Work at Home Scams Exposed

Work At Home Scams Exposed

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If you’ve read guides advising you on how to work from home and earn money, you’ve probably been warned of the many scams that exist these days. However, they never seem to go into detail of where these scams are, what they’re called, and why you should be avoiding them. In fact, even though we’ve given advice on how to avoid scams online, we’ve haven’t actually given examples which is why we’ve created this work at home scams exposed guide! Remember this is just the tip of the iceberg and you really need to be extra careful and do your due diligence before parting with your hard earned money!

Before getting started, we feel as though we should preface this because we don’t want you to get the wrong idea about online opportunities or working from home. As long as you choose the right company and use some tips we’re going to provide later, you’ll be absolutely fine. If we expose a scam within a certain industry, this doesn’t mean the whole industry is a scam. Instead, it just means that this particular company has taken it for granted and used the platform to scam people out of their money or personal information.

With this out the way, it’s time to expose some ‘websites’ and ‘companies’!

#1: Secure Job Position
Secure Job Position Scam

That’s right, this one is anything but what the name suggests. In case you haven’t seen this opportunity while surfing the web, it claims to be an online ‘bible’ where they write about anything to do with working from home or making money. Originally, they started as one website but now they have dozens and this is where you need to be careful.

Ultimately, Secure Job Position is the company responsible and they’ve opened several websites all providing the same thing whether it’s ‘Entrepreneur Jobs Club’ or any other name. Sadly, they seem to launch another website as soon as their previous work at home scam has been exposed. With these websites, there are some common themes that are noticeable and one seems to be their love of fake news. With every site they launch, they create articles and endorsements from sites like Forbes and CNN that are actually fake.

In terms of how they make their money, they ask you to pay $97 for information regarding the process of working from home and making money. Often, they offer discounts when you go to exit the website and this is where they catch many because the price has suddenly halved. Of course, the information is useless or you get sent to another site.

#2: Get Paid 1k Per Day
Get Paid 1k Per Day Scam

As we’ve said many times in the past, websites or platforms that have to show off how much you can earn are generally scams because this isn’t how it works. With the very best platforms, they explain that there are opportunities to earn money but only if you work hard. With ‘Get Paid 1k Per Day’ their name alone is going against every piece of advice we’ve ever given.

If you could earn $1,000 per day, wouldn’t everybody be doing it? Wouldn’t everybody be talking about it? Despite claiming to make you a millionaire in no time, this nasty platform actually does the opposite by taking your money for no return. After signing up, you’re sent to a website that offers hosting (this should set the alarm bells ringing already!). Then, they offer free successful websites so long as you pay $100 for hosting but the whole thing is fake. When testing, we were sent fake website files instead of the promise to make money and our investment was gone.

When looking through the website, you’ll see all the red flags waving including fake testimonials, poor name, false promises, and overly expensive hosting. Of course, we understand that you need hosting for a website but this service uses it to fool people. If the owner had several successful websites, why would they give them away for free?

#3: BitConnect

When compiling ideas for this work at home scams exposed guide, we knew immediately that we wanted to include one Bitcoin website because this is getting conversations started all over the world right now. With Bitcoin, you need to be incredibly careful while taking your time to research everything. Today, we’ve chosen to focus on BitConnect but we could have chosen from numerous examples due to some key reasons.

Firstly, they promise too much and you know this is something we dislike. For an investment of $10,000, they promise daily interest of 0.25% which is incredible because it’ll soon add up. In addition to this, they suggest an extra 480% just out of the blue (and this is before we even consider referrals!). For us, these numbers seem overly ambitious and, ultimately, unattainable.

Secondly, we want to talk about the language used because we saw words like ‘guaranteed’ and risk-free’ but how can this be the case with Bitcoin? With millions of people trading and working with Bitcoin on a daily basis, prices are always changing so, much like stocks and shares, nothing can ever be guaranteed. Even with the spelling and grammar, there were too many mistakes to even list here. If companies have non-native English speakers, they send their content to native speakers for proofreading whether a professional service or a friend. Why? Because they want to look professional.

Thirdly, we also believe their practices are a little strange so this is something else you should look for during your research. Perhaps above all else, they don’t ask for money or their own currency but instead Bitcoin. For us, this suggests they know their own currency will be worth nothing as soon as the website is closed down. While there are legitimate Bitcoin services online, this one doesn’t make the grade.

#4: Resonance Capital
Resonance Capital

Moving back to the work at home scams exposed theme, Resonance Capital is a service that works in the multi-level marketing industry which, as you may know, is a breeding ground for scams. During our experience on the website, we were worried on numerous occasions and it started with a lack of the basics. Despite suggesting they have 25,000 customers around the world, there’s no mention of any owners except one video of ‘Development Director Maris Landbergis’. After typing this name into Google, it seems Maris is actually the CEO and there’s very little information online about him.

Perhaps the biggest concern of all, the Vanuatu license is actually forged. While looking through the Vanuatu Financial Commission register, we came across no Resonance Capital which means they have no license and this has complications of its own; i.e. they aren’t being regulated.

Finally, they suggest you can work from home and earn a commission as well as a return on your investment depending on which package you choose. Although this seems fair and it’s a system many businesses choose, the website has no mention whatsoever of what they deal in. If they don’t provide this, how could we possibly trust them?

#5: Instant Success System
Instant Success System

Although it broke our golden rule of promising too much with the name, we originally let Instant Success System go but then we learned more and it deserves a place on our work at home scams exposed list. Essentially, the process starts after you get an invitation and the service actually pays more money to the person who referred you than you’ll spend on the membership. Why? Because they know you’re worth more than the original membership if you can refer others or make money another way.

After signing up, they suggest you’ll get all sorts of training materials but the biggest problem is in the claims they make (as it so often is!). On their website, Instant Success System claims you can earn between $5,000 and $10,000 per month when this is simply unachievable. Therefore, the core of the business is faulty and you won’t be making the money you deserve.

Elsewhere, their website has a number of problems and it starts with the ‘our work from home opportunities have been featured on’ section. Initially, this looks great because it shows the logos for CNN, USA Today, Fox News, and more. However, we’ve seen this on so many websites that it becomes hard to keep up. Quite literally, it’s the same graphics being shared across all websites. Even after this, we found out that they’ve been dabbling in fake reviews which is always problematic. On one of their Facebook statuses, we came across comments from fake profiles and people who didn’t exist.

#6: Home Wealth Business
Home Wealth Business Scam

Finally, to complete our list of work at home scams exposed guide, we have Home Wealth Business and this is another platform we recommend you avoid because all the red flags are waving just as we’ve seen all the way through this guide.

Starting with the basics, Home Wealth Business offers lots of promises and says you can receive absolutely everything for a discounted price of $47. Unfortunately, this is just the start because you won’t have access to everything within the members’ area. Instead, you’ll have to pay more money; to gain access to everything, you could end up paying thousands. On a basic level, it’s like showing a shiny object and expecting us to feel so intrigued we keep on purchasing the next level until we’re hundreds or thousands out of pocket.

Furthermore, there’s an advertisement video that shows a screenshot of how much you can earn and they expect us to believe one user made $15,000 in ONE DAY. On average, over the course of one week, they ‘earned’ $5,600 per day. Just to add to the problem, the screenshot itself actually comes from a different advertiser called ‘ClickSure’. In fact, the same video shows two different earning screens and the second one comes from ‘ClickBank’. This, coupled with the clearly photoshopped bank account, is enough for us to call this website a scam.

Top Tips to Stay Safe

To finish this guide, we want to briefly go through some tips you can use to stay safe and ensure you don’t fall for a common scam.

Firstly, always read customer reviews…proper customer reviews. Just because their website has testimonials, this doesn’t mean they’re real so investigate and read through forums to see what people think.

Secondly, look out for simple spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Regardless of what they’re offering, no professional service would ever let a website go live with numerous errors.

Thirdly, gauge the tone of the platform. If they’re promising the world with very little effort, remember that these opportunities don’t exist. Instead, they should be offering support and the tools for success.

Next, why not contact the company directly? By having a simple conversation with them, this might highlight some glaring problems.

If you can, research the owners more or run a backward image search to make sure they haven’t used a stock photo.

If you follow these tips and think about the websites objectively, you should be able to find yourself a good platform that offers real help!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about work at home scams or you just want to leave your own personal experience, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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8 Comments on “Work at Home Scams Exposed”

  1. Hey Moni, great information here on your site. I also used to search the web for jobs online and luckily only fell into the trap once or twice. I never invested too much money because it just felt like a scam. I am glad that you do the hard work for us and we don’t have to make the same mistakes over and over. Thank you for that and keep the good work coming. Hendrik

    1. Hi Hendrik thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.. I also appreciate your kind words.

      Having been scammed more than once over the years online, I am now on a mission to stop people from getting scammed by, hopefully, giving them information before they part with their hard earned money…. Moni

  2. I came close to signing up to a few of these before I read your article. I’ve been low on cash of late and been looking for various ways to make some kind of income from home.

    Thank you for guiding me and saving me time and money on these scams.

    1. Hi Cody.. thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      Cody as currently your funds are low I suggest you start out with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership which is completely free. This will include your own niche website, a website builder and training that will walk you through the entire process to get you up and running online. Then in time as your finances improve and if you want to improve your skills and benefit from the Premium features you can take advantage of that.
      Wish you much success.. Moni

  3. I wholeheartedly agree that websites that promise you thousands of dollars per day are a downright scam, or even when they say you’re going to get filthy rich in a matter of weeks. They target newbies because they simply do not know better, and it’s a shame because they actually fall for it. However, good job exposing these scammers and I wish you all the best.

    1. Hi Brandon.. thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      For me it is heartbreaking seeing newbies getting scammed when they first come online. These people are trying to make a better life for their families and can hardly afford to lose the money. I am on a mission to stop this happening by exposing the scammers.

  4. Thanks, this really is talking facts. The jungle of online work help platforms is hard to discover. It is very helpful that with sites like this one can easily exclude some big traps. I had to go through this jungle myself before I found a program that really works. You probably already know Wealthy Affiliate, this one is no scam.

    1. Hi Stefan.. thank you for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      My mission is to help as many people as I can avoid getting scammed in this online jungle.

      As you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate the reason why I love this platform is the fact people can start out with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership which is completely free.

      This will include their own niche website, a website builder and training that will walk them through the entire process to get you up and running online. Then in time if they want to improve their skills and benefit from the Premium features they can take advantage of that.

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