What Is Solo Build It?

What Is Solo Build It About

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Since 1997, Solo Build It has been providing world-class all-in-one online business training courses to help thousands of people start and maintain profitable internet marketing businesses. If you’ve been wondering what the company is all about, you will learn everything you need to know about Solo Build It and the services that it provides in this Solo Build It review.

What Is Solo Build It?

Solo Build It or SBI is a company that provides all-encompassing training on how to build websites, select profitable niches, and how to makes your website a money-making machine. It takes you through step-by-step training on the nitty-gritty of website creation, keyword and niche research, site monetization, and everything in between. Click here to visit the official site

SBI is one of the best online business resources out there that provides all the tools you need to start your online enterprise in one place and continues to support you every step of the way.

Solo Build It provides website builder, web hosting, and keyword research tools as well as other business growing tools to start, run, and make your online business profitable.

It is important to state that Solo Build It was Site Build It at inception. It changed to its current name in 2001 and has grown to become one of the greatest tools for solopreneurs in the digital marketing landscape.

The SBI Teaching Model
Teaching Model

SBI uses a model it calls CTPM for its training courses. CTPM represents:

  • Content: This relates to your website content including articles, blog posts, reviews, and videos.
  • Traffic: These are the various ways of pulling visitors to your website.
  • Pre-sell: This step teaches you how to nurture relationships with your potential customers and gain their trust.
  • Monetize: This stage teaches you how to convert potential customers into real buyers for money.

The CTPM concept teaches you how to choose a profitable niche market, provides the tools you need to build a website targeted at the niche market, provide high-value content that will help you rank in Google and drive traffic to your website and then recommend affiliate products relevant to your audience, thereby making money. This is all there is to build a successful business online if done correctly.

SBI Training Resources
Action Guide

SBI offers a training course known as the Action Guide which is a 10-Day course that teaches you how to start an online business from scratch up to the monetization stage. Solo Build It emphasizes that the platform is not a Get Rich Quick scheme and you will have to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice despite the top-of-the-line tools they provide. In fact, don’t expect to start making money immediately because online businesses also have a gestation period like their offline counterparts. You will get the best training in the industry, but you also need to do your part if you want to succeed as an online solopreneur.

Solo Build It 10-Day course covers the whole spectrum of the online business continuum from the idea and conceptualization stage to monetization. Here is a breakdown of the Action Guide

Day 1: Master the All-important Basics
Day 2: Develop your best site concept
Day 3: Brainstorm more profitable page topics
Day 4: Investigate and plan monetization options
Day 5: Refine your site concept and register your domain name
Day 6: Build a site that gets the click
Day 7: Build free traffic from a variety of sources
Day 8: Develop relationships
Day 9: Know your visitors
Day 10: Monetize

With this guide, you will learn everything you need to start your online business, develop money-making ideas, research the various options available for monetizing your website, and how to develop a website that succeeds.

The guide will also teach you how to get traffic from a variety of free and paid sources, customer engagement, and interaction, how to build and consolidate your relationship with visitors to earn their trust, and finally, how to get your customers to buy the products that you recommend on your website.

The Action Guide is well arranged and written in a language that is easy to understand no matter your level of expertise in the online business world. It suffices to say that the training is accessible and offers tons of value for beginners and experts alike.

Solo Build It Tools
solo build it tools

Solo Build It provides an unbelievable amount of tools to help set up your online business. Everything was developed in-house and now with further improvement, SBI is now also available for WordPress. This is a big advantage for people as using the WordPress platform allows them to take advantage of the thousands of WP plugins that could help optimize user interaction with their website. Solo Build It make sure to provide everything you need to succeed. Here are some of their best tools:

Site Builder is a drag-and-drop based website builder that helps you easily and quickly build highly-intuitive websites.

Brainstorm is a keyword research tool that generates a large number of keywords based on one seed keyword. With this tool, you can carry out high-level keyword research to rank your website and specific pages or content relating to your target niche.

Site Designer provides a ton of website templates to help you create professional-looking sites that attract visitors.

You also have other tools such as the Business Center, Page Manager, Traffic Center, Download Center, and Info Center among others.

Each of these tools also provides access to several other tools such as autoresponder, hosting, social media management tools, auto blogging, free traffic resources, and others.

How Much Does Solo Build It Cost?

Solo Build It offers its monthly membership subscription for $29.99 and also provides a 90-day return policy in case the service wasn’t what you expected it to be. For such a modest amount, the platform offers so much value to help you become a successful online business owner. However, the large number of resources can be quite confusing for newbies sometimes, making it important to take it slow when interacting with the platform. It’s not complicated, but there is a learning curve to getting the best out of SBI, but it gets much better after getting the hang of it.

SBI Support

Solo Build It provides round the clock support for its members, and their representatives are courteous and prompt in attending to the questions of clients. You can also get help from the SBI forum where members can share ideas and network to grow their online businesses.

Why Use Solo Build It?

Solo Build It provides a ton of excellent resources for a surprisingly modest $29.99 per month or $299 per year, making it one of the most affordable turn-key resources for starting a profitable online business. Plus, it also offers a whopping 90-Day money-back guarantee. Compared to many other related services, Solo Build It offers way more value for a drastically low price.

One of the things going for SBI is their long presence as a formidable powerhouse in online business training. A quick check around will show you that hundreds of the most affluent internet marketers we know now once passed through the world-class training provided by SBI at some point in their careers. It’s a great platform for the solopreneur, and their tools can set you up fast even if you lack basic tech skills.

However, the SBI website could use some facelift. Many people have complained about the site’s poor navigation which can make accessing information a challenge. The members’ forum is also not alive as it used to be but you can get all the help you will ever need from their 24/7 support.

Click here to visit the official site

Solo Build It offers a great opportunity to help you build a successful online business from scratch. But you must understand that you also need to work to make it happen. Making money is hard whether you run an online or offline business. The start might be rough, but if you can dedicate your efforts and time to doing the right things, you will succeed eventually, and then it will become effortless. Until then, you can use Solo Build It training resources to make the journey easier and faster. See you at the top!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about Solo Build It or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Solo Build It!

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