What Is PTC Sites And How Do They Work?

What Is PTC Sites About

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Throughout the years, we’ve welcomed some great business models in the online world. Unexpectedly, anyone with a web connection and a laptop/computer can generate income online. Together with affiliate marketing and trading on websites like eBay, we’ve likewise seen the intro of PTC (Paid to Click) sites and our subject for today is What is PTC sites? 

Any time we raise this subject the first question that always comes up is, “what is PTC sites about?” and with so many acronyms around these days, it is a fair question.

PTC sites are basically intermediary sites between advertisers and customers. Advertisers pay to have their advertisements put on the PTC sites and consumers viewing the ads get a percentage of the fee so everyone can benefit. 

  • For business, they get eyeballs on their ads.
  • For the PTC websites, they generate income for each advertisement on the site.
  • For the customer, they make a little portion of the pot after seeing the advertisement.

The question is why have PTC sites become so popular? One key factor is people don’t need any special skills to start earning money with this method. Keeping this in mind, it became the perfect solution for stay at home moms looking for ways to supplement their income and even college students for a way to keep their growing debt to a minimum. 

With lots of sites providing a mobile platform nowadays, you can really view advertisements on-the-go and this is something many individuals like. Instead of needing to being in front of the computer system screen for a prolonged amount of times, you might take out your smartphone during a commute, while in the doctors’ office, when working out, or when attempting to kill time in any other way. 

How Does It Work?

Now we’ve covered ‘what is PTC websites about’, let’s look into more information in case you’re looking for an opportunity to make some cash online. As we are all used to watching TV, now imagine if you were given the opportunity to earn money simply by watching the ads. It may seem strange however this is basically the concept behind PTC websites such as Clixsense and Neobux. For every ad, you watch you earn a small amount, normally less than ten cents.

How PTC Sites Work

If you are searching for an opportunity to make money online this is not necessarily the best option for you, however, it does suit people with a hectic lifestyle perfectly. What’s more, it needs little effort and if you are working with many PTC sites it is possible you can make anything up to $250 over the course of a month.

Starting with PTC sites is simple, you just open an account with the PTC site and log in to search for opportunities. Start watching the ads and you can make nice additional cash if you work with several of these PTC sites. Nowadays, businesses are searching for brand-new ways to reach their wanted audiences so PTC websites are becoming even more popular. 

With some websites, the payment you get for each video will increase as you become more experienced and show your commitment to the site. All sites have a minimum withdrawal amount so you will not be able to withdraw pennies every time you earn them. Most PTC sites will set a minimum limit of $5, $10 or even higher.

When you reach the minimum threshold you will have the opportunity to withdraw your earnings straight to your bank account as long as you have not selected gift cards or any other payment method.

When signing up with PTC sites read the terms carefully with regard to payments as some sites guarantee payment within 8 hours while others may say a week. 

Is It a Scam?

is it scam

When people investigate PTC sites the first thing that comes to their mind is that it could be a scam. Unfortunately, there will always be scam websites and unscrupulous people just looking for an opportunity to scam people of their hard-earned cash. Sadly, we have become accustomed to this and it has become a way of life. That being said you don’t need to take risks and stay safe by following our advice.

There are many helpful people on the internet and these people can be found on the numerous review sites talking about PTC. Our recommendation is to go to these review sites and carefully read the reviews about which PTC sites are best for making money. When you are researching listen to what the various review sites are saying about a particular PTC site and if many people are writing negative reviews just find another site with better reviews 

PTC websites usually do not charge for you to end up being a member so keep this in mind. The more individuals that register, the more businesses will pay them to show advertisements so they need your membership. If a PTC site asks for payment to become a member, do a little more research before handing over your cash.

Feel free to make use of the free trials some websites tend to offer these days. Not all will offer a free trial, considering that the site is free anyway, some will allow this to give you an idea of how it all works. 

Can You Really Earn Money?

What is PTC sites about? As pointed out previously, you can make an additional earning with PTC websites however you will not make a life-changing income. If you are looking to start your online business with no income ceiling we suggest looking somewhere else. This being said, PTC websites can be excellent for those with restricted time or those who simply desire a little assistance with the monthly bills. If you go into this with open eyes and knowing this information you will not be disappointed.

US Dollars

While seeing advertisements, you might earn anywhere between $0.0001 and $0.10. You’ll need to work on several PTC websites each day and this is what many individuals do if they’re stuck towards the lower end of earnings.

With some sites, they provide an additional way to generate income and this comes through referrals. If you decide to refer someone to the site using the link PTC site provides you will earn a small percentage of what your referred person earns. 


With endless opportunities to make money on the internet these days, the PTC website will not provide a life-changing income for you or your family. However, these sites will provide that much-needed extra cash to help with the bills each month and worth considering the investment you make in time. As we have already mentioned with PTC sites it is easy to start, you don’t require any special skills, you don’t need any experience, and you can work the hours that suit you.

Hopefully, you now have the answer to the question, What is PTC sites? it’s a simple and enjoyable method to earn money online if you go into it with managed expectations! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about PTC sites or want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you! 

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