Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or Scam? Exposed

is wealthy affiliate legit

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If you were to type for help on your home-based business right now, Google and every other search engine would bring up thousands upon thousands of results. At first, this seems great but this is before we consider the sheer volume of scams that currently exist on the internet. Nowadays, it seems as though we can hardly move for people complaining about scams and losing money on certain programs. Sadly, it normally affects people who are just trying to create a better life for themselves and this includes affiliate marketing schemes and the like.

In case you don’t know know what affiliate marketing is, it allows you to advertise products on behalf of a company. If the visitors to your website use your link to buy products from the site, you earn a percentage of the sale as a commission because you generated the interest.

With Wealthy Affiliate, we have one of the best examples of genuine help you’ll ever find because they have history, experience in the industry, hundreds of thousands of users, useful resources, high-quality training programs, and a whole lot more. Before we launch into the many reasons as to why ‘is wealthy affiliate legit’ is a silly question, we first have some tips to use so you can avoid scams and non-legit programs in the future.

image with 6 signs on a pole pointing in 2 direction with the words secure, unsafe,valued,useless,included, outcast

Follow Your Gut – If you feel as though a website isn’t real or you have any doubts whatsoever, just click away; it’s always better to click away from the site than regret not trusting your gut.

Typically, scammers will always make some sort of mistakes whether it comes from spelling or poor layout. If everything looks rather basic, you can almost guarantee they’ve spent a minimal amount of money.

paper and pen correcting spelling mistake

Spelling Mistakes – If a program is legit, they’ll have professional writers and proofreaders to check and double-check all text before it goes online so be vigilant as you scan through the website.

Whenever there’s a simple spelling error, especially if it exists on ‘affiliate’ or any other basic word, we recommend skipping to the next site.

Check Online – Nowadays, there are hundreds of forums talking about home-based business opportunities so be sure to get opinions and look for the sites that people use the most.

If you ask people in a forum if anyone has used a particular site and everybody says ‘no’, this should set the red flags going because the top websites will always have some people who have used the resources even if the users didn’t find success with it.

Never Pay for a Promise – Although it sounds obvious, you should never pay any amount of money on something that’s nothing more than a promise. If you’re about to send money, you should know exactly what you’re to receive in return and you may have already tried a free version just to make sure the site and program are legitimate. As soon as they receive your money, the promise means nothing and they walk away with no point of contact for you to get a refund.

credit card showing payment method

Payment Methods – Next, we recommend reconsidering your payment methods online because some aren’t protected in the slightest. For example, credit cards will naturally have all sorts of fraud prevention and protection built into the card but you won’t have the same protection (or any) when wiring money across.

In life, we wire money across to friends and family, perhaps even the landlord, but we don’t wire money to someone we don’t know. From our point of view, the best payment method is PayPal as it gives great protection to the consumer.

Promises – Finally, be careful of those unbelievable promises some websites will make. If a website is claiming to build the business on your behalf before then allowing you to earn £10,000 each week, you can be fairly certain this is fake. Although it would be a great world if this really was possible, we all know by now that affiliate marketing is a tricky business and one that requires effort and determination in order to get right.

Unfortunately, there are no backdoors and secret tactics that will bring in thousands of pounds within a short period of time. If there was, there would be nobody on the road on the way to work in the mornings because everybody would be at home staring at their laptop screen.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Coming back to the main question of ‘is Wealthy Affiliate legit?’, we can actually go through each of these tips to provide the answer.

  • As soon as you click on the website, you’ll see how professional it looks and it should instill confidence in you rather than making you feel on edge.
  • Of course, we could never guarantee there won’t be any spelling mistakes because we’re all human but we can ensure that the site has been professionally written from the homepage to all the sub-pages. If you do happen to spot a spelling mistake, you can be sure it won’t be on there for long.
  • If you check Wealthy Affiliate online, you could even type in ‘is Wealthy Affiliate legit?’, all you would get in return is positive reviews. Once again, it doesn’t take you long to realize that the site is actually made up of high-quality resources and every feature it promises before you sign up.
  • When you enter your payment details, you’ll know exactly what you’re purchasing; you could even try the free trial beforehand so you feel comfortable before entering personal information. As well as looking at the information the website provides, you can also talk to previous users who will tell you what access you have after buying the Premium package.
  • In terms of payment methods, you know a website is safe when they meet you halfway. Rather than making you feel uncomfortable in sharing your information, Wealthy Affiliate offers a safe transaction process. If it wasn’t safe, the 2.000,000 plus current users wouldn’t be quite so happy as they are with the service!
  • Finally, you can take a look around the website and you’ll struggle to find any section that makes huge promises they won’t be able to deliver. Sure, they’ll tell you about the easy process of starting a website as well as how useful the training is but they’ll never give false promises. Why? Because the program was started by two people who have been in your position and know that hard work and determination is required for success. Therefore, they know that success is never guaranteed.

Wealthy Affiliate Profile

photos of Kyle and Carson owners of wealthy affiliate

Formed in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has been available to all internet users for over a decade now and they claim to have helped over one million people in this time. Since the two owners had already been through the trials and tribulations that come with starting an affiliate marketing business, they wanted to help others climb the same mountain but this time with a helping hand.

When they made the journey, there were very few affiliate marketing programs available and the advice was non-existent because it was a new niche. Now, there are thousands of programs and different routes and WA has adapted over time to always provide the best and most relevant advice.

Today, the site is filled to the brim with fantastic training resources, classes, live webinars, and everything one needs to get started in the industry. Sure, it might be a little overwhelming at first but the beginner lessons allow you to make sense of it all. For intermediates who already have some knowledge of the industry, there’s no reason why you can’t start further on in the lessons but you’ll still pick up some useful information by starting at the beginning.

With the training, there are a few key components as to why it is so helpful and the main reason, aside from the fact it’s been written by people with experience in the industry, is that there are over 750 updates per year. Rather than being left to rot and become outdated, the training is updated to stay relevant to the ever-changing industry as well as the laws.

With the motto ‘Tomorrow Will Always Be Better Than Today’, they’re on a path of continual improvement and they want you to join them. Every day, they want to make their service better than the day before while you do the same with your business. If you can grow a little each day, it means they’re doing their job and you have every chance of success.

Sticking with the training for a little longer, the reason it’s so successful is that it covers a broad range of topics from beginning to end. For beginners, you learn how to start your business, how to start your website, using social media, creating engaging content, optimizing content for keywords, attracting visitors, creating the right tone, and getting the foundations in place so you can progress.

For the intermediate users, the advice will progress to earning money and how to take advantage of the best affiliate marketing schemes. For example, Amazon sells millions of products across thousands of different departments which means you’re likely to find one that suits your niche.

Wealthy Affiliate Features

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? Yes, but what else is it? As we’ve seen, training makes up for a huge part of the service and this is important because knowledge will carry you forward. While other companies lack the knowledge and have to guess their way through the business, you will have everything you need at every step of the way which is a huge advantage. By knowing what does and doesn’t work, you stay ahead of the crowd.

Aside from this, Wealthy Affiliate has numerous other features that may come in handy so let’s take a look.

10 Websites – At first, your focus will be on one website and building this up. However, over time, you might hit a ceiling with this website and this frees up your time so what do you do now? Of course, you could always settle and take the money while maintaining the content or you could push yourself and open a second, third, fourth, and fifth website. Granted, we don’t suggest doing them all at the same time but there’s no reason why you can’t build up one, start a second, build up the second, start a third, etc.

If you find success, the early stages of launching the website and getting the visitors it will become easier and easier. Eventually, you can get help to continue producing the content and turn your venture into a successful business with several websites all earning money. With up to 10 websites available within the Premium membership, this should keep you occupied for some time to come and your ceiling of earning money…well, what ceiling?

With the sites themselves, Wealthy Affiliate uses SiteRubix to create the websites and the process can be completed within around 30 seconds. From here, you can take your time choosing themes, adding text, and really creating a site that appeals to your niche.

With WA and SiteRubix working together, this is great news for you not only because you benefit from a high-quality website but also because they’re both very clever when dealing with security issues. With this in mind, you shouldn’t ever be the subject of attacks and your website should experience very little downtime.

Live Webinars – With the sheer amount of training on offer, it’s very hard to get bored and reach a point where you aren’t learning. What’s more, this is helped by the fact you can enjoy a live webinar every single week. Once a week, a certain topic will be addressed and you’ll be provided with advice, tips, and strategies that you can utilize in business this year. If you happen to miss the stream, it’ll soon be available as a video.

If you’ve never used live classes or webinars before, they offer something unique because you get instant reactions to questions and you get real answers. With written text and even audiobooks, the script means experts don’t often deviate from the topic in mind. On the flip side, webinars can very quickly get sidetracked and this allows you to learn more from instant reactions and in an unscripted way.

Keyword Research Tool – When creating content on your website, there are certain things you need to do to boost your performance on the search engines and using keywords will be one of the major techniques. When SEO (search engine optimization) was first introduced to the world, it revolved around providing the best experience for the user.

For Google and the like, they wanted all results to be as relevant as possible which is why they introduced ‘keywords’. If your content includes these important words and phrases (the most commonly searched) in a natural way, your website will rocket up the rankings because it suggests your content can answer the most common questions.

As you may have noticed, we used the word ‘natural’ and this is very important. In the early years of SEO, the websites that crammed as many keywords into content as possible would see the best results. Now, Google and other search engines are wise to our games so look for value which means integrating keywords in a natural way.

Where does Wealthy Affiliate come in? Well, they actually have a Keyword Research Tool which means you can find the most commonly searched keywords and phrases within your niche. Rather than randomly trying to guess the most-used words, you can use the tool and find out for real.


Once you list the words that have enough interest without being overly-competitive, you can use them within your content and your website will have a better ranking because it provides a better service and answers important questions.

Forum – Although we’ve touched upon it previously, we haven’t actually addressed one of the best features of all just yet; the forum. If you’ve ever experienced an online forum previously, forget everything you know because the forum on Wealthy Affiliate is different.

If you’ve spent any amount of time around online forums, regardless of their topic, you’ll know it soon descends into name-calling, offensive remarks, and an environment where nobody is helping anybody.

WA community people holding hands around the world

With Wealthy Affiliate, the two owners have instilled a positive attitude into the website and this runs through the veins of every single user (apart from the odd one…but there’s always one). With the two owners actually contributing to the forum discussion at times, it shows the kind of platform they’re trying to create and it seems to be working.

As you look through the various threads and discover that everybody actually seems to be helping one another out, it can be quite shocking but stick with it.

From the very beginning, we urge you to take part in the conversations because it’s like a giant community where everybody is trying to help one another. As long as you take part in the conversations, you can soon post your own questions and this give/take mindset will encourage even more communication and it keeps the mood high within all users.

Of course, we would never suggest that the forum remains spam-free but the vast majority of users are there for one thing; to grow their business. Let’s not forget, all users who contribute to the forum have gone to the effort of signing up and a large percentage will have also spent their hard-earned money on Premium membership and this is why spam is so rare. When you ask a question, you’re likely to get a serious and sensible answer in reply because they want to help you grow. With the community-like feeling, everyone encourages each other and the whole group grows together.

man offering a helping hand

Coaching and Live Help – With the Starter membership, you will have these two features for the very first week before then being left to your own devices. If you pay for the full membership, you’ll have regular access to live help as well as one-on-one coaching and this is fantastic news.

Sometimes, the forum doesn’t provide what you need and you just want to talk with an expert. When these temptations arise, you can get in touch with said professional in a quick time.

Your Goals

live your dream written on tiles

As you can see, there are some superb benefits to choosing Wealthy Affiliate and this is before we’ve even discussed private messaging, website backup, personal affiliate blog, website security, video walkthroughs, twelve training classrooms, website support, private access to owners, website analysis, website feedback platform, and website comment platform. Therefore, it’s clearly a superb option.

With the process of getting started itself, you simply choose a niche, start a website, attract the visitors, and start earning money. However, before you do anything, we recommend thinking about your goals and what you’re trying to achieve from the process. If you want to eventually replace your income, be honest with yourself and others from the start and set this goal.

If this is to be your goal, treat the business like any other and invest the time into making it work. Even though you can work from home in your pajamas, you must remember that it’s still a business and Wealthy Affiliate can help with this mindset.

Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough – How YOU Can Benefit From WA
Wealthy Affiliate Back Office Walkthrough

All things considered, hopefully, we’ve answered the question ‘is Wealthy Affiliate legit?’ now. With all the features, the stories from previous customers, extensive resources, and two very attentive owners, there’s no reason why you can’t use Wealthy Affiliate to open your dream business this year…talking about anything you love!

Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rating: 98 out of 100

Complete Wealthy Affiliate Review Chart

Overall, I highly recommend this training with more than a respectable rating of 98%. I have come across most paid programs that don’t offer this and here you can get this with zero investment.

If you want to LEARN and EARN on the internet from the comfort of your own home from anywhere on the planet get started with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership which is completely free.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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