Point 2 Click Profits Website Screenshot

Point To Click Profits Review

If making money online is something you are keen on learning or something you have already started doing and would like to expand to find more opportunities then you would have come across quite a number of them. Point 2 click profits is one of such platforms that promise to help you make a lot of dollars in an effortless …

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Survey Voices Review Screenshot

Survey Voices Review

Survey Voices is an internet platform that connects users with survey sites. The site allows you to access multiple survey sites where you can get paid for your opinion. Nowadays, survey sites have become a popular method of making a legitimate income online, even though many of them pay peanuts. Is Survey Voices a reliable source of getting paid for …

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Affiliate Advisor Group

What Is Affiliate Advisor Group?

The Affiliate Advisor Group claims it can help you make up to $5,000 per week. How does it do this? Are these claims true? Can you truly make that much money within such a short period? Let’s find out in this review. In short, this program is a low-quality affiliate marketing product that does more to convince you to buy …

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22 Minutes To Profits Website Screenshot

22 Minutes To Profits Review – Scam Or Legit?

Can a new website truly generate hundreds of dollars from the go? According to 22 Minutes To Profits, you can start making money from the moment you sign up. This site might look like a legitimate opportunity, but discerning people would quickly realize things are not usually as they appear to be. In this article, we look at the claims …

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Screenshot of YouTube Secrets website page

What Is YouTube Secrets?

Can you really make $10,000 per month repurposing other people’s YouTube videos? This is what YouTube Secrets says it will teach, and the owner claims the method is legal although YouTube says otherwise. What exactly is YouTube Secrets? Can you make that much money from the platform? Is this a scam or a done-for-for program that really has what it …

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What Is Smart Profit App?

What is all the hype about Smart Profit App? Robert Fisher claims his groundbreaking app can generate up to $13,127 per week. But can you truly earn this amount of money in a week? How exactly does this program work and is it a legitimate means of making money or an overhyped scam? In this review, we look at the …

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What Is My Work For Life

What Is My Work for Life?

Have you heard of My Work for Life? It’s a website that claims it can help you make money from home with little to no effort. The website owners want you to believe you can earn a good income online in your spare time as long as you have one hour to spare per day. But can you truly make …

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What Is Traffic Ivy About?

Traffic Ivy is a product that promises to help you generate free traffic like never before. A program from Cindy Donovan, Traffic Ivy is targeted at newbies and uses a method similar to spamming to generate traffic for you. Is this product really worth the hype? Can you get valuable traffic that converts from this product? Let’s find out in …

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Easy Cash Club Review – Scam Or Legit?

Easy Cash Club claims it can help you earn up to $379 per day. But what’s in it for the owners and promoters of the Easy Cash Club? And why are they being altruistic as to show you the secret to their wealth? Maybe you have seen the ads promoting this new money-making venture on the internet. Or a friend …

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What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits

What Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits?

The 7 Minutes Daily Profits claims it can help you make hundreds of dollars every day. This is possible as many internet marketers and freelancers make over $300 per day and some can even earn upwards of $10,000 per month. The only problem is when product owners tell you it’s possible to make X amount of money in Y minutes. …

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