What Is A Drop Shipping Business?

What Is A Dropshipping Business

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Thinking about how the viewpoints of society have actually altered in recent years, we can almost guarantee you’ve thought about beginning your own business. Whether it’s to lose the manager breathing down your neck or to have the flexibility of working from home, the majority of us have actually at least played with the concept.

For many, the concept of failure suffices to avoid them from taking the initial step while others are a little concerned about the logistics of all of it.

  • How am I expected to keep all my items?
  • Do I require to go to the post office every day to deliver to consumers?
  • Do I require to invest thousands of dollars on a site?

In the end, we put the concept to bed and get on with the typical nine-to-five job that we almost certainly dislike. Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the genuine business concepts that have actually gotten traction in recent years.

The Basics

Basically, it’s a business where you do not have to fret about stocking items or sending them out to your consumers. Rather, you work with a manufacturer and offer their items for sale on your website and make a commission when your site visitor buys a product. As soon as your site visitor buys an item or 2 your job is done due to the fact that the manufacturer gets the order and ships it out to the customer.

What Is A Dropshipping Business

With private label shipping options along with personalized billings, the client has no idea you’re drop shipping and this permits you to build a reputation within the specific niche. Listed below, we’ve broken down the procedure so you have detailed guidelines on how to get going. From here, you’ll see the advantages and disadvantages of this concept so you can evaluate whether it’s best for you!

How Does It Work: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Action 1: Choose A Supplier – To begin, you’re going to pick a provider and, with that, a specific niche for your business. Initially, we advise checking out the markets you feel enthusiastic about because this will definitely help. You may say, ‘I’ll offer anything’ now, however you require a business that’ll keep you going even when the times get rough.

Look at many suppliers if you wish to cover a variety of specific niches. Also, look through online directory sites and lists of supplier websites who are prepared to enable drop shipping business, we likewise advise looking through local/regional directory sites if you choose this path. Preferably, you require a business that understands how drop shipping works since this suggests they have procedures in place to invite you to their team.

When investigating, ask some questions consisting of the time they require to deliver, the shipping methods available, their quality assurance procedures, whether you can utilize their item images, and if they provide any service warranties. At this stage, we likewise advise purchasing a number of products so you can inspect the quality and guarantee you’d enjoy associating your name with the items.

Action 2: Choose Your Products – At this phase, you require to be cautious due to the fact that there needs to be a balance between items you like and items that you will offer when you begin marketing them. While it’s all well and good picking items you can discuss and offer well, this immediately ends up being redundant if there’s inadequate demand for them.

Keep in mind, these items will be a reflection of your brand name and you require to offer them every single day. At all times, you should feel truly thrilled about what you’re offering.

What Is A Dropshipping Buisness Shopify Bag

Action 3: Create Your Platform –  Normally, at this stage, a large number of people drop out. After picking a specific niche and their items, they then recognize that beginning a site needs too much effort or cash. If you go it alone, the procedure is much simpler than it used to be however you will still be required to invest time so it works like a respectable shop. However, to make your life easier we recommend a platform called Shopify .

On Shopify, we have a great platform for all those looking to begin an e-commerce shop. Immediately, you’ll have access to thousands of various styles for your site and you can even select your own domain name.

Not just will Shopify assist you to sell on their own platform, they provide an opportunity to include a ‘Shopify Buy Button’ in other places on the web. Even after this, you can sell on Facebook too and this might be useful considering it’s now among the most-visited sites on the web. We recommend checking out the free trial and we are sure you will be surprised and thrilled with the results if you have not yet attempted Shopify.

Step 4: Add Your Products – At this moment, you should email the manufacturer and ask if they’d be happy to invite you to the team. You should also have a beautiful site all set to welcome shoppers and help them become proud owners of cool brand-new items. The only thing left now is to add the products to your new store.

To start, we suggest having a discussion with the manufacturer regarding what information of the product is important to include in the product description and if they will allow you to use the product images on your site. At this stage when you are on a site try to think like a buyer, what do you like to see? Of course, high-quality images take center stage, you also need to consider the layout of the information in the description box since a messy appearance simply will not sell.

Step 5: Get Started – What is a drop shipping business? Well, by this stage you have one! With all the products added, make sure you are happy with everything before pressing the magic button to go live with your online store. 

We want to bring your attention back to Shopify for a minute, the more advanced memberships include a blog, gift cards, fraud analysis, 24/7 support, discount codes, and full professional reports so this why we recommend you consider this. With these advanced features, you remain in control of your business and there are opportunities to grow in the coming years.

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Advantages Of Choosing A Drop Shipping Business

Should you select a drop shipping business? For us, we like to see advantages and disadvantages list since this permits you to weigh up your choices. What are the significant advantages of picking this type of service?

What Is A Dropshipping Business Small Dollar

Small Capital Investment – For us, this is the biggest benefit because you hardly have any costs. With your own site, you might require an expert designer as well as your time to research. However, with Shopify, nearly everything is done for you when you pay for a membership. When you’ve invested the time discovering your specific niche and developed your site from design templates, you can get started with no requirement for stock and no requirement for storage area. Ultimately, you can get started as long as you have a pc and internet connection.

Easy Startup – With no requirement to purchase stock or keep it anywhere, this is among the simplest home-based business to begin. Instead of stressing over discovering an area, establishing shipping policies, developing your product packaging, discovering your purchasing procedure so you never ever run low on stock, and tracking all stock, you can do whatever online without any headaches.

Flexible Variables
 – If you’re aiming to escape the dullness of operating in a workplace every day, a drop shipping service would be ideal since you can work from anywhere in the world. As long as the order goes through to the manufacturer and you have a web connection to communicate with customers, you might operate in your living-room all the time or perhaps on a bright beach someplace.

Opportunities To Scale – If you were to offer your own items, scaling upwards would suggest a financial investment into a bigger center, more employees, and so on. With drop shipping, you would not require to do anything to scale upwards. You may add a couple of more products on your online shop and introduce different departments however the manufacturer is still packing and delivering whatever for you.

Passive Income – Once you have credibility and you automate the emailing system for when consumers order from you, you can take breaks whenever needed. Even when you’re on a trip, your site will still bring in visitors and you can generate a passive income. With a physical business, someone will need to be there instead of you.

Downsides Of Choosing A Drop Shipping Business

What Is A Dropshipping Business Competition

Severe Competition – With the procedure being low-cost and so simple, you’re going to be up against some excellent online stores. Before you begin, you need to ask yourself whether you have the enthusiasm and commitment to be successful. If you do, there are still over 7 billion individuals on the planet so the marketplace can never ever actually be ‘too saturated’.

Tracking Inventory – When dealing with a manufacturer, you should stay in routine contact with them in order to understand just how much stock is available. You don’t want to put yourself in a position and continue selling long after the manufacturer has run out and your customers have to wait until that item comes back as this will affect your reputation.

Margin Rates – Finally, going into the marketplace as a newbie can make it difficult to make a reasonable margin between your retail asking price and your wholesale purchasing rate. Some services take a hit over the very first couple of months while they are building up a good reputation which allows for higher margins and more profit for the business.


What is a drop shipping business? Is this business right for you? If you aren’t too concerned about the disadvantages or think you have solutions for them, a drop shipping business can be extremely lucrative. Just remember, in the beginning, you will need to work hard to beat the competition and Shopify will make the journey many times easier so feel free to continue your research and see our blog post What Is Shopify About? A Complete Guide

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I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any concerns about dropshipping or wish to leave your own individual experience with dropshipping, leave a remark listed below.

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9 Comments on “What Is A Drop Shipping Business?”

  1. Hi Moni,

    I tried drop shipping before and I can say it is a very exciting business to get into. I found some problems though that could damage one’s own online reputation as an e-store or a seller on social media.

    And it is this. Suppliers let me down so many times Moni I seriously lost count.

    Every time, almost, the orders were late. I had customers texting me where their orders were and they were getting worried.

    So I am on the phone using up my own credit listening to drivers and companies saying they got stuck in traffic or bad weather etc. All real reasons but that is not good for me as I am the one left making excuses, so it seems to the customers, about late orders.

    Stressful at times but I would not do it again.

    Thanks Moni.

    1. Hi Philip, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with dropshipping.

      There are a lot of people having good success with dropshipping, however, it all comes down to the suppliers and how good they are. This part of dropshipping is crucial to your success and your online reputation so choose your suppliers very carefully is the advice I would give.

      For people thinking of starting a dropshipping business, in my opinion, Shopify is the best platform and provided you select the suppliers by following our guidelines in the article above you can do very well with dropshipping.

  2. Hi there Moni.

    I was thinking of starting a dropshipping business, but I found it a bit difficult and as you said, the competition is huge. But, maybe one day I will try it out to see if it is working or not.

    Your article is informative, and now I can say that I understand better dropshipping. I was very confusing with all suppliers, and how to find a good one, how to send the customers address to the supplier, and so on. All very confusing.

    So, by the time I will decide to try this kind of business, I may be able to have a full understanding of how to do it.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Oana, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      I am happy to hear you found the article helpful. If you do decide to start a dropshipping business follow the advice given in the article to increase your chance of success.

      Wish you much success!

  3. Thank you for the detailed article Moni! It was an interesting read.
    I keep thinking about building a drop shipping business, but I did not find the proper provider and product so far.

    1. Hi Alex, thank you for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      As I said in the article finding the right supplier is crucial to your success and if dropshipping is the route you want to take then invest time and effort to find the right supplier to increase your chance of success in this crowded marketplace.

      Wish you much success!

  4. I got my start online making money with a dropshipping business. It worked well until the vendor left me without any product. I think that this is a great way to get your foot in the door making money online.
    The big problems I found were out of stocks, shipping damaged goods and dealing with customer service of dropshipping companies.
    You can use the same ideas in Affiliate Marketing and do away with the shipping problems. Do you think it is easier to do drop shipping or Affiliate Marketing in today’s online world?

    1. Hi John, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      With dropshipping the biggest challenge is finding the right manufacturer and this is where I advise people to ask lots of questions (I mention in the article above) before selecting to work with that manufacturer.

      Personally, in today’s world due to the massive competition in dropshipping I would advise people to go down the affiliate marketing route.

      Learn Affiiate Marketing from a legitimate training platform like Wealthy Affiliate who offer a FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership to check out the quality of their training before upgrading to take advantage of the premium features.

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