What Is Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

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Amazon is among the most significant online marketplaces on the planet and provides numerous opportunities to big corporations, blog writers and online marketers to make monetary gains by selling their products on the big platform supplied by Amazon.

The Amazon Associates Program is among the very best methods to earn money off the retail giant. Blog writers and web online marketers can turn their websites and blog sites into a source of recurring earnings by promoting products offered on Amazon as an affiliate under its Amazon Associates Program.

How Do You Make Money As An Amazon Associate?


Amazon Associates is the giant retailer’s affiliate marketing program that individuals can sign up with to make commissions on Amazon. Once you register for the Amazon Associates Program you earn money in very much the same way as you would with any other affiliate programs that are by earning commissions, however, there are minor changes in how the Amazon Associates Program works.

To make commissions as an Amazon Associate, you promote or market some of Amazon’s products, and you will be paid an agreed percentage of the selling price as a commission.

How Does Amazon Associate Marketing Work?

There is no secret or trick to this business or any other business using a similar model to market, these companies just need affiliates to persuade individuals to purchase products offered by them. As an Amazon Associate, it is expected that you provide truthful reviews of the products being sold on Amazon and motivate individuals to purchase them through your unique link embedded in your reviews. As a result of people clicking the link from your review and making a purchase you get paid commission from the sales price.

Create An Amazon Product Review Website

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The very first and most important step is to create an Amazon Product Review website if you are serious about making money through the Amazon Associates Program. It is not possible to just use any other websites as Amazon will physically confirm everything is in place before they accept you as an affiliate of the Amazon Associates program.

Once you have your website created it is time to choose which products you want to promote on your site. You can go about this in many ways, however, writing product reviews is one of the best ways as people these days are searching online for truthful, unbiased reviews about products they wish to buy prior to buying them.

If you decide to go down the product review route your Amazon website can have either category of products or reviews of products you have used in the past.

Review Products In The Same Category

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In our opinion when reviewing products the better option is to review the products in the same category. And this very nicely leads us to niche selection. It is important to have knowledge about the topic if you are going to be reviewing products and offering your recommendations about products that people are going to buy.

We advise choosing a topic or a niche you have a passion for and you enjoy talking about it. This is essential for lots of reasons, it will help to keep you going when times get tough and you don’t see success quickly. It is also very important to select a distinct niche to make your reviews stand out.

When you are writing product reviews you can compare various products according to their features and benefits. Just remember to always keep your product reviews as truthful as possible and in the event you are writing a sponsored review always disclose this to your readers. If you find any negatives with the product add them to the review too. If you make the product sound too good in your review you may come across to your readers as biased.

Sometimes people don’t have time to go through the whole article and they like to see bullet points so you can use the Pros and Cons bullet point format so your readers can get the gist just by reading the bullet points.

Now we come to the most important point and that is don’t forget to include your Amazon affiliate link throughout the product review. Some people advise you can use your affiliate link up to 10 times in a product review however we feel up to five times in the review is sufficient and of course, if you add images to the review make sure you to include your affiliate links in the images too, people love to click on images!

Create An Amazon Authority Site

By providing as much information as possible on your site you will give the potential purchaser of a specific product or category of products everything they need to make a decision about buying the product. This, in turn, can turn your site into an authority website. Authority websites typically have lots of posts and pages with important insights and suggestions on the categories and also very thorough posts on particular products.

In your product reviews focus on the functions of the products, how to use them and how the product will improve the lives of the readers. It’s a good idea to have a Resource Page for your readers to browse through various products and don’t forget to add your Amazon affiliate link.

Build A Blog


A blog is a perfect platform to share your expert knowledge about a particular topic with the world and at the same time make some passive income on the side.

If you can create engaging, educational, and captivating blog content on a specific topic, start a blog site immediately. The blog can either be on an independent platform or a part of your product review site for giving your expert insights to your readers. If you currently own an authority site and don’t have a blog on it you are under-utilizing the website. Our advice – set one up immediately!

Build An Email List

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If you have been online for some time I am sure you will have heard that one of the most important factors for success online is building an email list.

Building an email list requires autoresponders and there are free and paid versions. In the beginning, our recommendation would be to use free autoresponders such as MailerLite or MailChimp to build and nurture your list. An email list allows you to connect with our readers and provide them with valuable content that can help them to solve their real-life problems. At the same time, you have the ability to continue to promote products to them through your Amazon affiliate link.

As you continue to provide valuable content to your readers this will increase their loyalty and trust in you and when you make a recommendation they are more likely to buy through your affiliate link.

Review Amazon Products On YouTube


Another very efficient method of promoting Amazon products is to make review videos. Videos are the next huge thing in online marketing, and you can make a lot of money if you can make value-adding videos that can capture audiences’ attention.

Make videos reviewing particular Amazon products or compare products that are alternatives. If you make your video flashy and it provides value to the viewers you will make cash not just from the advertisements but also from your Amazon affiliate links too.

You can write product reviews and also make videos to go with the reviews. With the videos, you can show your readers how they can use the product to solve their real-life issues. By having videos on your product reviews you will create more engagement on your site as internet users react better to videos than text and at the same time, you will also increase the clickthroughs.

With Amazon Associate the most important component for success is numbers. The Amazon Associate program pays a low commission, and you need to make a lot of sales prior to making significant earning from the program. This is why it’s essential to have a great deal of traffic on your site and content wherever they may be and also in written, video, and other formats.

In summary, as an Amazon Associate, you need to produce valuable content about the products you promote, get the content seen by your target audience, develop an engagement with your audience to gain their trust and loyalty and your audience will reciprocate and click your link to purchase their products from Amazon and you make money.

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