What Is Monitor Backlinks?

What Is Monitor Backlinks About

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Monitor Backlinks is an effective marketing and growth-enhancing tool that assists you in developing backlinks and a lot more.

Monitor Backlinks is an online SEO tool that immediately notifies users of activities about their backlinks. The app lets you see your current status in regard to your backlinks and likewise permits you to see what your competitors in business are doing in regard to their backlinks.

Monitor Backlinks is a user-friendly SEO tool targeted at SEO companies, online businesses, and digital online marketers to make it simple to track their keywords and backlinks.

What Does Monitor Backlinks Offer?

Monitor Backlinks is an online tool that gathers backlink information from sources such as Majestic and Moz, then removes the scrap to deliver a richer and leaner list of backlinks. The tool includes a list of outstanding features to assist keep an eye on your backlinks and track your rivals’ keywords and backlinks. As well as tracking your backlinks, it also automatically monitors your Google keyword rankings.

Monitor Backlinks will send you an automated e-mail notice every time you earn or lose a backlink. It also lets you, spy on your competitors’ high-quality keywords and notifies you whenever your rivals earn new high ranking links allowing you to use this knowledge to take advantage and improve your rankings.


Monitor Backlinks supplies comprehensive feedback on all your backlinks, revealing efficiency stats of the backlinks that are adding to the success of your business and those that are performing poorly so that you have the knowledge to take the appropriate action to add value to your business. In addition to this, Monitor Backlinks helps you to spy on your competition by exposing your rivals’ SEO strategies and their high performing keywords and backlinks that are helping them with higher Google rankings.

The tool keeps track of statistics from natural organic traffic, brand-new backlinks, and keyword rankings. Apart from tracking your rivals link building strategies it also tracks broken or changed links. Actually Monitor Backlinks goes further than just discovering and monitoring your rivals link building strategies it also keeps track of search ranking fluctuations, gives a detailed overview of organic traffic via the Google Analytics platform, monitors high-value link health, and provides a comprehensive report on new links.

When we talk about bad backlinks, Monitor Backlinks will not just show you the date this bad link was discovered it will also give you the status of the link, which pages are linked, the anchor text, the number of social media shares, Moz’s DA/PA, Page Rank, the country of origin and how many external links on the page.

With this tool, you can fine-tune your SEO strategies to provide a robust backlink profile and target your SEO efforts to increase your site rankings and get higher exposure for your business. It’s an all-in-one tool that integrates all the crucial SEO functions and metrics that make it simpler to connect with massive data under one platform.

One of the best benefits of Monitor Backlinks is the fact it allows you to perfect your link building profile on a small budget. It can be very challenging to build quality backlinks without deep pockets however Monitor Backlinks helps you get quality high-value links and all without breaking the bank.

Monitor Backlinks tracks the SEO strategies of the biggest players in the industry and notifies you when they earn a new backlink, all you have to do is copy their processes to get your new links and give your rankings a boost.

Monitor Backlinks will track your site daily and monitor the health of your site while continually searching for new links that target your website. When it finds new links you are notified so you can take advantage and forge new alliances and engage with credible blogs and sites to increase your reach, grow your brand and set yourself up for success.

What Is The Cost Of Using Monitor Backlinks

To cater to a wide range of customers Monitor Backlinks provides different pricing options. See below for a breakdown and features of each price option to select the plan that fits your brand name’s requirements.

Regular Monthly Paid Price Plans

If Paid Yearly, Monitor Backlinks Offer Discounted Rate

All Plans Include:

  • Automatic Verification
  • Keyword Rank Checking
  • Email Alerts
  • SEO Metrics from Multiple Sources
  • Backlinks Management
  • In-Depth Backlink Reports
  • Link Disavowal
  • Bulk Link Import

Customized Plans

The company also offers custom plans for businesses that don’t fit within the pricing options offered. If your business requires a different plan to what is offered contact the company to discuss your requirements and how they can help you.

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Monitor Backlinks diverse features are divided into the following pages:

Overview Page

This page has icons that monitor performance metrics of your site and include:

  • Social Icon which shows the Social Media shares for your homepage
  • Your Alexa Rank
  • Your Moz Rank
  • Your Domain Authority
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Your Website Speed

The overview page also shows indicators for spam, quality of the websites linking to your website, and citation flow to show the influence and safety of your website. These are all very important statistics for your website’s success.

Backlinks Page

On the backlinks page, you will find all your backlinks shown according to when you obtained these backlinks. By clicking on each backlink, the page will offer you an in-depth analysis of the backlink performance. This will help you assist you to determine which backlinks are performing best and which are the bad links so you can decide to either keep them or disavow them.

Reports Page

The reports page provides an extensive information reportage on every element of your website’s backlinks in visually-rich charts. You can filter each report by exporting to CSV file or picking some criteria, which immediately alters the report to show that filter.

Competitors Page

On the competitor’s page you can track the SEO and link building activities of your rivals by entering the domain of as many competitors as your pricing plan allows. Once a week Monitor Backlinks will check your rivals’ links and notify you when it finds new links. The other extra information it provides about your competitors is their Moz rank, Trust Flow, Spam Score, Citation Flow, and link status which helps you to compare your site’s efficiency to your competitors.

Monitor Backlinks Easy Dashboard


Keywords Page

This page offers a graph of the efficiency of your keywords relative to your rivals, the position of your keywords in search engine results in addition to in-depth stats of chosen keywords which you are tracking.

On this page, you can see the performance of your keywords and compare it with your competitors’ keywords, also other metrics such as cost-per-click, competition score, and even total search volume,

Disavow Page

On this page, you will find the setting for disavowing or removing bad links to your site. The function is particularly helpful when a spam website is connecting to your website or pages, as this can bring you penalties from Google.

History Page

The history page assists you by tracking old backlinks that are actually not working. Monitor Backlinks will inspect these links every 5 days for any changes in their status.


In our opinion, the price Monitor Backlinks provides a lot of value. With this tool, you have the ability to stay abreast of the latest developments regarding your backlinks and keywords as well as having a cost-effective tool to build a formidable backlink system by spying on your competitors’ performance. This tool has a simple interface allowing users easy navigation, and many useful features. For any business, small or large, searching for a way to step up their link building and keyword strategies, Monitor Backlinks is an excellent option.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about Monitor Backlinks or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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