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Before we commence on this article, I would like us to take a quick view on who the brain behind this program is – Jared Goetz. Jared is a self-made entrepreneur with a lot of work experience, which has made him highly successful while he controls a multi-million dollar business.

Jared has a solid foundation on what it entails to be a successful multi-millionaire as he started his initial multi-million dollar business before reaching the age of 30.

Now we have taken a good look at the founder of the course, lets then proceed to taking detailed look as the program. eCom hack academy is all focused on e-Commerce; the program specializes in the contraction between the two terms drop shipping and drop surfing.

Simply put, it all entails taking a very intense look at the movement and making the best of the opportunity as fast as you can once you sense their appearance. The program also promotes the capacity to engage in your work from any location of your choice and not being compelled to purchase large bundles of units that can put you in restrictions and even in a mess. 

Jared spells out that you can make an average of 30-40 percent profit. The concept of drop-shipping is relatively new although it has commenced, you’ll never get to gather enough relevant information (especially when you are not too familiar with it) as to how it work except you opt-in for systems like eCom Hack Academy. 

The training is a 4-module course unveiling the hidden information you need to be a successful drop shipper. Before we delve into the details, a brief look at what drop shipping and drop surfing means.

Dropshipping is a supply chain management process where the retailers does not keep goods in stock but directly transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

Dropsurfing, on the other hand, is the practice of basically having multiple suppliers lined up for each product, so when you sell an item via drop shipping, you then pick and choose the cheapest supplier to ship the item for you. 

The Modules In This Course Are:

MODULE 1: Structure.

MODULE 2: Setting Up Your Store To Convert.

MODULE 3: Products.

MODULE 4: Advertising. 


The aim of this module is to introduce e-Commerce, specifically on how to set up a Shopify store. In this module, Jared explicitly explained;

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  • Getting a domain name
  • Linking your domain name to the Shopify store
  • How to go about getting a business support email
  • How to go about setting up a call 1-800 number
  • Linking your payment facilitator via Shopify and PayPal
  • Setting your phone support
  • Meta descriptions
  • Shipping rules

The first set of videos are centered on the introduction to e-commerce and the meaning and relevance of drop shipping. He also shares the information you need to get started such as his Shopify store and Facebook ad costs. The next video explains the step by step procedures on how to set up your Shopify store. The videos are easy to understand basic and straight forward. 


In this module, Jared goes deeper in explaining

A Dropshipping Buisness Shopify Bag
  • How to set up your Shopify store where he breaks it down to;
  • Installation of your preferred theme
  • Apps that could be used on your site
  • Reason why you should use such apps.

There are certain features needed to be seen on your site in order to keep it going and keep your users satisfied. Such features are;

  • The FAQ page setup
  • Addition of trackers to your site
  • Customer reviews
  • One-click upsell
  • Image minimizer.
  • Elaborately explained the step by step procedures for a theme setup

Jared also focuses a lot of attention on the conversion rate and ways in which you can improve your conversion. He explains the need to get conversions as they cover precisely 2-3 percent of any e-commerce business. Major emphasis is placed on how to customize your site by adding certain apps and programs that loads fast and provides users with an excellent result from what they need.

He believes that users should get all the relevant information they need as close to the start as possible so, they don’t really need to contact your service support team except they have specific reasons for doing so.


This module is a very important one where Jared explains:

  • What to look out for in a product before choosing it.
  • How to add products to store.
  • Where to find certain products
  • Fulfillment of orders.

When searching for the best products, you lookout for trend and the items that have much responses when it comes to social media ads like Facebook ad. He even goes as far as explaining how to determine if the ads you are looking at is possible and if it’s worth looking at – by looking out for recent likes and comments.

Another technique he uses is a tool built by him. Once you buy the system you have an access to the tool, and you’ll be able to take a look at different products that you can arrange in different ways and even see which give you the best margins. Products are constantly being updated, and information as to where to get them are being shared equally, the actions of competitors and their ads, and how popular their items are.

From there, he’s going to show you how to go from the tool to actually posting the product onto your Shopify store, which is a really super easy process and just involves a few clicks, a little bit of copy and paste and you’re actually done.

He also spends time on explaining how to build on the success of others rather than looking for new and trendy products. 


The most important and complex process to building your business. This is where the real money is made from the whole course because all of your efforts will be rendered useless if there is no awareness that you are existing nobody’s going to patronage you.

The campaign process is one of the most important aspects and the reason why it is one of the longest parts of the entire system. But you definitely need this information if you’re going to market your products.

You can attract more people to focus on you and your specific business if you know how and where to look for and get them actually interested. Usually, this takes a lot of trial and error, but Goetz has actually laid out the entire process right in the module. The module has several highlights such as;

  • Stop losing a product and start winning a Product within 6 Days.
  • Setting up Your Facebook Page.
  • Setting Up Your Business Manager, Page, and Ad Accounts.
  • Campaign Structuring
  • Various Facebook Ad testing technique
  • Scaling Strategies
  • Manual Bidding Strategies
  • Custom Audiences, Look-a-Likes, & Intersecting


On top of the regular modules, you’re also going to get some additional information that is anything from Microsoft Word files to PDF’s to websites that you can copy directly into your own setup. You get them from emails for abandoned carts to some of the top hacks for more information on building up your buyer base and the FAQ’s you definitely need.

The bonus materials, though, are actually the best part they give you access to more advanced courses, the best themes, and even some of the virtual events and more that will be available to you from Goetz and his team. This provides you with good array of information.



Jared talks about eCom Hacks Academy, and he explains what he does is quite different because he calls it dropsurfing, rather than dropshipping, which is the popular way most people seem to do or teach about.

There are products that are hot, and people are wanting to buy almost immediately. In other words these are products in high demand. Simply watching Jared’s videos, it is very obvious that he was really into hover boards when they got huge a few years ago, and he created a huge brand and nearly had one of the biggest businessmen in the world buy him out. The benefits and advantages are obvious- traveling around the world, lesser stress, having to work from a comfortable place and so on. 

If you’ve been reading along this whole article, you might think that’s a little unpleasant, but one cogent point not yet stated is the quality of the content. Among the various information shared, quite a few number of videos have been released as rough reviews and do not really pass on the needed practical details. Apart from the videos there are also PowerPoint presentations for the most part while extra sounds, calls, messages and more are also distributed while Goetz is talking.


It is clear to see Jared Goetz is an expert, and his message is really easy to understand and assimilate.  However the price of $1,999 for the course is, in my opinion, very high as there are other online training courses that offer better value and even allow you to get started for FREE to check out everything before parting with any of your hard earned money. Check out my #1 Recommendation

I hope you enjoyed this “eCom Hacks Academy Review” if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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