The Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Is It Worth It?

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

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When it comes to reviews for programs and websites on the internet, you very rarely get the full picture and this is a shame because it undersells many great solutions (as well as overselling the ones that the reviewer has some form of connection to).

For us, we believe a review needs to cover all the main details as well as providing advice as to how one could utilize the features and this is what we’re going to do here today. In the Wealthy Affiliate University Review, we have for you here, we’re going to delve into the features, how they can help, how you can get started, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

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Before we go anywhere, we first need to discuss the topic of affiliate marketing because this is what the site revolves around and will continue to do so in the coming years. With the expansion we’ve seen in the internet and all technology in the last ten years alone, it has allowed companies more opportunities to gain customers. If we use social media as a prime example, they have access to millions of people within a simple tweet or post. However, there’s a problem here because…well, every other company in the world has also got access to social media and all these different platforms.

With this in mind, businesses are now looking for new ways of appealing to customers and one of these methods takes advantage of ‘influencers’ online. Whether it’s a YouTube personality or a blogger with thousands (and sometimes millions) of followers, these people provide an opportunity for businesses to make money. Why? Because all the viewers and readers have built trust in the content creator. If they were to mention a product even briefly, consumers would instantly take note and interest in the brand would suddenly increase.

Essentially, this is the theory behind affiliate marketing because companies allow individuals with an audience to advertise their products. As long as the two niches match, the visitors will pay attention and click on the links provided to, therefore, provide customers they otherwise wouldn’t have had. For the content creators, they’re rewarded with a certain percentage of each sale in commission. In fact, some affiliate marketing programs actually offer a commission for every sale made through accounts that were created through the specific link.

Why is this Important?

Why are we talking about affiliate marketing and how does this tie into the Wealthy Affiliate University review we have today? Ultimately, it forms a foundation of information we’re going to need in the review because Wealthy Affiliate (WA) helps people to start a website and achieve their dreams of working remotely by earning money on said websites. Since launching back in 2005, they have helped millions of people; in fact, over 2,000,000 people in 195 countries are currently members of the site which suggests the impact it’s had on the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate

If you wanted to get started today, you can do so with a free account and this will grant you access to;

  • Live Help (for 7 days)
  • Beginner Training Courses
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • One Website
  • Phase 1 of Bootcamp
  • 30 Searches on the Keyword Research Tool
  • One-on-One Coaching (first 7 days)
  • Access to Affiliate Programs

Therefore, there’s no reason why you can’t try the website and look at the sheer amount of resources on offer. With the basics in place, you can start your own website and get started within the niche you select. Whilst on this topic, we should note the opportunities you have to create a site that will really sit well with your niche. Luckily, Wealthy Affiliate works with SiteRubix for everything relating to the website which means you’ll be in good hands with thousands of templates, in addition, to support and security.

If you’re only trying to make a few extra pounds, this is a great way to go but, if you have larger aspirations and you want to actually quit your full-time job and replace it with this venture, you might be interested in the premium package.

Premium – With a Premium membership, you’ll pay just $49 a month (or less than $30 per month if paid annually), but the increase in resources you’ll have is more than impressive. For example, you’ll now have the ability to

  • Start 10 websites all with free hosting,
  • Have unlimited access to live help,
  • Have one-on-one coaching,
  • Have unlimited access to the Keyword Research Tool.

What’s more, you’ll open up all the different resources the platform offers and this includes:

  • Guides to starting your website,
  • Having a presence on social media,
  • Progressing with your website,
  • Making money,
  • Keeping your readership, and much more.

With all the advice coming from experience and being updated regularly, you have all the tools you need to succeed in the coming weeks and months.

Before deciding to splash out on the money, we highly recommend testing the free service first so you can try it and know that it’s exactly what you want for the next chapter of your life. If you want sustainable success, this is the best way to do it rather than rushing in and regretting everything. Additionally, we should note that you’ll receive a discount for signing up for Premium within a certain amount of time of starting your free membership.

Making Money

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The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

With this Wealthy Affiliate University review, knowing all the features is good and later we’re going to assess the common misconceptions that currently exist with WA…but what about the money. Whether you’re choosing WA to supplement your existing income or you’re trying to turn it into your full-time job, you need to know how you can make money with the platform.

First and foremost, the website itself is very different in tone and delivery to the other options on the market. If you’ve not seen a website promising you thousands and thousands each month, we would be very surprised because they’re everywhere. Therefore, stepping onto the WA website can be a unique and refreshing experience. As you may or may not notice, there are no outlandish claims to make you a millionaire within a certain amount of time. Instead, they let their resources do the talking in terms of guides, live classes, access to websites, access to affiliate marketing programs, as well as their positive track record.

When on the topic of money, you’re likely to be wondering ‘how much money can I make?’ but this is like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ because they’re both open-ended. Once you start with your website and your business, the amount of money you earn will be completely decided by the amount of effort and time you put into growing your readership. The harder you work, the more success you’ll see, and the more money you’ll earn and this is the beauty of a freelance business such as this. Rather than knowing that you’re only going to earn your salary no matter how hard you work, it can be a little disheartening but you’re in control of your earnings with WA.

Of course, the first few weeks are likely to be a struggle and this is because nobody will know about your website and what you have to offer. As long as you keep learning from the guides and classes WA has to offer, you simply take the business one step at a time and eventually earn money.

With affiliate marketing, you have complete freedom and this is one of the reasons why this niche is so popular. After starting the website, you can take your own opinions and go in whatever direction you wish. Furthermore, you can earn money without having to store any of the inventory or visit the post office every day to send orders away. With no customer service to worry about either, all you need to focus on is creating strong content and providing the links your customers need to buy high-quality products.

Nowadays, WA has access to some of the most reputable affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon, Nike, and Apple. However, the extensive training will allow you to work with any affiliate program in the world that meets the needs of yourself as well as all your visitors.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

As mentioned, we want the Wealthy Affiliate University review here to cover all bases which is why we’re going to discuss how you can get started in the coming weeks or, actually, the coming minutes since the website will be set up within a quick time. With WA, the focus is very much on simplicity and explaining things in a way that suits both beginners and experts alike. From beginning to end, you should find some advice relating to your stage of the business. However, it all starts with choosing an interest in WA’s four-step guide.

image with words step 1 choose a niche

Choosing a Niche – At this point, we urge you to think seriously and carefully about the niche you’re about to enter. If you choose a topic you don’t enjoy talking about, how are you ever going to find the motivation to get out of bed every morning? Unfortunately, thousands of people make this mistake every single year and they end up failing because even the audience can see they have no real interest in the topic.

When thinking about this important decision, consider your passions and hobbies because these are the two things that’ll make life that little bit easier. Do you enjoy playing the guitar and have enough knowledge to help others? Do you like to bake? Are you good at saving money? Do you cycle every weekend? Are you a huge fan of football? As long as you don’t narrow down the niche too much, there should be a good audience for your service and this allows you to have fun while also earning money.

image with words step 2 build a website

Creating a Website – In years gone by, this step was the hardest of them all and it would be the one that slowed down the whole process. Now, it’s easier than ever before and this is especially true for WA since they’ve teamed up with SiteRubix. Not only can a website be launched within thirty seconds, it can take on the appearance of thousands of templates depending on your needs; these templates will also work on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Considering a significant amount of browsing is now done on mobile devices, this will be essential to your success but it’s still something not all services will offer.

At this stage, we recommend taking your time because your website will become the foundation for your whole business. According to a recent report, we make up our minds whether we’re going to make a purchase or not within just a few seconds. With a professional look and feel, your visitors will be happy to trust all links and you can earn commission in no time.

image with words step 3 attract visitors

Attracting the Visitors – When we talk about starting a home-based business, this third stage is where most people end up and then they say ‘WA doesn’t work’ or that it’s a ‘scam’ just because the visitors didn’t find their site with minimal effort. At this stage, you really need to put in the time and make sure you’re accessible to your niche. Without people visiting your website, you have no opportunity to make sales and earn commission so, although it might be tempting to dream of the next step, this success will only come if you put the effort in now.

Once again, the fantastic learning resources on offer from WA make this process simple so watch the lessons, take notes, and think about how you can apply the advice to your own business. Within no time, your site will increase in the Bing, Yahoo, and Google rankings and people will start to see you as an expert in your field.

image with words step 4 make money

Earning Revenue – Finally, it’s believed there are now just short of 3.8 billion people who use the internet on an almost daily basis. With this being said, the market can never be truly oversaturated for high-quality content providers and this is where you’ll pull away from the average businesses in the world.

As we saw previously, earning revenue is simple once you have a crowd interested in your website because you just need to capitalize on the situation. With WA, you’ll be able to work with numerous companies and their appropriate affiliate marketing programs and this is great news. Above all else, you’ll find Amazon which is a superb option because everybody trusts the name, most people have an account with Amazon already, and they have millions of products on offer. Therefore, you can choose the department that matches your niche and offer your visitors the products they might need from gym equipment to birdseed, crochet kits to storage boxes.

In the market today, the opportunities for affiliate marketing have only increased in terms of options but also in terms of your website. When the idea was first discussed, they would involve ugly banners and big, obvious advertisements. Now, you can choose a design that suits your brand and the layout you think will yield the best result.

Common Misconceptions

To finish, there are some extremely common misconceptions that arise time and time again so we wanted the Wealthy Affiliate University review to address these now that we have all the basics under control. Unfortunately, the majority of these mistruths are actually spread by people who have never used or even visited this program before. For this reason, they’re completely wrong or dramatized.

Lack of Support – With some other programs on the internet, we absolutely agree that there’s a lack of support after signing up and this can lead to frustration alongside confusion. With WA, this couldn’t be further from the truth. First and foremost, WA offers Live Help, Private Messaging (you can even send direct messages to the owners),  365 24/7 website support as well as a very active forum with around 32,000 different interactions per day.

Every day, thousands of people take part in the discussions on the forum and this means you have fun while also receiving answers to your important questions. Since Wealthy Affiliate University has users from all around the world, it won’t take long to receive a reply to your question regardless of whether you’re posting at midday or midnight.

In the forums, you have a beautiful blend of experience, youth, different stages of business, different ages, and different personalities and perspectives. As long as you partake in some of the discussions and give your opinions, people won’t mind answering your own questions and you might just gain an insight you hadn’t considered previously. What’s more, the two owners actually contribute to the forums from time to time too!

Price – With some, they believe the price is too high at $49 a month and our response to this one is that it depends on your goals. If you want to leave your current job and make a real go of your home-based business, the cost is relatively small considering the help you’ll receive along the way; we must not forget all the training you’ll have access to as well as the website so you don’t have to worry about paying for hosting and website security. For $49 a month, everything is covered for future success.

Outdated Resources  – If you’ve ever heard this rumor, the source is likely to be because the site started in 2005. However, you won’t have to worry about outdated resources at all. Periodically, the training and guides are checked to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest industry information. In today’s society, everything moves faster than the speed of light so this is an important consideration to make. Compared to other platforms, WA is extremely fast at updating all resources so they remain applicable to your industry and business.

Doesn’t Work – Finally, the biggest complaint seems to be that the site doesn’t work and this comes from people who start their website and expect instant success. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like this and you’ll need to work hard. In the first two weeks, you might only receive a handful of visitors but you need to keep following the advice of WA and allow your determination and motivation to see you through. If you give up after two weeks, you definitely won’t succeed so keep trying and be open to more learning. Even as an experienced individual in the market, you still need to be open to change and willing to learn.


If you want to enter the ever-growing affiliate marketing trend this year, we hope the Wealthy Affiliate University review here has given you enough information to make a decision as to whether or not the site will meet your needs. We definitely believe Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money especially as you can start for free and get access to everything to decide if this program suits your needs.

Despite more people now trying affiliate marketing than ever before, very few have the resolve to see it through. As long as you pay attention to the information we’ve provided and utilize all the lessons and live classes WA offers, you can enjoy your business this year while also seeing growth and progress!

Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rating: 98 out of 100

Complete Wealthy Affiliate Review Chart

Overall, I highly recommend this training with more than a respectable rating of 98%. I have come across most paid programs that don’t offer this and here you can get this with zero investment.

If you want to LEARN and EARN on the internet from the comfort of your own home from anywhere on the planet get started with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership which is completely free.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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