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how to make money from home on computer

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Generating income to pay bills, cater to your needs, and prepare for what the future may bring cannot be disregarded by anyone. The streets, shops, and offices are full to the brim with people making a living in one way or another so why is it that individuals dream about how to make money from home on computer? The major factor is circumstances and conditions that restrict people to stay at home and not venture out in the streets or seek employment in offices to make a living.

Who Are Those Seeking To Make Money From Home?

Nursing mothers or Stay At Home Mothers – who are restricted to stay at home due to family commitments. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that some of these stay at home mothers have skills and want to provide an additional source of income to what their partners are earning.

Unemployed graduates – in these times far too many graduates are unemployed and these people are forced to look at the internet as a means of making money using their computers from home.

Students – due to time constraints on their studies students are not able to seek employment and therefore it makes sense to seek to make money from home on computer.

Retirees – the majority of the retired people are finding their pension is not enough to have a quality of life they dreamed of and getting a job is very challenging. They have skills they can share with people so they also turn to the internet to make money from home on computer.

The last category is anyone who is working but needs more income. With prices of everything on the increase almost daily it’s no wonder people are looking for a side hustle to bring in some extra cash.

Benefits Of Making Money From Home?

Flexible Working Hours – One of the most important benefits is the flexible working hours that make it possible for you to accommodate a host of other activities such as managing your home, taking care of children, studies, learning new skills, crafts, etc. The possibilities and opportunities for making money online are endless. There are unlimited possibilities to make money from home on computer from affiliate marketing, copywriting, selling online, to even doing online surveys and getting paid.

No Investment – With many online opportunities there is no investment involved apart from your time, a computer and an internet connection which you already have if you are reading this article.

It is safe and stress-free so let’s now look at some different ways to make money from home on computer.

Selling Stuff On eBay


We all have stuff in the attic, house, garage or store that we no longer need and all this can be turned into cash by selling on eBay easily and without any stress. Just go to the eBay website to register and create your seller profile.

Once you are ready with your account set up take photos of the things you want to sell and list them for sale. Now wait for interested people to start bidding and subsequently purchasing your item. By doing a little market research for popular products you will be able to set a reasonable minimum bid and not frighten potential buyers. Always make sure to get positive feedback from your customers to build up your positive ratings.

Writing and Selling Books On Amazon

Amazon Marketplace

If you have writing skills and some knowledge about a particular topic why not pen your thoughts into books on relevant topics. This is another great way to make money from home using your computer. The process is simple, go to Amazon and create a seller’s account and then upload your book for sale.

The most rewarding part of selling a book online is that as long as there is traffic being directed to the book by Amazon you will continue to keep earning. It goes without saying the more books you have the bigger your income earning potential.

Online Surveys

Online Surveys

With online surveys, you will not make enough to change your lifestyle however you can earn some money to help towards your monthly bills. There are many websites that work with large companies who want to collect information about their market and products and you can earn money by completing a survey to give your feedback.

While the majority of the online survey websites are free however there are some that are not free and these you should avoid. Be cautious as many of the sites that ask you for money to join may not be genuine sites. It’s always a good idea to Google the site you want to work with and read the online reviews of the site and if there are more negative reviews than positive reviews keep searching for another site.

With online surveys sometimes there will not be enough surveys for you to complete so work with many sites at the same time to increase your earnings.



Blogging is simply writing about your passion or interest. Blogging has become a very lucrative method of earning money on the internet. It all starts by creating a niche website and continually adding exciting content. Don’t panic if you have a technophobia. These days creating a site takes literally minutes even for a non-techie beginner.

Once you have your niche site set up and you have some good content on the site it is now time to think about site traffic. A good place to start to drive traffic to your site is social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. where people see a snippet and to see the whole article they go to your website.

Once you have a steady stream of site visitors the next question is how to monetize your site? Advertising is one of the many ways to make money from blogging. One of the most popular advertising platforms is Google AdSense and you can sign up for a Google AdSense account to place ads on your site to earn an income. The more traffic you direct to your site the bigger your AdSense earnings.

Freelance Writing


If you have writing skills another great opportunity of working from home at hours to suit you is to become a freelance writer. With many online platforms connecting writers and buyers there are abundant opportunities including technical writing for marketing products, writing articles for journals, magazines, or newspapers.

It is also possible to be a guest writer for blogs, contributing articles to different sites and getting paid in the process. To become a freelance writer there is zero risks and no financial investment required making this an incredible way to make money from home on computer.

Websites such as Fiverr, Content Mart, UpWork, etc offer freelance writers an opportunity to connect with content buyers.

Affiliate Marketing

Millions of people around the world are making serious money with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing really does provide a win-win situation for all parties concerned from the product seller to the affiliate marketer to the end consumer. It is not surprising that affiliate marketing has been growing over the years and this trend is set to grow faster than before for the next decade and beyond.

All businesses need customers to survive and they have realized by setting up an affiliate program and offering individuals the opportunity to market their products on the individuals’ websites they will gain customers they would not otherwise have. As an affiliate marketer with a website you find an affiliate program with a product related to your niche, you sign up to become an affiliate and get a unique link and banners. You promote the product on your site using the referral link and whenever your site visitors click on the link and buy the product from the vendor you make a commission.

The biggest advantages are there is no need for you to have your own product, no need for you to stock the product, no need for you to deliver the product, no need for you to provide customer service and no need for any financial investment. The companies offer affiliates good rates of commission and for some products, affiliates can earn as much as 75% of the product selling price.

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Selling Photos

There are many websites online where you can sell your photos. If you are a skilled photographer you can make money from home by selling your photos to these photo sites. If you want to showcase your talents and make money at the same time here are some websites you can check out: Shutter stock, Fotolia, BlueMelon, Etsy, Fotomoto, Crestock, 500px, Snapped4u, Photoshelter, Alamy and TourPhotos. All these websites welcome photographers with great images.


The other option is for you to set up your own blog and sell your own photos. This is quite simple to do and the benefits of setting up your own blog are:

  • Set your own prices
  • No sharing of earnings
  • Complete control of your content
  • Set your own conditions

We recommend using WordPress as the platform for setting up your blog and use the Envira Gallery plug-in to arrange the images in a beautiful way to get a good aesthetic view to attracting potential customers.

The internet provides unlimited possibilities and opportunities for you to make money from home on computer. We have provided you with some options that do not require any financial investment however they may require you to learn some new things to make them work. Select the option that suits you and get to work or continue to explore other options on this site. Good luck!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about how to make money from home on a computer or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Some great ideas here Moni i have tried and am trying affiliate marketing with reasonable success, also my brother is a keen photographer and i just starting to sell his photos…

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      Happy to hear you are doing affiliate marketing. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the most financially rewarding income source on the web.

      If you need any help with affiliate marketing check out the article Affiliate Marketing Training Courses.

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