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‘How To Create A Website And Make Money’ – a basic question yet one that will get you millions of results with an easy Google search. Yet, wherever you go on the internet you are likely to find different pieces of advice and tips. Whether you are one of our loyal readers or you clicked on this page as one of the search results we’re going to cut straight to the chase with no false promises or nonsense advice and show you how to create a website and make money 

You Have 2 Options

No matter your specific niche and no matter how you plan to make money (more on this later), there are two options you need to consider when starting a site; going solo or getting help. 

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Going Solo – Firstly, you may want to do everything from scratch and make the site you feel best represents your specific niche. If you pick this approach, you’ll need to host the site with a reputable hosting company and after that do everything yourself consisting of site design, plug-ins, and more. Nowadays, using WordPress will enable you to quickly pick designs so you don’t have to sit and play around with coding and design for weeks. However, it’s definitely the longer method of the two options.

In fact, there are both advantages and disadvantages to going down this route. While the advantage is that you have complete control and your own domain, the disadvantage is that the process needs more effort, needing to renew your domain and site hosting every year (unless you purchase longer), and it can really be more expensive in initial stage (short-term) and the time invested to get the site set up. 


Getting Help – If you have not spent much time on computer systems or you have little or no experience in creating a site, hosting, and setting up plug-ins, we advise picking this second option.

Nowadays, there are lots of superb services that assist you to get started with a site. Not only does it need less time, but your financial investment can also include other major benefits and we can see this with the likes of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform (Check out Your Complete Wealthy Affiliate Review on this website). 

If you are not aware of this platform, your small monthly membership fee will allow you to build and host up to 50 websites. You will have access to learning materials and you will learn how to build a website in 30 seconds, pick a website design that matches your niche, use social media networks, write blog posts, drive traffic to your site and then generate an income. With Wealthy Affiliate, we recommend you start with FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership and check it out to make sure it is right for you. 

There are of course pros and cons with this second option too. The main benefits being the time needed to set up the site, the ease of starting and the fact that the mundane tasks are done for you. On the flip side long term, it can be costly as you will be paying a monthly membership fee as opposed to just the hosting and domain fee every year.

At the end of the day it all comes down to research and we prefer to look at value for money which is what you get with the many exceptional programs around these days. In our opinion currently, on the internet the best value for training, creating and hosting websites, etc are offered by Wealthy Affiliate. 

Generating Income

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So far in this how to create a website and make money guide, we’ve just covered the very first half of the question. Now let’s move on to the second part “making money” and this is something that has come under a lot of scrutinies lately. Some people who are on the outside looking in say the online market is “saturated”. While it is true that more people than ever are now online creating websites and making money we believe there is still a distinct lack of quality and this is where you could come in. 

Sure, there are most likely lots of individuals attempting to make cash within your specific niche however a considerable number of these are doing it purely for the money alone. If you enter the market with the right mindset to produce quality blog posts and a genuine desire to help others there is absolutely no reason why you can’t gather a following.

If your focus is purely money and you are not willing to give it 110% then we advise you not to get started. If however, you are determined you can definitely make money using some of the different methods below. 

Affiliate Marketing

When individuals ask us how to create a website and make money, affiliate marketing is one of the very first recommendations we supply. Affiliate marketing has been around for years and is still growing which is very good news for new people starting out online. Basically, you will advertise products/services on your site on behalf of a business depending on the affiliate marketing program you choose. When your site visitors click on your affiliate link, go to the vendor’s site and make a purchase you get a percentage of the selling price as a commission. Affiliate marketing allows anyone to make money online without having to stock the products, ship the products to the customer or handle customer support.

Sell Advertisement Space

If your website is popular within a specific niche, you may get businesses approaching you to ask for advertising space on your site. If your site receives thousands of visitors there will be competition for advertising space on your site which means you can make a healthy income every month just from this income source alone. Of course, you can also be proactive and approach companies looking to generate leads for their business.


Dropshipping is another good business to make money online and with this idea, your site ends up being an online shop where you sell products for a specific manufacturer. When your site visitor places an order the manufacturer sends it directly to the end customer and you get to keep a percentage of the sale. The biggest benefit of this method is that you don’t need to stock the product and you don’t need to make trips to the post office every day to ship the products as the manufacturer does this too. For a better understanding of Dropshipping check out our review What Is A Dropshipping Business. 

Sell Products/Services

This is another method to make some cash if you have a specific item or service you want to offer for the money. For example, maybe you have a solution for your specific niche or a service that helps individuals; this might be anything from a brand-new mop that cleans up much better than every other in the marketplace to an SEO service to help others grow their business. 

Sell Digital Products

There might be a chance to make money if you get into a position where individuals trust your word. Utilizing eBooks, audiobooks, online courses, and paid membership services, these will all sell as long as the information you provide is special or genuinely helpful. There are so many options and you could possibly even offer a sense of humor to a simple topic or explain how to market a product in 2020. 

Google AdSense

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With Google AdSense, you have an option that allows you to monetize your site by offering advertisements to your visitors. At all times, the advertisements will pertain to your specific niche and you can likewise evaluate the product/service to ensure you approve. Whenever your site visitor clicks the advertisement, you make a certain amount of cash.

You don’t need to worry about what type of ads you will put on the site as Google will automatically set up the relevant ads on your site based on your site content. To get started go to  Google AdSense 


The more you think outside package, the more opportunities there are for you to discover how to earn money online whether it’s:

  • Accepting Donations
  • Offering Sponsored Posts
  • Building an Email List
  • Flipping Websites
  • Selling Premium Content, or
  • Providing A Consultancy Service.


When thinking about how to create a website and make money, think about your passion, think about what you enjoy, and how to turn that passion into a thriving online business. You can start making a sustainable income online if you have the right skills and you are determined to make it work.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions or you simply wish to leave your own individual experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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