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Not so long ago, if you wanted to make money you have to leave the house. If we look back even a decade ago, making a living by staying at home was just a distant dream for most people, however, millions of people are now actually living this dream and in fact, this is quite normal now. If you too are thinking about making the jump to start making money online, we need to initially talk about the advantages of working from home before offering you some make money online opportunities.

Why Work Online?

Computer and books for research

Flexibility – One of the main advantages of working from home is being able to fit your work around your family life and this will open up the next chapter in your life. If you need a flexible life then working from home is really the best way to go and is perfect for people with kids in school, people looking after elderly parents, or any other reason that requires a flexible life. Working from home suddenly gives you time to pick up kids from school or attend their sports day, and even catch up with friends for lunch.

Freedom – Secondly, even though there will still be lots of work to do, and self-motivation will be essential, there will be no boss constantly breathing down your neck. You will have the freedom to complete your work in any order you wish and in your own time.

No Earning Limits – When it comes to earning there is no reason for you to put a ceiling on how much you earn as long as you are smart and enjoy the growth rather than procrastinating. As an example, it is possible for you to grow a party-planning service by employing staff members and slowly expanding. We have actually seen many people build successful businesses starting out as a one-person band.

Low-cost To Start – Despite there being many reasons for working from home, we’re going to finish with it is simple and for most people affordable to start. With the majority of the make money online opportunities, all you really need is a computer and a reliable internet connection and you are on your way. There is no need to pay for a physical store, stock, employees, rent, etc. It is possible to start an online business the same day without paying anything (there may be a small financial investment required for some ideas),

Opportunities For Making Money


With these 4 factors alone, it may lure you into selecting one of the opportunities listed below. While choosing which one to opt for, you require keeping in mind a couple of things;

  • You will be doing this every day for the next part of your life
  • You must pick something that you take pleasure in doing and have some skills in or you can learn sufficiently.
  • There must be some demand for your product or service to generate some cash.

Without more ado, let’s have a look at some make money online opportunities.



In case you have not come across this name before, Fiverr is an exceptional platform connecting buyers and sellers via a marketplace. You start on Fiverr by creating a profile and listing your skills. You then offer what is known as “gigs” (basically a job or what you are prepared to do for a price), in a whole range of categories including:

  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Graphic Design
  • Music
  • Video / Animation
  • Voice-Overs
  • Digital Marketing
  • and much more

The great thing about Fiverr is that immediately you will have access to lots of buyers that visit the Fiverr site every day searching for professionals in their desired field. Even though you will pay a small fee for every order just for the privilege of working on the platform, we feel this is a fantastic way for individuals to get started in their chosen industry. Later down the road once you have built up positive reviews and are used to working with clients you could start your own website and keep 100% of the order value.

Online Surveys

Online Survey

Up to now, we have only focused on you leaving your current job and starting a brand new career online however what about the people who are only looking to supplement their income to help with the monthly bills? For these individuals, one of the ways to earn a little extra cash is through online surveys.

Nowadays, businesses require feedback from consumers so the companies pay websites to host surveys and by completing the surveys you pick up a portion of the money. These days with a smartphone it is possible to complete a survey on the mobile phone which makes it an ideal way to earn some money while you are in waiting rooms, lunch breaks, cooking dinner, in fact whenever you have ten minutes spare. Check out GoldOpinions

Keep in mind with online surveys you will not make a life-changing income just some small money to help with the bills.


Do you have teaching skills or maybe a skill for a specific topic? Now, more than ever students are looking for help with certain subjects outside of school and this gives you an opportunity to take advantage of.

There are many online tutoring sites such as and that you can register with for a ready-made audience. Just create an account on a tutoring site and set up a new profile, just like on Fiverr, and you ready for students. Our advice would be to focus on one particular subject and maybe even an age range and understand the syllabus learn how to help new students in the coming weeks. Check out TutorJobsOnline


If you are a regular reader on our site you will know we are big advocates for the blogging world and not really a surprise as blogging has been on an upward spiral for more than a decade. As we have just entered 2020 we find blogging is still very popular for content creators and content consumers alike. Providing you are prepared to put in the effort to become an authority in your chosen niche and get ahead of the other bloggers, this fits the “make money online opportunities” requirement well since there are multiple ways of monetizing the blog. Further reading What Is Blogging About? Complete Guide



With this option, which can still be done from home, you will need some materials when it comes to start-up costs. You will be making handcrafted products to sell on Etsy. To this day Etsy is still as popular as ever, if you are looking to connect with buyers of handmade products and gifts then Etsy is the website for you. If you like making clothes, toys, or any other handmade item this could be the ideal place to discover your market.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing banner with 3 circles with images and the join link earn

Affiliate Marketing is a perfect win-win situation for all from the vendor to the affiliate marketer to the end consumer. You sign up with a business as an affiliate and get a unique link for a product in your niche. Using this link you promote the product on your website and when your readers click on the link and visit the Vendors site to make a purchase you receive a commission for every product sold.

Naturally, you will need to build up a following to make money from affiliate marketing however this is something that can be started on a part-time basis while you are still working. As we said before affiliate marketing really does provide a win-win for everyone. The affiliate marketer does not have any costs to make the product, does not have to deliver the product or be concerned about customer service. The company providing the affiliate program win as they acquire a new customer without any upfront costs. Further reading Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners

Social Media Assistant

social media

This opportunity could be perfect for the new breed of youngsters who have grown up with technology and social media. Sadly, many businesses don’t understand social media and are looking for help with their social media promotion. The best part of this opportunity is that you can work with multiple clients at the same time and look after their social media accounts to expand their reach. This may sound simple however be aware these companies are more than likely to have growth goals so make sure you understand what you are doing. Check out Social Media Specialist Jobs on Indeed

Others – Ultimately, make money online opportunities are practically unlimited. Do some research as there may be a way to earn money if you have a hobby or skill that can benefit others.


There are many make money online opportunities that can be started while you are working your existing job. So, you can start part-time and as you start generating sufficient cash you can jump in full time to focus on your online business. We believe this is the best way to start rather than leaving your job to start and needing money immediately, you will have more opportunities of having long-term success in a natural way. Remember you WILL need to work hard at all times if you want to make money over a sustained period.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about make money online opportunities or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below.

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