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With the ever-increasing need to run away from the rat race and work from home, many people are actually trying to start home-based businesses that will not only make them their own bosses but also reduce the pressures of life as being self-employed makes one have more time to themselves as compared to being employed.

In addition, working from home not only makes one independent and free but also there are also some great home-based business tax deductions as well.

Most people spend many years just working a job that they do not like, yet they still stay there since they feel like there is no alternate solution.

However, there are many free online businesses opportunities that over time are able to provide a lucrative investment which is able to sustain oneself.

You are advised to look for something that excites you. Something that makes you happy and would be able to push you on until you are able to reach your goal.

As you start to look for business opportunities online, you need to understand that it takes time to grow and make actual good money. At first, you may feel like you are doing the wrong thing altogether but with time you will be able to grow and actually become an expert in your niche.

Nothing comes easy, time and patience are of the essence. Being persistent is also key as persistence breeds results.

Some free online businesses that you are able to do include:

Driving For Uber

photo of a man with hands on steering wheel of car

As a company Uber has been one of the most successful businesses that have developed. It is basically the 21st-century version of a taxi.

The difference, however, is you are able to use your own car and when someone who nearby needs a ride, you get a notification and you can easily go to pick them up at their location and drop them where they need to go.

In addition, you are able to be paid immediately and on the spot with no tax deductions included.

Virtual Tutoring

woman holding her hands up supporting words teaching, training, coaching above her headVirtual tutoring is whereby you are able to use the internet to teach another individual/individuals a certain skill such as a language, a musical instrument among many other skills.

There are a number of dedicated websites/platforms that you can use to offer your services as a coach or tutor in exchange for money. Platforms such as Ether may allow you to book paid appointments for phone consultations, with marketing being handled by the site.

Child Carewoman lovingly holding and kissing a baby

With the ever-increasing power of social media and the internet, you may be able to grow your name as a brand when it comes to babysitting services. If you are passionate about childcare then the internet is a good platform to work with. Use site such as Facebook, Craigslist, and other local bulletin boards to advertise and promote your business, and they happen to be free.

Becoming An Online Seller

two computer screens with hands coming out of both doing a sales transaction with credit card and shopping bagIf you are looking for an online business, then there is nothing better than dealing with online selling of goods. Different sites such as Amazon, eBay, Flip Kart, Ali Express or any other online shopping site, you are able to sign up as a seller and make money by selling different products.

With online selling, you need not have your own products to sell as most of the sellers do not actually sell their own goods. They just tend to buy them at a lower rate from the local market and sell them at a higher rate on the sites. The advantageous aspect of this is that you are able to join any or all shopping sites and start selling.

Creating Your Own YouTube Channel
film reel showing the Youtube logo

In this day and age, social media and sites are a more lucrative way of making money than other ways. The influence that visual and audio have in today’s market is immense hence, is a good and free online business opportunity. Provided by Google, YouTube enables you to create quality videos, publish On YouTube and make money.

You are able to create a channel based on a specific topic and then publish similar videos on regular basis in your channel.

You are able to join the YouTube partner program where you are able to earn money for each and every video views.

Training And Consultancy

two men talking with the word consulting behind themIf you are an expert in a specific field then you are able to offer your consultancy services and training to other individuals who may be looking for the service.

This is one of the best and lucrative free online business opportunities since you are able to provide training and consultancy even to people from other parts of the world in fields such as accounting, cooking, fitness, and health among many others.

You may also open business pages on different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among many others in order to promote your online business.

Management Of Social Media Profiles
photo of a mobile phone with the word Social

In the world we live in there are thousands of high profile individuals, small and medium businesses who are in need of individuals who can manage their social profiles.

As a manager of social media profiles, you are able to manage the persons’ Twitter or Facebook account and update it regularly. You will be responsible for increasing the number of followers and engagement.

You are able to earn approximately $200 to $1000 just for managing one single account. However, you may need to learn digital marketing skills before starting this business.

Virtual Assistant

silhouette of young woman sitting and typing on pc This is one of the best free online business ideas and is very popular among women. The work is like that of a personal assistant, however, you need not be there physically in order to work.

You are able to help individuals using their skills hence managing their businesses partially as per their instructions. Some sites you can visit include, Fiverr etc. where you will find unlimited opportunities.

These are just a few of the many options when it comes to free online business opportunities. You just need to find what works for you best and work at it until you get the best results.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about Online Business Opportunities or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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