How To Learn Internet Marketing Online

how to learn internet marketing online

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If you are new to internet marketing, leading internet marketers that have seen it all recommend that you should learn how the internet marketing environment works to boost your chances of success. But the big question is; how do you learn internet marketing online. Do you go offline or search the web for the best strategies? How do you learn about an industry so vast the information and resources on it can’t be devoured in a thousand lifetimes?

Some people may think that the best place to learn online marketing is in school. School, college or university where the textbooks are full of abstract ideas written by professors who have spent all their productive years in the classrooms, teaching, and writing, goaded on by the “write or perish” syndrome afflicting the academia. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue higher education if you want to become an internet marketer because the environment teaches you a lot of skills required to survive in a business setting.

However, your university education may never show you anything worthwhile about the intricacies of the online business world. Many top online marketing gurus have been invited by some of the best universities in the world to teach high-level classes some of their strategies. How can this be? The university environment can be extremely hostile to people who want to teach without a doctorate. And yet, many respected professors will gladly take the back seat to listen to people like Neil Patel, Noah Kagan, and Brian Dean talk about what they are best at doing. No university professor or textbook can beat the first-hand experience that can be impacted in one lecture given by these guys on the subject of internet marketing.

Best Places To Learn
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In essence, the best place to learn about how internet marketing works is from the top guys. But it takes time, effort, consistency, and most importantly action to get to where you want to be as an internet marketer.

If you want to gain some of the most actionable insights on internet marketing online, then you should follow top-rated sites that provide some of the best high-quality information on the subject. From social media marketing, SEO, getting traffic, and everything in between, blogs like:

and so on provide valuable and free information that is practical and results-oriented.

Now, the problem with internet marketing is that you have to practice as you learn, or you will never grow. Once you learn any new strategy, execute the strategy in your internet marketing activities. This will deepen your understanding of the strategy, and you can verify the assertions of the person who provided the information as either true or false.

If you don’t have a website, you should create one as soon as possible. You can take advantage of the many free hosting packages online. Also, a domain name won’t cost you more than $10. To set up a FREE website click here.

According to leading internet marketer Eric Sui, there is no way you can effectively learn internet marketing without having a website. This is because no matter the number of articles or videos you watch, and no matter the quality of blogs and social media accounts you follow, the true test of your knowledge happens when you implement those ideas and strategies in real life. And where do you put them into practice if you don’t have a website?

Learn Before You Earn
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You probably have heard of the story about putting the cart before the horse. In a horse and cart arrangement, the horse gets to pull the cart, not the other way round. Putting the cart before the horse is a recipe for failure because there would be no movement or progress. This is what it’s like trying to make money online without first learning.

Get your hands on something you are passionate about first, and then dedicate your time and energy to learning how to promote it.

Let’s say you love selling stuff about the vegan lifestyle. Learn how to start a website or set up a blog. Learn what hosting is all about and then use the platform to perfect your knowledge of SEO, marketing, backlinking and so on. With a website or blog, you can practice your knowledge of getting organic traffic, ranking specific keywords, engaging with readers and so on. Over time, these small activities will start paying off. In my opinion, one of the best places online to learn all about internet marketing is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

The Power Of A Mentor

After soaking up as much knowledge of internet marketing as you can from web-based sources, it’s time to get a mentor. The role of a mentor in any profession cannot be emphasized enough, and you will increase your success rate considerably by having someone who has been there with a lot of experiences mentor you. You should understand that before you find a mentor, you must know one or two things about internet marketing. That’s why you went through the trouble of scouring the internet for the best resources on the subject.

The job of a mentor is not to teach you the basics of internet marketing. You would be wasting the mentor’s and your time that way. The mentor’s role in your internet marketing hustle is to help you perfect your game. So you know how to do backlinking, but what strategies work best? Your mentor will help point you in the right direction. Also, you have to be persistent when you want somebody to become your mentor. By default, people who have the knowledge and experience to mentor others are usually high-powered, super-busy individuals who don’t joke with their time because of every second count. When you are trying to get somebody to mentor you, you need to prove that you are ready to learn if you want them to take you seriously. Don’t stop if you don’t get their attention the first time. With persistence, they will know you are not backing off anytime soon and will look your way.


While you continue to learn and implement strategies from authority sites and mentors, you also need to network if you want to go far as an internet marketer. Get the word out about your services, join social media groups related to your niche, engage in discussions and debates. As much as possible, trade your knowledge and connect with other players in the industry. Attend industry events, networking events, conferences, talk to people on the phone, Skype, email and so on.

Also, use technology to your advantage in your quest for internet marketing knowledge. Nuzzel is an app that notifies you of what people you follow on social media are sharing. A Pocket is an app that lets you curate content from different sources for future reading. Feedly puts all your feeds in one place, so you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to keep tabs on all the relevant information being pushed out by the best in the industry.

Learning to be a top internet marketer is a long and arduous process that requires patience, persistence, consistency and hard work. Learn as much as you can and put your knowledge into practice. There is too much knowledge in the world to learn everything by yourself. You can shorten the learning curve by drawing from the knowledge and experiences of the experts. Remember, don’t put money first. Learn first, and earning would be a piece of cake.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about how do you learn internet marketing online or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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4 Comments on “How To Learn Internet Marketing Online”

  1. Hi Moni,
    You’ve done an incredible job by telling your readers How to Learn Internet Marketing Online. You’ve also recommended the top legitimate sites including Wealthy Affiliate. This is a tank of information meant for anyone willing to start online marketing and finding the right mentor, tools and skills for real success.

    The best part comes with ‘learning before earning’ and ‘networking apps’ including Feedly.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Phomrong.. thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      For anyone to succeed online they need 3 things, Education, Website and Expert Help. Without these 3 things it is very difficult for people to succeed online. In all my years of being online the best platform I have found and highly recommend to my readers is Wealthy Affiliate.

      The best part for me is the fact people can start out with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership which is completely free. This will include their own niche website, a website builder and training that will walk them through the entire process to get them up and running online. Then in time if they want to improve their skills and benefit from the Premium features they can take advantage of that.

  2. Internet Marketing is challenging and not made for everyone. However, for those who take the plunge should follow the advice within this article. You truly have to learn the game to play it. I am not saying it is going to be easy but following the procedures mention in this post will make it worth it.

    1. Hi Maurice, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      You are 100% right Internet Marketing is not easy however if someone is prepared to put in the time and effot it is worth it!

      Internet Marketing really does give you the freedom to work from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.. I just love being a “Digital Nomad” and being able to travel and work!

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