How To Make Money Online Blogging

how to make money online blogging

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By the time you’re done reading this article, another blog would have been launched into the already congested blogosphere. What this means is that every day, every hour, a new blog is set into motion across the world. While 30% of the blogs launched are just to gain an online presence for their organization, self-publicity or other reasons best known to them, the 70% left are all geared towards making money online. It’s heard, blogging pays, oh yes, it does very well, and so everyone wants to hop in and make the dough. The sad reality is that just a handful of them make the money, which was the original intent.

Why Is This So?

Not so difficult to deduce, they jump onto the bandwagon unarmed with blogging prerequisites, they are not to blame anyway, opening a blog these days is a no-brainer, an internet rookie can begin one in a matter of minutes by just following simple guidelines. And the fascinating part is that it’s free.

So you see why the blogosphere is cluttered with blogs whose owners haven’t sat down to learn the ropes and know-how and what the successful ones did to make the bucks out of blogging.

However, some are well acquainted with their onions in the blogging sphere but lack the patience to endure the trying times, the seasons of droughts where the site can’t be found even if you click next ten pages on Google, where the sites garner just ten views from family and friends in a month. These are genuinely trying times that could make anyone without firm balls quit, but on the flip slide, those who preserve finally get to smile to the bank.

Okay enough of the odds and down to the nitty-gritty.

Whether you’re starting out blogging or you’ve gone way ahead in it, this article is going to be of help either way.

How To Make Money From Blogging

There are ten steps, the first five will dwell on the preparation for blogging, while the last five will address the monetizing part.

Let’s start with the preparation or call it a pre-blogging toolkit.

1. The Motive Behind The Blog Launch

Why do you want this blog? For money? To have a web presence? Or just a platform to sell yourself, or perhaps you want to show the world what you have in store? Knowing the prime motive of starting a blog can guide you and save you lots of stress in the long run. So let’s say, your primary aim for starting out a blog is just to be seen or heard then from the onset your blog will be all about doing what you know how to do best. It could be poetry, motivational writings, lifestyle or religion. When your blog takes this shape, monetizing might take longer than expected and you won’t be worried about it one bit. But if your prime aim is to make money, then follow me to the next step.

2. Do You Have Lots Of Time To Spare?

Now that we’ve left those guys up there who just want a blog for themselves and are rich enough, so they don’t need the money, I welcome you all here. Now you want to make money off the blog, pretty cool, but can you afford the time? It’s a critical question, you see those guys up there, they can starve their blog of contents for days and post whenever they feel like, and nothing goes wrong, because their motive does not revolve around the money, but blogging for money demands lots of sacrifices in the form time, plenty of it. Your blog needs to be flooded daily with contents so it won’t lose its taste, you’re gonna have to work off your butt late into night after night, you’re going to deny yourself lots of things just to get to that height were the bucks flow like streams. So ask yourself correctly, do I have the time? When you’ve answered that, you can follow me down to the next step. Now I’m sure most people must have dropped off just like the first stage, okay where are the rest? Let’s go down.

3. Find A Lucrative Niche

Once again, for all those who followed me down here, you’re all welcomed. Now that you’ve discovered you have plenty of time to spare and your target is to make money, the next step is to think of a lucrative niche, what do people fancy online, what do they like clicking whenever they surf the web. You can even survey this, but I’ll give you some. You see niches like romance and relationships, news, technology, comedy, sports betting, celebrity gossip et al., command traffic like bees on a hive. Think of it, the majority of web surfers are youths, having relationship issues here and there, wanting to laugh their hearts out with comedy, always having gadget issues where your tech blog can come in handy and other juvenile needs. So you see, the traffic in this lane is high, if you pitch your tent here, you’re most likely to succeed, but, that depends on the step number four below. Don’t fret yet, at this point, no one is dropping, any deficiency here can be fixed quickly unlike the first two. So shall we?

4. What Do You Know?

You’ll all agree with me that if I’m so talented at finding my way around gadgets without stress, then I’ll do great with a tech blog, or I’m a playboy with years of experience at hitting and laying all kinds of women then a romance blog won’t stress me. So what do you know? What are you knowledgeable about, what prodigy and prowess do you possess? What skills have you learned?. You see, if you’re coming into blogging blank in brains and you intend to copy and paste your way into wealth, then you’re on a wrong path. Your creativity and expertise in any of the lucrative niches gives you a cutting edge over other copy and paste blogs. But no harm is done just in case you came to copy and paste; it’s not too late to learn some skills. Even if you want to copy, edit and paste, you’ll still need writing skills to do that. So go learn something and be good at it, then bring it into blogging, it’ll be of immense help trust me.

Finally on the preparations

5. Be Ready To Work Hard
working hard

You can ask Pat Flynn and his coevals, blogging is not meant for the slothful lot, so it’s time to dust off that lazy attitude of yours that keeps you procrastinating till even the time you think you’ve got in step two is stolen away. Blogging demands lots of hard work, research and time. You might think sitting down behind a computer screen is like a walk in the park, I dare you to try it out for 5 hours and testify. Be ready to work, be willing to persevere, and the clouds will be your minimum height.

Now that we’ve cleared the rudiments to let’s get the money.

6. Create Engaging Content And Share
content is king

You’re sitting in your preferred niche, armed with plenty of time and tenacity to work. Take the pain to create gripping contents, materials that will force readers to read and share with family and friends. Try to avoid mediocre orthodox post like plagues. There are blogs that the thought of visiting them makes me elated because it’s so uncommon and gets me glued. And I market these blogs orally and virtually to friends and families for free without the bloggers being aware of my services. So try to be unique, create a competitive advantage, and you won’t have to scout for views. Nevertheless, despite how rich your contents are, still, share them on various social media platforms, and your reach will be far.

7. Google ads
Google Ads

This is one fine way to make money swiftly. When your blog grows so large after you’ve consistently gripped a plethora of audience to your blog, you can adequately host your blog and apply for a Google AdSense approval. When this is successful, Google supply adverts to blogs and each click on those ads fetches you money.

8. Affiliate Marketing

This is almost akin to the Google ads, all you need do is to pitch online stores like Amazon and sign up for an affiliate program, get their products or services, then you place it on your blog and recommend it to your audience. Whenever a product is bought through the link on your blog, the company gives you a commission.

9. Make Your Audience Pay For Quality Content

This would gulp up tremendous resources from you, but it’s rewarding. You create a forum where only members who have paid can access. There you provide premium content that can’t be found around quickly, you can choose to mentor people in this paid section, teach them some skills, offer them e-books for free, give them some other freebies as you deem fit and before you say, Jack!! The membership has skyrocketed which translates to more money for you.

10. Create And Sell e-Books

Since you’re no longer a greenhorn in that blogging niche, some of your posts could be annotated and converted to e-books which you can sell on your blog and make cool money. You can also get e-books from family and friends and sell on your blog while the proceeds are shared between both parties.

There you have it! An honest look at what it takes to really succeed online with a blog. By now most people would have decided it’s hard and I would agree with them, however, is it worth it? Absolutely YES! Any job or business is hard however if you are prepared to put in the effort and give it time you will enjoy the rewards that most people dream about.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about how to make money online blogging or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Moni,

    I really Loved your article. I especially loved your insights on selecting the right niche, working hard and creating content of value. Very good advice for the beginner but also a good reminder for the veteran digital marketer.

    Thank for posting!

    1. Hi Steven.. thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      I am happy you found some value in the article and I appreciate your kind words.
      It’s comments like this keep me going and to continue to provide valuable content to my readers.. thank you!

  2. Hi Moni,

    Thank you for the great tip! In my opinion, #6 “creating engaging content and share” is important and something I always focus on. If we create engaging content, then people will respond, and the blog become more alive and looks good in Search Engine. Sharing to social media could be very powerful too.

    1. Hi Kyoko.. thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.. I appreciate it!

      You are absolutely right quality content is the key to making money from blogging as it’s the quality content that will build up your loyal readership. You may find article I wrote earlier “what is content marketing about” useful read.

      I agree with you Social Media sharing at this time if one of the most powerful methods for driving traffic to your site.

    1. Hi Amar.. thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      I am happy to hear you found the article helpful.
      Wish you much success!

  3. You can earn some good money writing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. You can find topics by following daily cryptocurrency trends

    1. Hi Tammy.. thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      You are right Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies is a “HOT-TOPIC” at this time.

      For someone not familiar with Bitcoin check out my earlier article Bitcoin For Beginners Guide

      Tammy, thank you for your input it is appreciated!

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