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With the internet now representing the land of opportunity, the creative types among us are constantly wondering how to sell art online and make money. If you’re in this group, we have the answer here today and we’re going to explain some tips that will (hopefully!) turn your passion into a career. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it…

Three Simple Steps

Ultimately, we believe you can get started with three easy steps and we think you can do it today. Of course, we would never suggest the process of making money online is easy but we would certainly say getting set up doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out process. If you follow these three steps, you can start your journey as opposed to wondering whether it would work all the time!

#1: Create a Hub for Your Art

For step number one of how to sell art online, you need some form of base for all your art. In the past, this would have been a gallery or a small shop but today it comes in the form of a website/blog. Not only will this allow you to create pages for your art, it provides you with an opportunity to interact with your audience and talk about your passion.

After introducing yourself, you can then discuss the industry, your style of art, where you want to go in the future, and you could even post every day/week to show the progress of your latest piece. For budding artists, it can be extremely helpful to see how other artists operate and you’ll soon gather a following. As you gain a reputation, you should have people buying your art and this is the ultimate goal, right? Whether it’s a homeowner looking to decorate their new home or a business trying to make their office/shop more personable, buyers will have a one-stop shop for all your art.

Before you start panicking about opening a website, the process is nowhere near as tricky as it once was. When researching how to sell art online many years ago, it would take a matter of weeks before a website was finally fully-functional. Not only this, it would then require extensive maintenance and it made the whole process inefficient. Now, this isn’t the case.

Although there are many superb services on the internet, there’s none we recommend quite like SiteRubix and this is because they provide you with all the tools you’re ever likely to need and this makes your job easier than ever before. If you were to start right now, you could set the timer and be done within minutes and, by the end, you’d have a professional website available for the world to see.

With numerous fantastic themes you have to choose from, you can really style your website as you picture it in your mind. If you choose SiteRubix, this will also grant you access to Wealthy Affiliate which is a detailed platform offering training and advice on building your website and getting the traffic towards your service.

How To Sell Art Online SiteRubix Art Theme

If you have an idea for your site you can build your website as quickly as.. NOW, and get it set up for free. Your site will be fully functional and also give you access to the community at Wealthy Affiliate that will help you with the promotion of your art.

Build your website right now by using the little tool below and see if your free domain name is available.

If you prefer you can go directly to the Website and Start Building your COOL art site!

#2: Generate Traffic and Enjoy the Exposure

How To Sell Art Online Internet Statistics

As an artist, there’s nothing quite so satisfying yet incredibly nerve-wracking than knowing people are looking through your work. However, it’s a process we must all go through if we’re to get buyers along the way. According to the most recent statistic, there are now 3.7 Billion people online (live Stats here) so your job now is to find your niche.

With no traffic, your website becomes a sitting duck, albeit a very pretty one, and you might as well open a gallery while keeping the front doors locked and not putting posters out in the community. Before you start marketing and writing blog posts, consider your niche and think about how you’re going to draw them in. With a loose idea, you can then open Wealthy Affiliate and learn everything you need to know.

If you used SiteRubix for your website in the previous step, you’ll now have access to Wealthy Affiliate (if you didn’t, you can sign-up to Wealthy Affiliate without the website). As mentioned previously, they have extensive training on every topic you could think of including marketing and getting your name out into the world. With up-to-date training from people who have been there in the past and are now reaping the rewards, you’ll be in great hands.

At this point, this is where the how to sell art online and make money question really gets answered so grab yourself a notebook and a pen. Using social media, email, and various techniques you didn’t even consider, your art will soon be obtaining visitors on a daily basis.

#3 – Continue the Journey

How To Sell Art Online Working On LaptopOnce you have the website and the tools you need to attract visitors, all you need to do is keep going and continue along the path you’ve chosen. With Wealthy Affiliate, you have 24/7 support, access to me within the Wealthy Affiliate community (here is the link to my profile) and a superb Global Community of over 800,000. Regardless of time, you’ll receive a genuine and proper response from the community because they’re all on the website to achieve the same as you. Ultimately, everybody wants to help each other and this is clear to see.

As more and more visitors come to your website, don’t be afraid of progression and adding more art to your website or even increasing the price of your art if you’re selling out fast. With art, there’s only so many masterpieces you can sell and we don’t recommend rushing art just to keep customers happy so you’ll also learn other opportunities to make money with your website in the meantime (if you choose SiteRubix and/or Wealthy Affiliate).

Over the years, Wealthy Affiliate has made its name through affiliate marketing so this is a great way to make a little extra money. If there’s certain paintbrushes or paints you like to use, you could join the company’s affiliate program (if they don’t have one, you may be able to do it through Amazon). After placing their links on your website, anybody who clicks through and purchases the equipment will earn you a percentage of the transaction in commission.

If we go back to your blog you could turn your website into a ‘tips and tricks’ website for beginners. After adding advice and equipment to purchase, you’ll receive a commission on each sale. Of course, you don’t have to advertise products you don’t like so you can point your audience in the direction of genuinely useful items that’ll help them to get started.


There we have it, your guide on how to sell art online and make money. If you have a dream of selling art online, this doesn’t need to only be available in your sleep. With the right tools and the determination to succeed, you can live your dream and sell art for a living. While others believe it’s ‘only available on TV or in films or for the lucky few’, you can prove the world wrong and sell your art while making money online!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about selling art online or want to leave your own personal experiences, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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