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Today, the web appears to be the promised land and the arena where everyone desires to be making their cash. If you are a beginner and looking for a way into this world where do you start? Well, unlike in years gone by, this isn’t a unique world any longer and you can get your piece of the pie with these online business ideas for 2020.

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Online Business Ideas For 2020

This is one we talk about frequently, it’s a concept that should not ever be overlooked since it offers thousands of individuals with opportunities to talk about things they enjoy while making money. If your content is of a high standard and you bring in enough traffic to your blog site, there are a number of methods to make money whether it comes through:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling an ebook and writing
  • Showing up at Industry Events
  • Selling Advertisement Space
  • And More.

To get started, you’ll require a laptop or a computer system as well as a web connection. To beat all the other blog writers and bring visitors to your blog website, you require to bring something special and this typically comes from your personality.

Use Your Skills

We discover that far too many beginners complicate things when we start to discuss online business ideas for 2020 and beyond. You can start by thinking about your present job and your previous jobs throughout your career.

Are you thinking about sticking to your present industry, do you wish to return to something you carried out in the past, or do you desire something brand-new?

Depending upon your response to this question, you need to do some research to discover if you can do it as an online business. There might be a market for an independent graphic designer with your own business if you formerly worked as a graphic designer for a company. When you discover what you’re truly proficient at and integrate this with what you actually want to do with your life, you discover a terrific balance and pick something that’s sustainable instead of rushing into something that isn’t.

What Do You Need? – In reality, this depends upon the business you pick, however, to pick it in the very first place, you require to be honest with yourself and pick something you enjoy and are passionate about. If you truly have a passion for the industry your clients will see this loud and clear and you will have more opportunity for success.

Discover A Gap

When you are deciding on your business at this point also assess the requirements of the market. Where is there a shortage of qualified professionals and where it is possible for you to make an impact quickly? For example, currently, the main focus at this time is on mobile devices and social media marketing. Keeping this in mind, could you assist businesses with their social media marketing? Can you build mobile-friendly websites for businesses?

What Do You Need? – If you discover a gap in the market, you need some understanding of the subject as well as some enthusiasm for what you’re about to go into. From here, find out whatever you need to understand prior to you starting by checking out articles and books, taking online courses, and building the knowledge so you can end up being the finest in the industry.

Be Willing To Explore


Do not always settle on the very first idea that comes to mind if you understand your ability and you’ve selected a specific niche quite early.

If you like clothes and want to open up in this specific niche, don’t think you need to invest thousands producing your own line of clothes. Rather, check out dropshipping for clothing manufacturers, writing a blog about clothes, vlogging about clothes, ending up being an e-commerce reseller, and even a clothing designer (where you sell ideas to clothing companies).

If we use consultancy as another example, are you going to assist individuals with their:

  • Social Media Efforts
  • SEO
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Content Writing
  • Copywriting or
  • Possibly even something else?

Instead of becoming a consultant which implies a jack of all trades (master of none, as the saying goes), focus on a particular niche and discover your audience.

Be Willing To Expand

These days the opportunities available online to individuals are quite simply sensational. If your wish is to be a personal fitness trainer where you help individuals lose weight with classes in local parks and sports hall use the internet as your platform. You could, for example, start a blog and share your knowledge and soon enough you will be seen as an expert and people will want your help.

When you start to see success, you might start a YouTube channel and this is where your brand really begins to grow. These days with social networks playing an essential role in business, your business could make money in a range of various methods consisting of:

  • Advertisements on Your Videos
  • Advertisements on Your Blog
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • One-to-One Online Consultancy, and
  • You Could Even Sell eBooks.

With an online business, it’s a diverse brand with various opportunities to make money

Consider Local vs Worldwide

Obviously, an ‘online business’ suggests everything is done on the internet however keep in mind you can use the web as a platform for your “offline business” too and this is where you need to consider whether you want to go local or global.

Local – With a local service, this might be anything from:

Online Business Ideas For 2020
  • Painting/Decorating
  • Accounting
  • Furniture Making
  • Swimming pool Cleaning
  • Face-to-Face Tutoring
  • Family pet Grooming
  • Family pet Walking
  • Window Cleaning, and.
  • Personal Training.

Worldwide – If you want it all to be online, you have the chance to target the world with:

Online Business Ideas For 2020
  • SEO Consulting
  • Blogging
  • Etsy Selling
  • Virtual Assisting
  • Online Tutoring
  • Freelance Writing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Event Planning
  • Resume Editing and Proofreading, and
  • Translating

While a local business has a much smaller sized market, there are normally fewer competitors and this allows you to end up being the leader in double-quick time. With a global service, you have a much larger pool of prospective consumers however the competition will be much bigger too. No matter what you choose, these are some fantastic online business ideas for 2020 and beyond.

Think About Your Needs

Regardless of popular belief, you don’t have to stop your job tomorrow in order to start your business and you don’t need a lot of savings before you start your new venture. If on the other hand you don’t have any savings and you don’t want to risk leaving your job, pick a business that can be done by investing a small amount of time after work. As an example, blogging is perfect for this, check out our Wealthy Affiliate Review which is one of the best training and business-building platforms on the internet for beginners.


We’ve discussed some fantastic online business ideas for 2020; also you have some great advice to put you on the right path on your online journey. In reality, the ideas are unlimited from wedding event planning to selling craft so keep in mind the factors to consider above and pick a business that matches YOU!

I hope you enjoyed this post and now have some ideas to start your online business. If you have any questions about starting an online business or wish to leave your own individual experience with your online journey, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Moni, I think your website is great, I cannot find any fault with it. There is a lot of useful information here for anyone looking to start an online business to make money.

    I will be checking out your community today!

  2. This is an interesting read and might rightly also be the promised land as you have mentioned. Truth, however, is that it could be overwhelming especially when transiting from the traditional business model as we know it. There’s a world of information to learn out there and sometimes identifying which to take and follow could be a challenge.

    By and large, anyways, you’ve put up a great resource.

    1. Hi Taiwo, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      You are right my friend there is “information overload” and I too sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of information I have to process.
      hen this happens I take a step back and re-focus on what is really important at that time.

      Wish you much success!

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