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Do you ever think about making a living by writing? Are you the sort of person who takes pleasure in reading and writing amazing content? Are you good with words? If this is you then you can earn money online by writing as a freelancer for the numerous websites and publications around the world.

In the internet age to succeed as a writer, it is not necessary to have an English language degree. All you require is a pressing appetite to learn the ropes, put in the effort, be persistence, and success will surely be yours.

The increase of the web has actually promoted the development of e-marketing and a robust information economy worth billions of dollars. Every day, increasingly more sites continue to emerge in various parts of the world, and these brand-new websites require content to survive in the fiercely competitive digital landscape where your best shot might not suffice.

To make it big on the web, you require quality content on your site, blog site, social media accounts, and so on. They say content is king however not every piece of content qualifies for royalty. Online businesses are looking for high-value content that can engage their audience and provide valuable insights that would keep their audience coming back for more. This provides a huge opportunity for you to become a freelance writer and provide a valuable service for a wide range of clients on the internet. Check out How To Write Article For Money

content is king

With each passing day, online entrepreneurs are beginning to comprehend the value of great content. Poor content, especially low-quality written content, no matter what format, is frowned upon by the search engine algorithms. The days of stuffing keywords into short articles to achieve SEO goals are long gone and these days Google and other search engines prefer long-form quality content that provides value to the end-user without chocking the algorithms with keywords.

The truth is that a lot of business owners online can’t write engaging content and provide value to move their business forward. And even those that can write brilliant content might not have the time to produce premium content every week. It takes effort and grit to provide value-adding content, and this attribute can make you cash if you are all set to devote your time to build a profession as a freelance writer.

The opportunities you have in the freelance writing landscape are practically unlimited. Freelance writing allows you to make money on the side of even build a sustainable income by writing quality blog posts, articles, press releases, email newsletters, sales pages, eBooks, white papers, case studies, and others for the marketing requirements of consumers.

If you wish to start making money as a freelance writer, here are some action steps to follow:

Collect Your Writing Resources

writing resources

If you want to become a freelance writer you will need to either have or have access to a working PC, a reliable internet connection and of course free time. You will need the PC to communicate with clients, research and write the assignment given to you by the client. It is very important to have a trusted internet connection for reasons mentioned as well as sending the completed writing assignments to the clients.

The majority of the people begin freelancing in their spare time while working at their day job. You will need to set aside a couple of hours when you start writing. As your writing service expands, the number of hours will also need to increase and once you start getting more writing orders you may even have to dedicate all your working hours to writing.

Publish Some Writing Samples

If you want to succeed as a freelance writer we suggest first publishing some samples of your writing in your name. The majority of the customers like to see some published samples to be sure of your writing abilities. Our advice would be to write and publish at least 5 sample articles on any topic of interest. If you decide to target a particular subject write articles on the trending topics in that niche. Writing on trending topics shows your clients that you are an authority within that niche and therefore you can command higher rates.

Another way to give you more credibility is by uploading your written samples on blogs and websites that accept guest posting or even article directories. This will prevent prospective customers from questioning the credibility of your work.

Start Marketing Your Services And Client-Hunting

client search

Here lies the greatest challenge in the course of your freelance writing success.

The toughest part of freelance writing is finding customers. There are lots of techniques for winning customers for your writing services including:

Signing Up On Freelance Outsourcing Sites

upwork freelancer logo

Freelance websites such as Upwork and Freelancer are among the most significant platforms for introducing a freelance writing service. These 2 sites do take a percentage of your pay for providing these platforms that connect freelancers and clients where they can buy and sell a wide range of services and that includes writing.

Furthermore, these websites can be exceptionally competitive due to plenty of freelancers. This causes bidding wars that make it possible for the customer to select the freelancers that offer the most affordable rates. Do not remain long on these websites if you desire to make it big in freelance writing.

Register With A Content Mill

By registering with content mills such as iWriter and TextBroker you can secure a consistent stream of writing jobs. These websites provide a large pool of freelance writing jobs for you to choose from, complete and get paid. The main disadvantage of these sites is the low pay which is a far cry from the effort you put into the writing job.

Job Boards

job board

There are lots of writing job boards where you can discover good freelance writing opportunities

Job boards such as the ProBlogger and the BloggingPro are fertile grounds for decent-paying and genuine writing assignments.

Create A Writer’s Website

By creating a writer’s website you have the best opportunity of winning high-ticket clients. However, for this technique to be effective, you require to commit a substantial quantity of effort into marketing and pitching your services to prospective customers. You need to search for the e-mail addresses of possible customers and pitch your writing services to them, the more pitches you send the greater your chances of getting clients.

Social Networks

Social Media Assistant

Social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are likewise excellent places to find customers and market your writing services. Develop a professional-looking social media account and list all your writing abilities then share with your friends and family and ask them to help you by sharing with their family and friends.

You can also enhance your LinkedIn profile for increased visibility, and you might never ever need to hunt for customers if your LinkedIn profile is well-established.

Retain Your Clients

When you begin attracting customers, the next important thing is to make sure you retain your customers. You can do this by learning how to supply top quality service that keeps your customers coming back for more. By developing the habit of continuous learning and never becoming complacent even if you are snowed under with work. Clients are seeking value and if you keep providing high-quality service to them you will become indispensable to your clients.

No matter how many clients you have at present continue soliciting for more clients. Always keep yourself updated to the pulse of the industry and what is going on in your industry so you don’t become outdated. Find out about brand-new things every day, share concepts with other freelancers, network, teach others what you understand, and most notably, enjoy your life.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about how to write articles and earn money or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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