Best Online Teaching Jobs

Best Online Teaching Jobs

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Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you looking for an online teaching position that’s flexible and financially rewarding? The internet is packed full of hundreds, if not thousands of online teaching jobs, but getting the right job can turn out to be your worst nightmare. There are many legitimate online teaching jobs, but there are even more scams posing as high paying teaching jobs. The problem most people face is how to sift through the thousands of sites provided by search results on the internet to get the real teaching positions.

To save you the trouble of finding virtual-friendly teaching jobs, we have compiled a list of some of the best sites where you can find online teaching job openings and adjunct faculty positions. You will also get actionable tips to make your quest for a high-paying online teaching position easier.

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If you are looking for an online teaching position in a higher institution, then you should check out these sites.

Higher Ed Jobs
Higher Ed Jobs is one of the best sites to get an online teaching job for higher education professionals in the US. It posts over 21,000 offers, including about 200 online-only positions and so many other categories, making it the one-stop-shop for everything online higher education.

To see only postings for online teaching jobs and adjunct faculty openings, choose “Online/Remote”. If you want to broaden your search parameters, choose “Advanced Search”.

For example, if you want to streamline your search results for specific subject areas, type of college, full time/ part-time, and so on. But remember to select “Online/Remote” under the Location Type section and unselect the “Location Bound” option.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle has about 5,000 job postings in the higher education category, but finding online teaching positions may require extensive sorting and deep searching. This is because the website, despite its huge higher education jobs database, doesn’t provide a way of streamlining the search to online-only or remote jobs, forcing users to search through the listings for online or remote jobs manually. The Chronicle also maintains a paper subscription model which was started as far back as 1966. But to make your work easier, you can search for jobs related to positions at community colleges where part-time instructors and adjuncts are usually in higher demand.

The Chronicle Of Higher Education

You can make your search easier by checking for common phrases used in job offerings such as “virtual campus”, “online adjunct”, “teaching online”, or “online teaching”. When you put your search words in quotes, the search will show only job listings that contain those particular phrases or words.

Inside Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed

Most of the listings on this site are for college-level teaching jobs that take place in the physical classroom, but you can still find quite a large number of online openings. To search for online positions, click on Advanced Search and choose “Online/Remote” in the Job Type category to see the latest listings.

The website regularly updates its job database, so it’s better to check it frequently. You can also create a job alert so the website can send new online teaching offerings to your email as soon as they are posted online.

Job Search Engines
Job Search Engine,

You can also find online teaching positions through large job compilation sites such as Simply Hired and Indeed. These two websites list thousands of job offerings from every part of the United States in all careers. The only problem with these sites is their sheer volume. You need plenty of patience and search-savvy to navigate through the confusing maze of jobs on these mega sites. But you can also use quotes to narrow down your search results as much as possible. Make sure to include online or remote in quotes in the search button to narrow down your results to eLearning positions.

Indeed is also a great place to find online teaching positions for elementary, secondary, and high school classes because they have the highest number of job openings in that category.

Careers And Job Pages Of Online Universities

There is an endless list of job openings on the websites of large online universities such as ITT Tech, University of Phoenix, Kaplan, and the American Public University. These universities always have job openings for full-time online faculty, part-time only adjunct faculty positions, graders, course mentors, and instructional design specialists.

To know more about their minimum requirements and payment schedules for online faculty, check out the “Careers” or “Jobs” section of their websites.

A great resource for finding some of the best online teaching jobs for universities is the WorkAtHomeMums website for telecommuting positions. The website lists schools that are in need of online teaching and tutoring professionals. So if you are a working mum or dad, you can go through the listings to find that work-from-home position.

Online Teaching Job Boards
Teachers Wanted

Adjunct Professor Online

This website is a specialized platform for people searching for adjunct jobs online. The website runs a large RSS feed where new job offerings are posted continuously as it gets wind of the latest online adjunct teaching offers.

To check the listings according to a subject area, go to the Navigation box by the right-hand column. Beneath the box, scroll down to choose your target subject category under the Latest Adjunct Job Postings. You can also search by checking the right-hand column for the job board’s searchable version, which can be a great tool if you want your search results to return only online teaching positions.

Get Educated Job Boards
Get Educated

The website also lists about 50-70 faculty positions on the “Online Teaching Jobs and Instructor Positions” section of the website. The postings are usually updated every two weeks and cover a variety of subjects. The website’s job postings are free to access by anyone and include short descriptions about the job, minimum requirements, and so on. The website also allows job seekers to create a free ad for themselves in the “Available Online Teacher and Instructor Listings”. The ad consists of a short description, your qualifications, the area of specialty, and contact information. HR staff of different institutions goes through these ads, and many people have been able to secure gainful employment via the website in the last 13 years that it has been in existence.

How Much Can You Earn Teaching Online

Many factors determine the amount you can earn in an online teaching position. If you are working as a contractor for a teaching agency, your pay will depend on your expertise, knowledge, and qualification. Most agencies usually have a ranking system that they use to determine whether their customers like working with you, and this will affect the number of hours of work you can get. Also, the pay for an online teaching job for elementary classes is different from college-level subjects, and the frequency of work also matters. As a specialist in a particular area of knowledge, you stand a chance of being paid more than somebody without specialized training in the field.

There are thousands of online job offers online, and you can make a living by teaching right from your home. However, you must be careful not to fall victim to internet fraudsters posing as job agencies. Use these websites to get the best online teaching jobs that would let you ignite your passion for teaching right from the comfort of your home.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about online teaching jobs or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I never knew there are many targeted online teaching job sites like these ones listed here. I mainly use indeed for my online teaching jobs but hate them when they keep posting tons of irrelevant jobs to my email.
    I like the fact these sites are targeted to teaching jobs. Am I right to think that these sites are limited to the USA teaching jobs only?

    1. Hi Peter.. thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Peter, most of these sites are not just limited to USA teaching jobs they do also have International Sections.

      With regards to I have heard mixed reactions from good to not so good. It will be good to hear from other readers about their experiences with

  2. Wow, this is such a great and useful post about teaching online options , it is perfect for people who want to work from home. You have really mentions all the platforms we can start teaching or can learn from online teachers. Thank you so Much, I like your amazing work.

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