When something goes wrong with the main domain or the owners think they’ve made enough money and pull the plug, you are done for.

Low Quality Products

If you are in the affiliate marketing business for the long-term, you must be careful of the products you associate with your name. The done-for-you website you get through this program promotes only ClickBank offers.

While ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces on the planet, it is also notorious as a hotbed of low-quality and scam products and services. The problem is that you are not in control of the offers the chatbot recommends to visitors.

If a visitor buys a poor quality product through your website and it does not deliver as described, the blame is on you. Some people won’t go without a fight, which means refunds can dent your chances of earning enough affiliate commissions to make a living out of this product.

Poor Traffic Source

Online Traffic

In the past, solo ads used to be an effective way of driving traffic. Not anymore. This is because solo ads are expensive and most do not work according to plan, making you lose money.

The number of clicks and the quality of those clicks is vital variables in solo ads campaigns, but most people looking for a fast-money program like the Auto Chat Profits do not have the funds to bankroll such traffic generation methods.

Unfortunately, the program does not provide training on other types of traffic, even though organic traffic is one of the best ways to drive visitors to a website when you are starting your affiliate marketing business.

How Much Is Auto Chat Profits?

Ten dollar bills spread out with the word costs in the middle

The product retails for $37 but has several exorbitant upsells. The small entry price is only a teaser to get you to sign up for the program.

When you sign up, they will persuade you to buy three different upsells, calling to doubt every claim they made about the $37 product.

The first upsell goes for $197; the second costs $187 while the third sells for $97. This means you could spend upwards of $500 for software that has no guarantee of making you money.

Should You Buy The Auto Chat Profit?

Woman thinking with question marks all around her

In my opinion, No, this program is misleading and low quality software out to take your money. The owner is a fake person hiding under a false name. The income claims are also untrue and the program does not provide adequate training to help you become a commission-earning affiliate.

If you want to make money through affiliate marketing, learn the ropes, perfect your niche and product selection strategy and own your website.  

This product does not give you a long-term strategy to look forward to, but affiliate marketing is not a short-term business. Steer clear of Auto Chat Profits as its only aim is to make money from you. 


I hope you enjoyed this Auto Chat Profits Review if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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