What Is Traffic Ivy About?

Traffic Ivy is a product that promises to help you generate free traffic like never before. A program from Cindy Donovan, Traffic Ivy is targeted at newbies and uses a method similar to spamming to generate traffic for you. Is this product really worth the hype? Can you get valuable traffic that converts from this product? Let’s find out in …

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What Is Website Bounce Rate

What Is Website Bounce Rate?

Are you finding it difficult to increase your site’s visibility on search engines, get more leads, or convert more clients? Your bounce rate might be the culprit. When visitors and customers who come to your site leave without checking other pages, you have a high bounce rate. Is a higher bounce rate important? How do you make your website stick …

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website visitors

10 Ideas To Keep People On Your Website Longer

Once upon a time, someone could go flip through their Rolodex or open up their phone book to find your business. Nowadays, the landscape looks a little different. People looking for your business will check out your website…but not for long. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, users often leave websites in 10-20 seconds. If you can get someone to …

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best free website traffic methods

Best Free Website Traffic Methods

Imagine getting thousands of visitors to your website for free, wouldn’t that be fantastic? You can have the best-looking website, but what good is it if you aren’t getting visitors? A high website traffic is a good indicator of business growth. It not only allows you to garner insight on your audience’s activity levels to help you make necessary changes, …

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