What Is ClickBank Superstars?

What Is ClickBank Superstar

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Do you want to be a ClickBank millionaire? ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces on the planet, making billions of dollars per year for affiliates and vendors. But it can be difficult for newbies and even professionals in other affiliate marketing spaces to crack the code of this huge market.

John Thornhill’s Clickbank Superstars aims to help you leverage his in-depth knowledge of the platform to become a successful Clickbank vendor. With this product, you will sell your own products on Clickbank and make huge profits. Or do you?

ClickBank is a money-spinning machine of the affiliate marketing world. While the platform is popular as a hotbed of low-quality products, it’s also one of the largest markets for affiliates to earn mouth-watering commissions. The problem most people have with ClickBank is that it’s too large for them to handle. It helps if there is someone to guide you through the labyrinthine mazes of this big market so you don’t make costly mistakes.

Unlike many products that claim you can make thousands within minutes, John’s course does not over-hype itself. And John Thornhill is not a faceless guru hiding behind a pseudonym. He knows his way around the ClickBank landscape and has achieved tremendous results after years of active engagement as an affiliate marketer.

At less than $20, do you believe you can learn everything you need to know to succeed on ClickBank through this program? Or is it a ploy to get you in the door for more expensive upsells? We will know in this review of the ClickBank Superstar.

What Exactly Is ClickBank Superstar?

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Clickbank Superstar is the brainchild of John Thornhill, a Clickbank veteran who has been earning money from the platform since 2005, making him one of the most authoritative voices on anything about the Clickbank ecosystem and its evolution over the years.

Right from the sales page and the website design, it’s easy to tell that this program is unlike those get-rich-quick scams that have tainted Clickbank in recent times.

While many affiliate marketing programs focus on earning commissions by promoting other people’s products, the Clickbank Superstar teaches you how to make money selling your own products. This program is about becoming a Clickbank vendor, which is where the money really is.

People have been making money selling their own products on ClickBank and other marketplaces such as JVZoo and Warrior Forum. It’s nothing new, but the most popular way of making money in this landscape is still affiliate commissions.

If you want to make money creating and selling your own digital products, then the ClickBank Superstar may be a beneficial investment even if it doesn’t provide all the information you need to become a millionaire vendor.

The information and training in this course are detailed and can be used for ClickBank and JVZoo, WarriorPlus and other affiliate marketplaces. If your goal is to pay affiliate commissions instead of earning it, this product seems to hold a lot of potentials.

If you go the vendor route, you will find hundreds of thousands of affiliates willing to promote your offers for a commission. You only need to make your offers provide enough value so that your target audience will have no choice but to buy.

How ClickBank Superstar Works


In ClickBank Superstar, John Thornhill teaches you how to convince affiliates to promote your products to potential customers so all of you can make money.

The training includes setting up your ClickBank account free in most countries. Note that the website is not available in some countries because of legal restrictions and the prevalence of fraud.

Once you have set up your account, you need to add your products to the marketplace, set up your sales funnel, add one-click upsells and create a membership site for affiliates that join your program.

All the activities outlined above take time and in-depth knowledge of how ClickBank works. Thankfully, John provides a detailed step-by-step guide to help you complete each step with ease. The members’ area contains plenty of PDF guides, video training and more on how to start your vendor business on ClickBank., Not only will you be able to set up the apparatus for attracting reliable and knowledgeable affiliates, but this course also provides training on product promotions and sales optimization.

John also provides information on how to help affiliates make the highest commission possible. The affiliate marketing business is a numbers game. The higher the commission, the more affiliates willing to help you sell products and services. By giving them the option to make 100% commission, you can increase the turnover of your products many times as affiliates fall over themselves to promote your offers.

The ClickBank Superstar also offers some traffic generation tip. Affiliate marketing is big business if you sell a compelling offer to clients, but you won’t make any sales if you don’t have the right traffic. While John provides some training on multiple traffic sources such as Facebook, article marketing, social networking among others, most of the information is basic. So that means you need to look for more information about traffic sources as the one in this program does not meet up with what you need to excel on ClickBank.

Further, ClickBank Superstar provides a product creation workshop for members. This workshop guides you on how to create products that sell on ClickBank although each person’s success depends on a wide range of factors such as commitment, passion, knowledge, finances among others. 

How much Is ClickBank Superstar?

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ClickBank Superstar retails for $19.95 at the initial price. However, this is the tip of the iceberg. Considering the huge value in this product and the clout of its creator, it begs the question of why the course sells for such a ridiculously low price.

Even low-quality scams sell for $37 and more. The truth, however, is that ClickBank Superstar comes with several upsells, a common tactic used by many vendors on ClickBank and other affiliate marketing platforms.

Going by the affiliate commissions one can earn with this program, the total cost of the package is $2,000. This is because the affiliate program pays 50% commissions and promises affiliates they can earn up to $1,000. The implication is that you need to spend almost $2,000 to get the most of this product. The small entry price is to encourage you to enter the program so they can offer upsells. That is where the money really is.

There is nothing bad about upsells, but make sure you are providing value to your customers. It makes no sense to pay extra when you are not getting more value. Also, tell your members upfront about the upsells as they can be rather expensive. You don’t want to create a negative impression about your offers as being exploitative in the eyes of potential buyers.

Is ClickBank Superstar a Scam?

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No, this program is not a scam. It is a legitimate program that provides detailed guidance and training on how to become a vendor on Clickbank. The course provides training on the full spectrum of the things you need to know to become a top performer on Clickbank and other affiliate marketplaces.

However, understand that you may not have the same success as John Thornhill who has been on the platform for about 14 years. Plus, you won’t be making money overnight either. Give it time, follow the training and look for what is missing elsewhere. This program offers a ton of value at a bargain.

I hope you enjoyed this and now have a better understanding of what is Clickbank Superstars if you have any questions or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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6 Comments on “What Is ClickBank Superstars?”

  1. Hi Moni,

    While doing my research on Clickbank Superstars I was actually surprised to find that it is by John Thornhill – someone I have heard of due to his well respected reputation.

    Getting to know how Clickbank works is a plus simply due to the popularity of the platform but as a product creator it is a bit difficult to manage and navigate. Always a plus to get my products up and on different platforms.

    Does he teach how to set up your back office so that affiliates get paid automatically and the product automatically delivered?

    (my sticking point!).

    1. Hi Derek, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      I agree with you getting your product listed on as many platforms is a plus e.g. ClickBank, JVZoo, Commission Junction etc.

      In John Thornhill’s ClickBank Superstars training program there are seven modules that walk you through getting your ClickBank account set up, adding your product and getting your sales funnel in place. For attracting more affiliates, which is important to make the most amount of sales possible, there is some advanced training too!

      In my opinion, there is enough training for someone who wants to get their digital product listed on ClickBank and have ClickBank take care of collecting payments and paying the affiliates automatically.

  2. Hi Moni, I’ve tried to promote ClickBank’s product as a affiliate, but I didn’t know about its academy. This seems to be interesting, especially since is not to easy to sell products from their network due to the fact high competition.

    1. Hi Kamil, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Kamil over the last 10 years it has got much more difficult to make money from ClickBank products due to high competition. Not only that I find a lot of the products on ClickBank these days are of low-quality and not even worth promoting. So, you have to be careful which products you put your name to.

      However, it’s still a good starting point for newbies and long as they have some good training and their ClickBank University training program is excellent for budding entrepreneurs who want to make money selling ClickBank products

  3. Hi Moni, thanks for sharing your ideas on the Clickbank Superstar training information. Very informative . The training seems focuses one how to sell products on Clickbank. While but i’m still earning by affiliate program. From you talk, i think the training will be very helpful for the vendors out there. I will keep it and look more into it if i want to become a vendor someday. Thanks for your introduction. Learn something new today, thanks!

    1. Hi Shaun, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      I am happy to hear you found the article helpful. Becoming a vendor and setting up the product for sale on ClickBank does take some time however it is worth it in the long run, especially if you can get lots of affiliates promoting your product.

      Wish you much success!

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