Best Free Affiliate Programs

best free affiliate programs

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Also known as associate programs, free affiliate programs are currently all the rage with professional bloggers, webmasters, online merchants, and entrepreneurs alike. Such are agreements between an online marketer and an affiliate website in which, individuals selling their products on the internet commission the services of an affiliate to send them traffic or post links to the merchants’ site as a very effective way to get the word out, reach their targeted audience fast and consequently sell products online.

Selling products or services online has grown immensely in popularity, and affiliate programs have provided a good vehicle for marketers to participate in e-commerce. This approach is a three-pronged internet marketing strategy that involves the customer, the merchant website, and the affiliate site.  All parties benefit because the affiliate marketer makes a commission for every product sold as a result of customers clicking a link on their website to end up on the merchants’ site, the merchant sells more goods and the customer gains fast access to goods and services.

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The affiliate business program relies on nurturing relationships through bringing the right partners to your site and updating your content regularly to keep things new and fresh. Even though an affiliate program will help in bringing traffic to the merchants’ website, it is entirely up to the merchant to turn the traffic into sales. This means the merchant has to have a few things working for them to keep their business wheels turning because, needless to say, there are other ways to use SEO strategies to build the brand.

However, affiliate marketing would work best for you to deliver conversion if you are in a lucrative niche or if you have a website that gains a lot of traffic. All you need to do is place an ad on your site on behalf of the merchant and you will get a commission for every product sold through the links on your site. There are three basic payment methods: pay per sale, pay per click or pay per lead.

The internet business is massive, and there’s no limit to how much money you can earn with online marketing. If you are tired of your 9 to 5 job and are thinking of venturing into the affiliate marketing scene, consider partnering with one of the following best free affiliate programs that are not only user-friendly, but they also have a good commission payout if done correctly.

Amazon Affiliate Program
Amazon Affiliate Program

The advantage of choosing this program is that you will have the freedom to sell whatever you like because there are millions of products to promote and Amazon has unique features that make it easy to navigate your way around.

Amazon is also the best retailer in the world, which makes it a trusted brand that is recognized by anybody that has ever bought anything online. No other affiliate program comes close to Amazon. Not only does it have a user-friendly interface that is easy for both beginners and experienced marketers to navigate but partnering with Amazon also means that you are partnering with millions of merchants who use this platform every day.

Even when you send a customer through one of your affiliate links to Amazon, but they don’t buy what they were looking for and buy something else from that site, you still make money off the purchase and get the credit for the referral. Amazon pays its affiliates a 4% commission on units sold, but this number can increase significantly up to 8% if you are targeting high-end items and selling a few or target fast moving, low-priced items and sell bucket-loads of them. 8% of a $2000 sale is a bad day, don’t you think? Click Here To Join Amazon Associate Program

ShareASale Affiliate Program
Shareasale Affiliate Program

With over 4,000 affiliate programs and more than 700,000 affiliates promoting different products through ShareASale, this is arguably the most revered affiliate network, next to Amazon, that you can partner with in terms of user experience, payment, dormant account policy, and affiliate program types. Not only is their payment system very reliable, but their tracking system is also real-time.

The SAS program gets popular each day. It is easy to join, and the best thing is the commission rate, which unlike Amazon, with SAS you can earn anything from 8% to 40% paid out by check or direct bank transfer on the 20th of each month. The other thing that makes partnering with SAS ideal is you get $1 for every person who joins this affiliate program through your link. Another wonderful incentive to help you make good money online. Click Here To Join ShareASale Affiliate Program

Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate Program
Commission Junction Affiliate Program

For starters, it’s free to join the CJ Network with no special website requirements. When you partner with the Commission Junction affiliate program, you have complete access to a wide range of popular and well-established organizations and an unmatched pool of advertisers that you can’t find anywhere else who pay premium commission rates. The CJ affiliate program is considered one of the most popular and the best affiliate networks to be a part of where you can, depending on your niche, bag up to 50% commission.

You also have the option of choosing from different industries such as fashion accessories, health and beauty products, electronics, web hosting, etc, that offer different products and services. The CJ affiliate program offers you a large platform with millions of products ready for you to advertise regardless of the niche you concentrate on. It offers impressive reporting capabilities to optimize performance and gives you access to various helpful data such as the Earning Per Click (EPC) that helps you determine how much you have gotten from each click or how much commission each affiliate is earning selling a specific product or service. Click Here To Join Commission Junction Affiliate Program

Perhaps the best thing about partnering with an affiliate network is that you get immediate access to hundreds of thousands of affiliates programs on the internet that you couldn’t reach on your own or even know they existed. While there are all sorts of affiliate programs, it’s up to your discretion to choose the one that suits you best.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about affiliate marketing programs or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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